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Best Cheap Gifts! 15 Awesome Gifts for $30 or Less!

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There are lots of different puzzles for sale all over the internet. With a budget of $30, you can buy a puzzle that's up to 1000 pieces. Whether you like the traditional rectangle or odd shaped puzzles, you can always find something you like on the internet. This gift is perfect for children and adults alike. The gift recipient will be so happy with this gift. However, keep in mind of what the gift recipient likes and buy a puzzle that caters to their taste. For example, buy a scenery puzzle for travel lovers.


Pokémon, Magic, or Other Playing Cards

Are you getting a gift for a person that loves to pay cards or fans of Pokémon cards? If you know a person that loves Pokémon, be sure to browse on the internet for their favorite Pokémon and get them that card. Most of time, this will be under $30 and the gift recipient will be extremely happy that you bought them something they like. If you don't want to get just one rare card, pick up a few packs of their playing cards of choice. They will be so excited to open these packs. And you never know, they might just get that super rare card from your gift! They will love you forever.



Gifting a book is very good for someone that loves to read or for the intelligential person. You have so many choices when it comes to books. There are tons of books that you can buy for $30 or under. Be sure to pick the paperback version to get more bang for your buck. If the gift recipient is an avid environmentalist and minimalist, you can buy them several e-books for under $30. They will be surprised and happy with your choice of gift.


Silk Hair Tie or Silk Sleep Mask or Silk Pillowcase

Silk is a natural luxurious fiber that is incredibly good for the skin and hair. Traditional hair tie tends to pull the hair and you will notice hair pulled off when you remove the hair tie. Silk is much more gentler on hair. It will slide right off and not pull on your hair. This is especially good for older women because women can experience hair loss during the later stages of life. You can find silk hair tie, silk sleep mask, or even silk pillowcase for under $30. Obviously, the well known brands will not sell silk pillowcase for $30. But, you can still find good quality silk pillowcase for slightly less than $30 on the internet. Buy a box of silk hair tie and sleep mask for a woman. Go for the silk pillowcase for gift recipients of any gender. This thoughtful gift will make people very happy!


Flashlight on a Key Ring

A flashlight on the key ring is a very good gift for both genders. This is a very useful gift that is portable. The flashlight on a key ring is well under $30. Buy several packs of the flashlights on the keyring and gift it all of your co-workers. This gift idea is good for those on a budget and works in an office environment where gift exchange is the culture of the office. You don't have to break the bank for a reasonable gift that everyone can utilize.


Wool Gloves or Socks

Wool is expensive. You will not be able to buy a wool sweater or scarf for $30 or less. However, wool gloves or socks are within your budget of $30. If your gift recipient lives in a colder climate, wool gloves and socks are perfect for them. Also, wool is good for someone that always gets cold.


Japanese Stationary

Stationary is a good gift for students and anyone that loves to study. Are you thinking about the boring stationary that you can find at Walmart or Office Depot? Think again. There are lots of unique and well crafted stationary in countries such as Japan. What if you can't go to Japan to find good stationary? With globalization, lots of products from overseas are available in western countries. From multicolor pens to well made notebooks, Japanese stationary is a notch above the rest. Your gift recipient will be thrilled to use their gift in everyday life.


Different Lamps

Do you want to give something that is out of the ordinary? A moon or galaxy lamp is very good for women. Anime lamps are good for people that love anime. Animal shaped lamps are good gifts for kids. They will love it in their rooms. Personalized lamps are good for people that you know well. You can customize these items either with personalized pictures or names. These specialty lamps are very unique gifts because it is not something you will see everyday. Best of all, these lamps are not expensive. You can get it for $30 or under.

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Ultra Slim Wallets, Card Holder, Money Clip

Do you know a minimalist? That person is always trying to have the least amount of things. Same goes for that person's wallet. Most of us have very bulky wallets with cash, cards, receipts, coins, and more. The minimalist likes to carry a very slim wallet or even a money clip to minimize the items that they carry. Some minimalist wallet, card hold or money clip is made of premium material or from an expensive brand. But, you can find plenty of good alternatives online for $30 or less. Their quality is still very good and the gift recipient can expect to use it for many years to come.

All in One Charger for Phone, Smart Watch, and More

What is a good gift for a tech lover? How about an all-in-one charger that is able to charge all of their devices. This gift is actually not only good for a tech person, but perfect for almost everyone. Best of all, you can easily find it on the internet for $30 or less.


Cold Brew Maker

A cold brew maker is a simple pitcher with a mesh inside filter to keep the coffee ground out of your drink. Nowadays, many coffee lovers tend to drink cold brew instead of traditional brewed coffee because it is less bitter. In addition to making cold brew coffee, this pitcher can be used to store iced tea and homemade fruit drinks. This is another practical gift that is fitting for almost everyone.


Preserved Flower in a Glass Dome

Do you want to show your love or affection to someone important? If the answer is yes, the preserved flower in a glass dome is the perfect sentimental gift. Most people buy flowers but it will only last a short period of time. The preserved flower is a gift that will last a very long time and remind the person of your love constantly. This gift is not that cheap with most selling for over $50 for a medium to large sized one. However, you can still find this item on sale online for $30 or less when the size is a little bit on the smaller side. This unique gift will make your gift recipient very happy.


Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Do you know someone that likes to drink beer? The mounted magnetic bottle opener is the perfect gift for them. They can mount this right on the wall close to the refrigerator. When they grab a little drink from the fridge, the bottle opener can be used right there to open their drink and catch the cap. How awesome and thoughtful? Best of all, you will spend less than $30 for sure. If your budget is even tighter than $30, you can learn to make one from YouTube.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic dog bed is expensive at major retailers. However, online stores offer a more modest alternative that is more budget friendly. For dog lovers, they will be extremely happy to receive a pet gift. This type of dog bed is especially fitting for older dogs that are more likely to experience joint problems. Also, pick a dog bed that has headrests on the sides. Dogs like to sleep on a bed like that. Be aware of the height of the bed! You should pick a higher dog bed when it's placed on the cement floor. On the other hand, pick a thinner bed for a more hotter climate. For $30, you can buy a small orthopedic bed for a small or medium sized dog.


A Subscription Box

Who are you trying to get a subscription box for? There are many different types of subscription boxes on the market today with a huge variety of themes. You can always find something that will make your gift recipient happy. For snack lovers, find a variety snack box easily for $30 or under. For skincare and cosmetic lovers, you can definitely find one for $30 or under. What are some other types of subscription boxes? Tea, Japan themed, fashion, wine, book, and many other subscription boxes are available all over the internet. You will for sure find something for the person you are gifting to!


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