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10 Sites with Printable Santa Letters

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Printable Santa Letter Templates and Services Make it Easy to Create Letters at Home

Many companies offer letters from Santa Claus during the holidays, but why pay a lot of money to purchase from one of these sites when you can create your own printable Santa letters at home in just minutes?

Here are 10 sites that make it easy to be one of Santa's elves. Whether you're looking for professional quality designs, free Santa letterhead, Santa letter templates that can be used over and over again, or Nice List certificates to add to the excitement, there's a site here to fulfill your Christmas wishes.

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Free Santa - Fill in the form and get your letter in minutes

As the name suggests, this site offers free printable Santa letters. You can choose from two letters and two background designs and then personalize your letter by filling in a few blanks.

The free letter is a low-resolution image that will work fine for many people, or you can choose to upgrade to the higher-resolution letter that also includes an envelope and a Nice List certificate that matches the letter. You'll need to select which option (free or premium) you prefer after you enter your email, so be sure not to miss the last step in this process.

Free Letter from Santa

Choose free version or an inexpensive upgrade with a Nice List certificate
Like Free Santa, this site makes it easy to create your own personalized letter from Santa by filling in a few forms. Free Letter from Santa offers two background designs and two letter options. The lower-resolution version is free, or you can select the professional quality version that for under $5 comes with an envelope and a Nice List certificate. The professional Santa letter companies will charge more for a Nice List certificate than you'll pay for the letter, envelope and certificate at this site

Printable Santa

8 letter options, 6 backgrounds, Nice List certificates and more

This site has a great selection of printable Santa letters for kids, as well as fun upgrades to go with your letter. You can choose from eight different letters, including baby's first Christmas, first year in kindergarten, new sibling and Christian Santa letter options, as well as generic ones that can be used for any child.

You'll also be able to select from six colorful background designs, including one with a nativity scene that goes along with the Christian Santa letter. Letters are available in three packages, from a simple package that includes only a letter and envelope, to the largest package that includes a letter from Santa, an envelope, a letter from Rudolph, a Nice List certificate and an autographed photo of Santa Claus.

Even the biggest package is under $5, which is a great deal compared to some other sites that charge that much or more for a letter alone.

Letters are easy to make - simply fill in the blanks with your child's information, provide an email address, choose your package and checkout. After making your payment, you'll receive an email with the download links to print your documents at home.

Letters to Kids from

Nice List certificates with a photo and an option to write your own text

This printable Santa letter site offers two options you won't find at many others - the option to choose from two prewritten letters OR write your own text, and the ability to upload a photo to your child's Nice List certificate.

Letters to Kids from is easy to use. Simply choose the background design, select your letter text and fill in the blanks, or write your own text. Then you can preview the letter before uploading a photo for the Nice List certificate. The photo uploader here isn't very advanced - you can't rotate or resize your image after uploading, although you will be able to preview the certificate and upload a different image before making your purchase. You'll get the best results with a vertical close-up, like the photos taken at school.

After previewing your certificate, you'll be able to make your purchase through PayPal. You'll then receive an automated email with the links to download and print your documents at home.

free santa letters online

free santa letters online

Free Santa Letters

Multiple letter and background choices on upgrades

There are only two free Santa letters offered on Free Santa Letters, but they also offer a very nice selection of inexpensive (under $3) letter packages that include a personalized letter, envelope and Nice List certificate.

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You can choose from eight different background designs that can be personalized with one of 12 different pre-written letters, including general letters, as well as specialized ones for kids starting school, a Christian letter, one for baby's first Christmas and many others. If you don't like any of those options, you can write your own letter completely from scratch.

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Santa Letter

Templates can be used over and over and come with alternate text and envelopes

You'll find a variety of Santa letter templates and Nice List certificates in Microsoft Word format at this site.

Unlike some of the other sites above that let you fill-in-the-blanks online and create a one-time-use letter, Santa Letter sells templates that can be used over and over for as many kids as you like (although you're not allowed to resell the letters). Each letter template comes with the text for three alternate letters and two envelope designs, so you'll pay once and then be able to edit and modify your letter as m any times as you want. You can buy individual letter templates, combo packs that come with a letter and Nice List certificate, or a package that contains all 6 background designs, both Nice List certificates and envelope designs.

Christmas Letter

Santa letters, Nice List certificates and sample text to write your own

Like Santa Letter, this site offers printable Santa letters in MS Word format. There are five available designs to choose from. All of the designs contain the same letter, but because you'll be buying the documents in Word, you can edit the text to use the template again for a different child or next year. You can also find some sample letters from Santa Claus here for help rewriting the letter or just creating a letter on your own stationery, if you don't want to get one of their templates. This site also offers free printable Santa letters with very basic clipart designs.

Free Christian Santa

If you'd like a letter from Santa with a message about the reason for the season

For parents who want to teach their kids that "Jesus is the reason for the season" and not focus on the secular aspects, finding a letter from Santa can sometimes be a challenge. This site addresses that problem by offering free Christian Santa letter templates in Microsoft Word format. The background design is a clipart image of baby Jesus in the manager on a white background, but parents with a little knowledge of Word could change this and still use the wording offered in this free letter. Printable Santa (noted above) also sells Christian letters for a fee.

Free Santa Clause

Basic free options in MS Word

This offer two free Santa letter templates in Microsoft Word format. that can be downloaded from the site and then personalized at home. Because they're saved as Word files, the letters are easy to edit and re-use for multiple kids. You'll need MS Word 97 or newer to download and use these letters.

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Instaletter printable Santa letters

Instaletter printable Santa letters


Printable letters from Santa, the Easter Bunny and more

If you need to create letters for many children and want the most flexibility in background designs and letter wording, Instaletter is a great solution. This online program allows you to create unlimited letters from Santa Claus, with coordinating envelopes and Nice List certificates. The program allows you to select from multiple letter formats and then personalize the letter even further. You can also create letters from the Easter Bunny and Cupid, and options for the Tooth Fairy are coming soon. The program is easy to use once you figure out the navigation to find everything you want, and they have a built-in referral program that allows you to earn $5 for every person you refer, so you could even earn back the $15 annual fee.

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Magic Santa Key

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Nancy Carol Brown Hardin from Las Vegas, NV on October 04, 2012:

This is so cute! My kids and grandkids are all grown and moved away. I think I'll send a link of this to my grands for the GREAT-grands...they're still little. Sweet lens, Blessed by a SquidAngel.

Brandi from Maryland on September 23, 2012:

This is a fun idea! My kids get a phone call every year from Santa...that's always fun. And the post office sent the kids letters from Santa last year after they sent out their wish lists addressed to the North Pole. They were so excited! :)

Kristen from Boston on September 23, 2012:

My kids would love this. I think we'll definitely have to do printable Santa letters this year.

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