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3 Christmas Songs to Get You in the Mood

Agnes Laurens is a writer, wife, and mother of three daughters.

Do you have a day in your life that you thought had to go differently according to your plan? Everyone has such days. When it is during Christmas, or even another holiday, or just your weekday. Christmas songs are always giving the spirit you need for the day.

When you have a difficult time, you can listen to Christmas songs, even when it is not Christmas. It will cheer you up. No matter what.

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey starts with a slow intro. Then the bells ring and start the faster melody. Percussions joining the singer and musicians too. This makes you be in a good spirit (again).

The whole song is uptempo, which makes you in the right spirit, right after you had been sad. You will experience positivity during this song.

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Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

This is a song released in 1983 and just an old song. But old songs are actually very good and coming back again. This is a very good old easy cheesy song. The simple melody, and yet fun, with an upbeat tempo makes your sad mood in a better mood.

Guitars are always good during festive times. Combined with bells, and a good background choir is a way to make your mood back on track again.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams

This song begins immediately with a festive brass band instrument. The rhythm is with long and short notes after one another. This brass sound repeats often during the song.

Yet another song from ages ago. Originally released in 1963, to be precise. However, this song brings you in the right mood, and especially when you had a bad dsay. No matter what, this song brings you back on track with what you wanted to do.

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