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Great Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Clue Game Costumes For A Group

Pull Together Your Own Clue Character Costumes

The players in the Clue game and what they wear:

1.) Mrs. White is dressed like a maid.

2.) Mrs. Peacock is a socialite and should be dressed in something peacock colored.

3.) Professor Plum wore a suit and a bow tie in the movie version of Clue.

4.) Colonel Mustard as I picture him is in a beige suit with a pith helmet.
5.) Miss Scarlett is the vixen. She should wear a red, sexy dress with some long sleeved gloves.
6.) Reverend Green should dress in a black suit with a clerical collar
7.) Mr. Boddy black, black, and black says it all.

Give each of the first 6 characters a weapon.

The weapons used in the Clue Game are:

  1. knife
  2. revolver
  3. rope
  4. wrench
  5. candlestick
  6. lead pipe

How To Make An Oompa Loompa Group Costume

Oompa Loompa Doompa-de-doo

The Oompa Loompa are characters from Willie Wonka and they are quite the interesting bunch. This is a super simple costume to put together. To create this costume look your group will need:

  1. white capri or sweat pants
  2. brown shirts
  3. white suspenders
  4. orange face makeup
  5. green hair or green hats

A League Of Their Own Women's Baseball Team Group Costume

Batter Up Girls

A League of Their Own is about woman's baseball leagues who played for baseball fans during WW2. You can see from the picture the costume is made up of:

  1. pinkish dress with a belt
  2. baseball caps
  3. knee socks
  4. sneakers
  5. a baseball bat.

The dress shown is actually called a skater dress and you can find them on Amazon if you want to buy them. The main thing for this group costume is to all be dressed the same since it is a baseball uniform.

Here's A Dress To Double As Your Baseball Uniform

Group Domino Costume

The Domino Game Costume For A Group

Dominos are black so you will need to dress your group in black outfits and sew or apply white circles (also called pips) and lines to duplicate the domino tiles. The point of a game of dominos is to block your opponent and get rid of all your tiles first.

To make a move you must use a tile that is equal to the last tile, for example, a two must follow a two, or a five must follow a five. When you are making your group costumes make sure to have the tile dots (pips) match in number on certain costumes so you can lie down and complete a playing board like you see the people in the picture up above doing. LOL

The Walking Dead Group Costume

Zombify Your Clothing And Yourself

The characters in The Walking Dead (TWD) are everyday people. Well, I take that back, they used to be everyday people. Now they are everyday Zombies. My point being they can dress in regular everyday clothing. The only one who needs a specific costume is the Sheriff.

When you choose the everyday clothes and you've got the sheriff's outfit picked out, rip and dirty them up. Tea helps a lot in this process to make the clothing look old and dirty. Zombie those clothes up. These undead don't wash or do laundry, in fact, they do no grooming what so ever.

Get some costume blood and latex scars and mess up your hair. Take a look at the video below for some ideas. But really, you already know what to do to create this undead walking effect for Halloween.

Zombie Dirt And Splatter Costume Ideas For Your Clothing

The Price Is Right Group Costume

This game show costume is an easy last minute group outfit

This game show costume is an easy last minute group outfit

Come On Down

The Price is Right is a fun and familiar game show I am sure we've all watched and played with at home. The contestants guess the price of an item. Here you can see several contestants with the price board, a name tag, and that's the whole costume.

The price board is made out of colored poster paper, edged in black tape, and the price the contestant guessed in made of duct tape. Velcro or Tape the price board to your clothing waist and make yourself a name tag to attach to your shirt. Easy and identifiable, this is a fun costume.

More Fun Group Costume Pictures To Give You Some Last Minute Ideas


Scooby Doo And The Gang


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