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#25thWeddingAnniversaryNgTambalang Jejo

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#TambalangJejo Invitation


At the Ceremony


25th Wedding Anniversary Reflection

#Panahong1991. What was so significant with the Year 1991?

World Event: France agrees to sign the 1968 treaty banning the spread of atomic weapons (June 3). China accepts nuclear nonproliferation treaty (Aug. 10). Bush-Gorbachev summit negotiates strategic arms reduction treaty known as START I (July 31) – at that time, these were moves for peace by preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

Sports: The 45th Season of the NBA ended with the 1st NBA Championship for the Chicago Bulls (2 more straight wins after that) defeating the L.A. Lakers.

In the field of Science: Japan's worst nuclear accident to date took place on Feb. 9, where a leak of radioactive water causes a nuclear plant 220 miles west of Tokyo to release about 8% of the plant's annual radioactive emissions in a single day.

Entertainment: The Animated Disney Movie, “Beauty and the Beast” was shown in movie theatres.

And best of all in Economics: The cost of a first-class stamp was $0.25 ($0.29 as of 2/3/91).

These were significant events in history for 1991, but something more significant happened on December 7, when two love birds exchanged vows to love each other for richer, for poorer, till death will they part. Rain was drizzling before the wedding, but turned out to be a clear and sunny day after that. It was like heaven was opened with tears of joy marking that day into what Jessica and Jojo would call as “a match made in heaven,” or “a match ripened by long years of friendship” or “everything happens for a reason.” #TambalangJejo (short for Jessica and Jojo)

After 25 years, things could have changed, but what shook the boat was their topmost memory, they call their great “priority” in life: when God blest their union with 3 wonderful kids (Joselle Therese “Tey2”, Jean Luis “Jay” and Josef Alec “Alec” – the #Trinity), who have grown to be the best they could have ever wished them to be. As the #TambalangJejo revolved around them, allow me to highlight how this family has complimented each other for the past 25 years and from there draw up my reflection.

Last Sunday, November 27, I formed an “operation” which I personally hash-tagged as #OperationJejo. Unknown to our honorees this morning, we’ve brainstormed how the 25 years have been for the #Trinity. These were the result of the operation:


#AngMahiwagangBatoNiTey2 Our First Reading is taken from the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis and so, I deem it well to start from the eldest of the three: Joselle Therese or “Tey2” for short. Tey2 described the last 25 years as a great learning experience. She said, “Je-jo have been very strict for the good reasons.” The clearest image she could describe the experience was that of a “ROCK” – “ang mahiwagang bato.” She added, “Je-jo have always made sure that our experiences could serve as our framework or structure for learning and facing the complexities of life. We always have to charge everything from our experiences as they teach us wise lessons in life.”

A deeper spiritual truth is being narrated to us in the first reading. A commentary will tell us that, Between men and women there is an intimate connectedness, radical unity and kinship, as well as sexual attraction.” Such is what the “ribs” signify in the reading. When a man and woman come together in marriage, their connection becomes life-giving. Being a “rock” to each other is what makes it even more powerful. The last 25 years have been a life-giving opportunity for you as one family and for Tey2 to have found a “rock” in that 25 years is simply an affirmation of how wonderful your married life had been. May all those who were married in Church be able to see this wonderful truth. More importantly, may all married couples see each other as "rocks" to lean on especially in times when they need it the most. (Nawa’y nakita ito ng lahat ng naikasal sa simbahan; nawa’y ang lahat ng mga mag-asawa ay naging isang matibay na sandigan sa kanilang buhay at experyensya.)



Jay's Baby Pics


#AngWalangHangganangPintuanNiJay The Second Reading from the Letter of Paul to the Ephesians stresses that, When husbands and wives mutually give and love one another in a way that imitates Christ, they help to strengthen the unity in society.” And how best to strengthen society than to give its people wonderful opportunities for learning and growth - the unending “doors or windows of opportunities” until one day, they will become self-sufficient. Such was Jay’s experience for the past 25 years with Jejo. He said, “Mom and dad have always taught us that realities don’t change but remain constant. More importantly, they don’t adapt for us. Instead, we have to learn to be open by adapting to such realities.”

