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3 Totally Insane Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

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Shopping for the Person Who Has Everything?

Searching for the perfect holiday gift, but stumped on what to buy that person in your life who has everything?

Here are three incredible gifts that are sure to thrill that "impossible to shop for" loved one:

  • Leather-Clad Rock, by Nordstrom ($85)
  • Phone Bed ($100)
  • Glitter Pills or Gold Pills
After going viral on social media, Nordstrom's Leather-Clad Rock quickly sold out.

After going viral on social media, Nordstrom's Leather-Clad Rock quickly sold out.

Gift #1: An $85 Leather-Wrapped Stone by Nordstrom

If you're looking to invest in the newly updated pet rock from the 1970s, look no further. This pet rock has been kicked up a notch, all decked out in leather, and priced at the expensive cost of $85. It looks like a lot of people were looking for exactly that—because it sold out.

After going viral on social media, the $85 leather-wrapped stone sold out at Nordstrom's online store. A smaller version, sensibly priced at $65 for the budget-conscious rock lover, is also out of stock.

The retailer itself wasn't sure about the stone's purpose. The description on the Nordstrom website reads, "A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It's up to you." The description continues like this: "This smooth Los Angeles-area stone—wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather secured by sturdy contrast backstitching—is sure to draw attention wherever it rests."

The leather pouch was designed in Los Angeles using "traditional saddle-stitching techniques." The rock is courtesy of, well, the Earth. So don't expect yours to look just like the online image. "Each piece is unique and will vary slightly," the listing notes.

Apparently social media followers were hilariously confused about the validity of the item for sale, and when contacted by CNN, Nordstrom told CNN that the rocks "are indeed real items for sale." Get this, the rocks have sold out—even the smaller version that sells for $65.

No one knows exactly how many rocks were sold, as a spokeswoman for Nordstrom declined to answer.

Social media were quick to mock the rock.

  • "Choose this over food!" one commenter joked.
  • "I had to send it back because there weren't any doggone instructions. I don't even know how to turn the flippin' thing on," another wrote.
  • Baked potato in leather pants.

No, This Was Not a Prank

The stone, which hails from Los Angeles:

  • Is wrapped in vegetable-tanned American leather and secured with a whipstitch,
  • Was designed by a company called Made Solid
  • The case itself was designed in Peter Maxwell’s Los Angeles studio
  • Is made by Mother Earth
  • Is intended to “embody both simplicity and functionality”
  • Is SOLD OUT! Sorry!
A $100 phone charging station that looks like a bed

A $100 phone charging station that looks like a bed

Gift #2: A $100 Phone Bed

You know your smartphone addiction has reached an entirely new level of unhealthy when you can’t hit the pillow at night without it beside you.

Studies have shown that sleeping near electronic devices can hinder sleep. Electric lighting is a major culprit in our chronic state of sleep deprivation. Experts often advise leaving gadgets powered off—and even better in another room—when people turn in for the night. Besides, hugging a person you love, or even a teddy bear, is a whole lot cozier than a phone.

So as you are getting ready to tuck into bed for the night, why not tuck your phones and other devices away as well in their very own phone bed.

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This bizarre $100 luxury item from Thrive Global isn't just decorative, but functional as well. The bed's blanket sheet offers Microfiber cloth on one side and satin on the other, for cleaning device screens. The Phone Bed provides a solid-wood resting spot for smartphones as well as tablets. The Phone Bed's biggest selling point, though, is the way it encourages you to have a healthy relationship with your phone or tablet.


A Charging Station That Looks Like a Bed

Thrive Global is a company founded by media mogul and wellness enthusiast Arianna Huffington, who became extremely passionate about sleep habits after burning out from working nonstop on The Huffington Post.

She advises that the intention of the Phone Bed is

  • To encourage healthy detachment from our smartphones and tablets when we go to bed

Here are some other ways that you can benefit from keeping your devices out of the bedroom, and especially out of the bed.

