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18 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Father-in-Law


The father of your spouse is a special person. As Christmas, His Birthday and Father's day approaches, it can be quite challenging to give him a gift that is special. Well, there are ways to choose a gift that is interesting and one where much thought has been given. You can talk to your spouse or mother-in-law or pay special attention to his hobbies, the things he loves and enjoy doing and any other areas of interest.

1. Tickets to a sporting event or musical, play, live show that he has conveyed an interest in.

2. Golf Lovers - A paid round of golf for the him and the family at his golf course or get a Golf gear organizer caddie, golf club,

3. If he collects things- then purchase a gift along those lines, some things men collect are Miniature replicas of classic cars, old records, old books, shot glasses, coins, old movies, etc

4. If he loves listening to music the way they did in the olden days and just cannot get into modern way now, then get him an Automatic Stereo Turntable or other types of Turntable that can be connected to his stereo or computer.

5. Gift card at Dick's, Sports Authority if he loves the outdoors, hiking, bicycling, fishing.

6. If your father-in-law loves to read

You can give him a Book that goes along with certain interest of his, like to To Kill a MockingBird. Some other suggestions include a sports book, or a monthly subscription of a magazine. There is also the an E-reader, like Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Nook simple Touch, which are great devices for reading.

7. For the man who loves fishing

Gifts choices include a fisherman tool kit, soft sided tackle bag, cooler, lantern, bait knife, rolling rack, backpack fishing chair, bass spinner kit, a new cooler.

8. If He loves grilling

Some options are a grill tool set, grill apron, grill meat thermometer, steak sauce, grilling gift basket or a new charcoal grill.

9. Clothing

You can get him either a Sweater, Shirt and Tie, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt or T-shirt of his favorite sports team. You can also consider a jacket- winter jacket, leather jacket, sleepwear, swim trunks. Just make sure to know his size and style preference.


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More Gift Choices for Men

10. Picture frame of the entire family, digital photo frame- of the family, so he can capture those important events and great moments. You can also get a picture frame with an inspirational, special message.

11. Look for the latest men's gadget like Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Beard Trimmer and many more.

12. Watches or a leather watch box case- to keep a number of watches.

13. If he loves gardening- you can give some gardening gloves and boots

14. Gift Basket-

You can fill it with all the things he loves, if you know what they are, if you do not, you can give things such as chocolate, coffee, tea, biscotti, peanuts, gourmet food, etc.

15. Because He loves to cook- some gift choices are a Cast iron Dutch oven casserole, Vitamix Turboblend, Knives Set, Food Slicer, Magic Bullet, an apron, cookbook, Coffee Expresso machine,

16. Because he loves to eat out- give a Gift card at a favorite restaurant or a restaurant where he loves a particular type of food- like Italian, Mexican, Thai, American, etc.

17. Men's Gift Set- like JackBlack Skin Set, Dove's men set etc.

18. Accessories

Accessories consist of scarf, either plain or a pattern design he likes, gloves, tie, fuzzy socks if he lives where it cold. You can also get cuff links.

There are locket cuff links, token cuff links, ballpark cufflinks and many other cool designs. An accessories case is also great for him to keep it organized.


Janellegems (author) from Charlotte, NC on December 19, 2013:

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my hub. Merry Christmas.

mathira from chennai on December 19, 2013:

A father-in-law is such a respected person and your ideas were thoughtful. Thank you for suggesting such gifts, Janellegems.

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