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11 Top for Single Dads


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It can be quite challenging to choose a gift for a single dad. Single Dads that have full custody of his kids have many responsibilities from providing for their children, taking care of their needs, keeping up with the home, preparing meals and other duties. Other single dads who do not have the children living with him full time still have a certain amount of responsibilities and duties as well. So, What is the best, ideal and perfect gift for the single father? First of all, you have to know his likes, dislikes, style, taste, what he wants and are in need of. Here are some gift ideas that can be used for his birthday, Christmas or any another occasion.


Tickets to a game is a great gift for single dads. In this way, he can take his children to spend time quality together. Find out their favorite sport and the team they love and get tickets for them.


If the children are permanently living with the single dad and he has a full time job, he may need help with childcare, after school help, housecleaning, possible grocery shopping and yard work around the house. These are some services you can offer or you can pay for a nanny, housecleaning services to come in a few times for the month, or someone to help with grocery shopping, kids appointment and organizing the home. These are all very helpful for the single dad.


Levi Jeans, dressy shirts and tie,Polo shirts, jacket/coat, great sweater, sweatshirt with his favorite sports team or any other type of clothing will be wonderful gift for this single dad.


Some ideas of gift sets can be Scarf, glove and sock set, a Cologne set, Men’s gift set with body wash, lotion, shave set or grooming set. There are a variety of brands to choose from. They all are great gifts.

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What sort of gift cards are ideal for single dads? Gift Cards to one of his favorite Restaurant, Steakhouse, Olive Garden, or Pizza Hut, Dominoes, IHOP, where he can take his children out. OR a gift card to a department store like Target, Walmart, Kohls,Sears, JC Penny or at a Sporting Goods store.


Gift Certificate where he can have a fun time like to the alley, a trip to the aquarium, to the zoo or to the movies.


You can create your own gift basket for the single dad or purchase one at the store. First, know what things he likes and does not like. You can make either a Food Gift Basket- filled with oranges, apples, bananas, pasta, crackers, cookies, coffee, teas, etc. You can also create a dried fruit and nuts, jams, jellies and preserves. There are also gift baskets with gourmet cheese and sausage, grilling sauces and other items.


Are there any appliances that are outdated or you think the single dad are in need of? It can be new coffeemaker, blender, smoothie maker, griddle, crockpot, slow cooker, rice cooker, toaster, new stove, new pots and pans or cooking utensils.


You can invite the single father and his kids over for dinner or create a homemade dinner for him and his children at his home.


Personalized gifts carry extra consideration and significance for the single dad. Some gifts that can be personalized are mugs, T-shirt, painting, plaques, chain, family portrait, personalize photo gifts like a wall calendar, key ring and mouse are all thoughtful, meaningful gifts for the single dad.


Are you looking for something within your budget? You can choose gifts like a chain, ring, cuff links, belts, wallet, flash light, tools, computer gadgets,

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