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Jessica and Jojo, you also told me in our conversation at Gerry’s Jeepney that, “We made sure that we gave our kids a number of options for college - options which we gave them but NEVER imposed upon them. Whatever they may choose, we asked them to take responsibility for it. If they fail, they must accept defeat. If they succeed, they must also learn to be humble.” I believe, that it was never an easy way holding on to our choices and taking responsibility for them. But God never assured us that it will be easy for all of us. If He has promised us one thing, it is that He will give us opportunities and help us to get there.

Baby Alec with Dad


#AngNag-iisangAnaknasiAlec Just like any typical Filipino family, being the youngest could both have its perks and disadvantages. Alec vividly remembered that when his elder sister Tei2 and older brother Jay left home for college, he felt like he was the “only child” in the family. Well, it had its perks like getting all the attention from mom and dad; or maybe being picked up from Jollibee after a drinking session even late in the evening! But the disadvantage lies in the fact that, all eyes were on him. I was waiting for Alec to see something more positive in all these until he said, “In the midst of it all, I always felt that there’s no place like home. Such a home was never a solitary experience. Whoever comes into the family circle becomes “family” to the #TambalangJejo.”

Jessica and Jojo, the Gospel Reading reminds both of you of the vows you’ve sworn in marriage and to keep them in your lifetime: “Till death do us part.” Not all couples have been blest to stay united as they should, but you have built upon yourselves a true home which Tey2, Jay and Alec as well as their friends have considered to be their truest home. Keeping it last for 25 years is such a monumental feat, but you made it through anyway.

Wedding 25 years back


After my meeting with you last Wednesday, I sent a message to the #Trinity. I told them that I have lots of "hopes" in mind that I would like to express to both of you coming from the very depths of my heart: (Sabi ko, marami akong mga “sana” na nais kong sabihin mula sa aking puso:)

It is my hope that you will live long enough to reach another 25 years of your married life ... your Golden Wedding Anniversary. (Sana tumagal pa ng 25 years more ang #TambalangJejo - ang inyong pagsasama bilang mag-asawa and reach your golden anniversary.)

It is my hope that God will continue to bless you with His unceasing love. (Sana patuloy kayong mabiyayaan ng walang hanggang pag-ibig ng Diyos.)

It is my hope that Tey2, Jay and Alec may be graced with the same family you've lived as an example. (Sana magkaroon ng kasing gandang pamilya sina Tey2, Jay at Alec sa panghinaharap kagaya ng pamilyang inyong ipinunla.)

It is my hope that the learnings of Tey2, Jay and Alec will give you more reasons to live your married life anew. (Sana ang “#MahiwagangBatoNiTei,” ang “WalangHangganangPintoNiJay,” at ang “Nag-iisangAnakNaSiAlec” ay patuloy na manahan sa inyong mga puso.)

In the midst of all these hopes is peace in my heart, because I am very confident that all of these will happen in God's precious time. (Sa likod ng mga “sanang” ito ay ang kapanatagan ng aking puso, dahil alam kong ito’y matutupad sa gitna ng lahat!)

Messages from your wonderful "memory:"

"Thank you for devoting 25 years of your life to us. We look forward for 25 years more of devoted love for our family.” – Tey2

“Through the years, you’ve managed to teach us great lessons, ideas, and skills. I hope that the learning will go on and that we may learn more in our journey through life.” – Jay

“Thank you for always being there for us. We will treasure you in our lifetime and rest assured we will be there for you as you have always been there for all of us.” – Alec

Well, thank you for sharing your first 25 years of marriage with us. We, who are here, hope to be invited on your 50th Wedding Anniversary! I will be a senior citizen by then, but by God's grace and blessing, I will earnesty wait with a good and positive spirit. (Kaming naririto ay naghahangad na maimbitahang muli sa inyong 50th Wedding Anniversary! Ako’y senior citizen na rin sa panahon na yun, but by God’s grace and blessing, ako’y maghihintay ng may positibong pananaw sa buhay.)

God bless us all! Let us give a round of applause to Jojo and Jessica. (Palakpakan po natin ang #TambalangJejo)

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