  • You’ll instantly relax without those alerts chirping in your ear.
  • You’ll minimize the urge to play games or chat with friends until an ungodly hour...
  • And maybe even pick up a new book instead.
  • Or pay more attention to your loved one.
  • You’ll reduce your radiation exposure.
  • Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

While Thrive Global doesn't provide measurements for this miniature mattress, the Phone Bed is supposed to provide enough room "for the whole family's devices" so kids can learn not to sleep with their screens.

Don’t feel like forking out $100? Try making your own. It just won’t be a charging station, but you'll feel much better knowing that your devices are tucked away safely until the next morning.

Glitter pills

Glitter pills

Gold-dipped pills, filled with 24-karat gold leafing

Gold-dipped pills, filled with 24-karat gold leafing

Gift #3: Glitter Pills or Gold Pills

What’s a glitter pill, you might ask? It really is exactly what it sounds like. It's a transparent gelatin capsule filled with glitter.

What’s the point of a glitter pill? We have no idea. As far as most of the Internet is concerned, glitter pills are nothing more than a crappy punchline, pun intended. Rumor has it that if you take one of these pills, you will poop glitter.

But here’s the problem: They aren’t technically edible. The scientific literature has yet to address the phenomenon of glitter poop. It seems to be a subject on which the medical community at large is understandably reluctant to comment.

Although the pills claim to be made with nontoxic glitter, it’s important to note that “edible” and “nontoxic” aren’t the same thing. Technically, “edible” means your body will digest the substance normally, whereas “nontoxic” means it isn’t poisonous.

As if pooping glitter wasn't enough, one man, Tobias Wong, went to the extreme, for those who really have money coming out of the kazoo. He designed a pill that is 24-karat gold leaf and dipped in gold. Just swallow one of these and it will turn your do-do into gold.

This product is:

  • Totally for real-real
  • Will set you back $425
  • Is for the man who has absolutely everything . . . except for glittery poop

The rest of us? Well, the rest of us are trying to make ends meet and hoping to poop as discreetly as possible.

Besides making your poop sparkle, there really is no point to this product. If you got $425 to digest, I say go for it.

I Could Not Have Made This Stuff Up!

If you happen to be in the market for meaningless luxury goods, check out these three items. Let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.

If I ever buy a rock in leather, it had better look something like this!

If I ever buy a rock in leather, it had better look something like this!

© 2016 Gina Welds


Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on December 30, 2016:

I can't believe that $85 rock actually sold out! And $425 to make your poop turn gold? Seriously? Yeah, I know everyone looks, but.....

For all those buyers who have this kind of disposable income, please make your checks payable to Shauna Bowling.

Just sayin'....

Emese Fromm from The Desert on December 20, 2016:

Thank you for this article! At first I thought it was a joke. We live in a very interesting society indeed. People don't have access to rocks any longer? My kids have always had them. They even drew faces on them, and created whole stories while playing with them. Although for them, unless they found the rock themselves, it would not have any value, not even with the leather pouch.

The phone bed is a really neat idea though, kids (maybe even teens) could be persuaded to put their devices to bed if they had one. Although again, it might work better if they created the phone beds themselves. So instead of spending $100 for one, I might spend $5 to get all the things a kid might need to make one. They might even use their imagination in the process.

The gold pill ... well, so far I haven't met anyone who might want it (clearly I live in the wrong crowd), but if I would and had extra money to throw in the toilet (literally) ... you never know.

Gina Welds (author) from Tampa, Florida on December 20, 2016:

Yes, it can be a challenge to find that perfect gift for someone, especially when that person has so much already or is difficult to shop for. However, I just found it hard to swallow (pun intended) that some of these items even existed. I make herbal capsules, but I may be in the wrong business. (LOL) . The phone bed is really cool, though. If I was given one I would not complain, but I don't have that many pieces of technology to warrant owning one.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on December 19, 2016:

Some very useful suggestions! Gifting involves a lot of thought and it's a genuine problem as to what to gift to persons who have almost everything. We all want the other person to feel good and happy when receiving the gift .

I liked your ideas and thank you for suggesting them at the right time!

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