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21 Things to do With Peeps

Things to do with Peeps:

  1. Throw them directly into the trash.
  2. Light them on fire and use them for warmth.
  3. Use them as the key ingredient in a poison.
  4. Give them to the coyote so he could use them in an elaborate trap to capture the roadrunner.
  5. Launch them into space as an offering to the aliens. Any of them who enjoy Peeps prove they are not worth being friends with.
  6. Give them their own their own three picture movie deal staring Ryan Reynolds in a green CGI suit.
  7. Plug them into the matrix and let Agent Smith take them over to destroy Neo.
  8. Drag them behind your car until they no longer taste like yellow.
  9. Create a political party with them as your candidate and have them run for president.
  10. Figure out how many of them Paul Rudd has to eat to continue to look the same age for the past 250 years.
  11. {Fill in humorous antidote}
  12. Steal the secret recipe created by Keanu Reeves in 1412 and change it entirely.
  13. Take them to a “farm” upstate and leave them there.
  14. Take them directly to the dump. Make sure to bring five bars of gold to make sure the employees will accept them.
  15. Recreate The Secret of the NIMH using only Peeps.
  16. Create a cult centered around one purple Peep.
  17. Plant them like seeds and see if you can grow a kind of candy that isn’t gross.
  18. Conduct an experiment to find out how many Peeps it would take to destroy the whole world.
  19. Launch a campaign to make a blue Peep the new mascot for Twitter.
  20. Use them as a weapon in a street gang.
  21. Leave them out overnight and hand them out as the awarded statue at the Oscars.

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