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Scared of COVID-19? 10 Ways to a Safer Halloween

Kelly is a full-time NP, blogger, and mom to an energetic first grader who never lets her sit down.

Say Yes to Halloween

"No." This is a word that I've said too often since the pandemic hit. My daughter, a 6-year-old, has struggled with learning the ways of the masks, social-distancing, and lack of hugs from her friends this year. I know she is not the only one, myself included. I know every family has created their own way to cope with the craziness that is the year 2020. My hope is for children to regain some normalcy this Halloween and for parents to become creative and say "yes" to enjoy this treat-filled holiday. I've listed 10 ideas for a socially distanced Halloween and hope you find a way to make the best of trick-or-treating this year.

1. Trick or Treat chute

From 6 feet to 600 feet, you can make this DIY PVC Halloween chute the best "touchless" candy delivering device on the block. Dress up your chute with colorful paint, wrap it with decorative Halloween lights, or top it with your favorite gargoyles to bring all the trick-or-treaters to your yard.

2. Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

This project is for the Pinterest parents out there who are always up for a challenge. Create your own spooky Halloween graveyard and strategically hide treats (or tricks) for the kids to discover with the use of a "Trick or Treat treasure map."

3. The 6 Foot Claw

Attach a long handle to a Halloween-styled claw and you've got yourself six feet of safe trick or treating distance. This handy device is useful for trick or treaters and candy-givers alike.

4. The Spacesuit

For the trick or treaters and candy givers alike, the spacesuit costume fits all your COVID PPE needs. Once you're all decked out in the fully enclosed space helmet, gloves and moon boots, you'll even make your nurse neighbor a little jealous. Make Halloween out of this world with this ensemble.

5. Drone Drop-Off

This idea is for all the engineers and tech wizards out there. For just a few extra dollars, you can purchase an add-on for your drone to drop treats with a press of the release key. Paint your drone with some glow-in-the dark paint (if you dare) and make a spooktacular flying treat machine.

Attach this to your drone for easy treat drop off

6. The Zipline Ghost

Ziplines aren't just for adventuring through the skies, they can be fashioned to allow treats to fly through the air and down to your favorite trick-or-treaters. All you need is a rope, bucket, pulley, and your favorite ghoulish decor to create the fastest treat delivering ghost in no time. Visit your local hardware store for needed supplies and a quick Pinterest search will help you find some easy DIY instructions. Casper the ghost may need to change his name to "Zippy" this year.

Ghost treat delivery at your service!

7. The Remote Control Treat Truck

Pile on the goodies in the back of this battery powered beast. You can decorate your remote control vehicle with spooky spiders, LED tape, or glue on some glow-in-the-dark jewelry to light this bad boy up. Kids will love trick-or-treat on demand.

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Treats on Demand!

8. The Slngshot Launcher

This treat delivering option may require a liability waiver, but this old-school way to launch your treats to trick-or-treaters is a fail safe way to avoid catching cooties from any tricksters who forgot to wash their hands.

9. The Bubble Kid

The human hamster ball is dedicated to those paranoid parents out there, fearful of any Halloween germs that may drift in their direction. Throw your costumed kid in this human-sized hamster ball and let them fearlessly trick-or-treat the town.

10. The Terrific T-Rex

The inflatable T-Rex costume was once helpful for hiding a bundled trick-or-treater during cold Halloweens here in Colorado. However, it now serves as the perfect protection against ghost snot and vampire coughs.

Head to toe costumes for a germ free Halloween

Safer Treats: Candy or Toys?

As a nurse and parent, I find myself questioning what is the best and safest treat for Halloween this year. Are those individually wrapped candy treats safe? Do I trust the person touching the candy, even if given at a socially safe distance? Should we attempt to disinfect the wrappers? Will the disinfectant leach into the candy, potentially poisoning our children? OK, so maybe skip the poisionous disinfectant. Do we let the candy sit for 72 hours until November 3rd until the virus is supposedly expired and then let our children eat the candy? Maybe candy isn't safe at all, maybe those little plastic toys are the answer. But this then takes us back to the original question of disinfecting or waiting the 72 hours. Whatever your decision, I just hope our children appreciate all of our worry and concern about their safety. Meanwhile, my daughter is completely unaware of my concerns and secretly hopes for a full Halloween bucket this year.

Safer Trick or Treating

Disclaimer: I make no claims that these ideas can help prevent the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19 or any other transmissible disease. It's important to limit face-to-face contact with others so we can all help reduce the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19. By keeping your distance from others, you can help slow the spread of this disease. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the CDC link below.

CDC Information Regarding COVID-19

What is the safest Halloween treat?

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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