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Creative and Handmade Eco Friendly Christmas Trees

Save our planet, make your own trees.

Every year we fight crowds and traffic to get that perfect tree. We look for the spirit of Christmas anywhere we can find it, some of us search for that smell of pine, while others desire a more creative approach to the holiday. We have a choice to make our planet better. Why buy a real tree? If it's the smell of pine you want, there are pine scents you can purchase. You will get a lot more out of creating your own tree than you will chopping one down and have it bleeding sap all over your living room. If you have a small apartment, here are some great alternatives as well.

Search through these 20 wonderful ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you already have a tree, maybe you know someone who doesn't. Why not make them one? Good for the office as well or a child's room.


Stack them up, use colors or maybe only green. Rope some lights around them and you're done!

TIP: If you don't have Christmas lights but still have Halloween lights, use those. The pumpkins or whatever plastic tops are covering the lights, snap right off. I've included a picture. If they are too short, plug one into another to elongate.


You may need a carpenter to help you with this one if you don't know how. But if you really look at it, it's pretty self explanatory. Nails, a hammer, some wood, you're done. Very rustic. Add lights if you like or hang ornaments.

Wrapping Paper

Grab your rolls from last year or buy new. Either way, this one is simple. You can use cardboard for the backdrop surface to glue on or why not use a wooden 2 x 4? Have firewood? Use that. Pick your height and glue the rolls to the surface.


Pillows are a great idea. Use what you have or buy new and just stack them together. There are two ways to make this one. One, you can poke a stick through each pillow and settle it into a base. Two, you can glue them together on top of each other and if you stand them upright with smaller on top as shown, they will be balanced enough not to tip over.


Simple lights strung and taped to the wall in the shape of a tree. How cute is that? Great for a smaller place.

TIP: Use thumb takcs to hold up lights.


Grab that ladder from the garage and string it up with colorful lights. Add ornaments and you have a really cool looking tree. Hey, it's made from wood, so technically, it was a tree.

Construction Paper

This is a fun project to do with your children. Cut two large pieces of paper into the shape of a tree, fold both lengthwise and glue centers from top to bottom. They should stand up perfectly. Don't put anything heavy on them, make paper cut out ornaments to glue on, Add glitter for bling.


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Any green bottles. Not sure if these are beer but this is good for an adult Christmas. I'm sure it looks really nice when the sun shine through them.


Create a tree shape from your books. Better if the books were green and if you string lights across the shelf, bet that would look cooler.

Egg cartons

What a great idea! I don't know where you find green cartons but you could paint them. Even if they weren't all green, it's a cool idea. String lights, easy to glue, very fun!


Grab your children and draw this one. Great fun for them to make. Even good for their rooms if you already have a tree.


Firewood comes to mind here, or signs. Simple if you have nails and a hammer.


Go to your backyard and I bet you will find enough wood to make this one. How easy is this?


String lights in a corner, add colorful ribbons to drape down and you're done. Another great idea for a smaller place.

Favorite Things

Grab all your favorite Christmas things, including cards, ribbons and small toys and put them on a wall. Make a tree base from wood or cardboard, glue these things on and you're done. Judging by the weight of these things, you would need wood.


Another great tie idea! You'll need a base shape and you can make that from anything from wire to wood.

Soda Cans

Believe it or not these are Mountain Dew cans. I have attached a link that shows you exactly how to make this one. How cool!


Balls of yarn at your grandmother's house? Extra leftover from that class you never went to? Glue them onto a base and you're done. Great idea.

Camera Tripod

If you're a photographer, you have one of these. String some balls or lights on there and you have a tree made especially for the photographer that you are. Unique.


What a way to bring in the spirit of Christmas, huh? Notice the Jack Daniels topper. If you host BYOB parties, save them all and let your friends see what a great year you all had together.


Rosana Modugno (author) from USA on December 23, 2012:

Glad you stopped in & enjoyed. :)

Rfordin from Florida on December 21, 2012:

To cool!!! I love all these ideas....maybe when my girls are older we can try something like of now it would be to hard to explain lol.

I LOVE the creativity pillows, egg cartons, AWESOME!

Thanks for sharing,


Rosana Modugno (author) from USA on December 18, 2012:

Thanks :)

Sarah Carlsley from Minnesota on December 18, 2012:

Very creative! Neat hub!

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