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10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Girls


Every girl wants her Halloween costume to be perfect. If you’ve got a little girl in your life and have run out of Halloween costume ideas, here are some of the most tried and true costumes to get you started. Best of all, I've included some ideas for costumes that you could easily make at home such as a ballerina or little red riding hood. After all, a fun Halloween costume doesn't need to break the bank.

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#1) Princess

What little girl doesn't dream of being a fairy tale princess?  On that one special night, your little girl gets to live out her dream of being a princess. Adorn her in a flowing skirt in her favorite color with crinoline underneath for some extra volume. Give her a tiara, gloves, and some sparkling shoes.

You can make your own magical shoes by taking a pair of discount ballet flats and covering them in glue and glitter from the craft store.

Voila! You've got an instant princess.

Want To Make Your Own Halloween Costume?


#2) Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

A whole new generation has come to love the classic movie. Turn her into Dorothy with a blue gingham dress with bib and ruffles. She’ll need a short sleeved white blouse to go underneath. Make her ruby slippers from inexpensive ballet flats and red glitter. Braid her hair if she has long hair, or grab a wig at a Halloween shop. The fun part is giving her a picnic basket with a stuffed Toto dog in it. She’ll be off to see the Wizard in no time!


#3) Wonder Woman

Many of today’s girls don’t remember the original Wonder Woman, but they do want to dress up as a version of the modern day Superwoman. Make her into a force to be reckoned with simply by giving her tights and a leotard in one color. Attach a pillowcase as her cape. Tall boots finish off the outfit. If you want, add a crown and a letter or logo on her chest.


#4) Minnie Mouse

This classic costume has never gone out of style. Dress your little girl in red and white polka dots. Then, add mouse ears which you can make out of felt and attach to a headband. A tail made out of felt and a pair of chunky shoes will finish the outfit. 

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#5) Little Red Riding Hood

Create a riding hood out of red material and attach it to a long piece of red material. Or use a coat she already has and attach a red hood to it. If you can find a small cape, go for it. Have her wear a dress underneath all in red. She can carry a basket of goodies for granny. 


#6) Fairy

Create a magical fairy costume by making or buying wings in a pretty pink or purple color. Add glitter to them. Adorn your little girl in a pink body suit and tights. A crown made of flowers is a nice touch. Add in a magic wand that’s been rolled in sparkles for the final detail. 


#7) Cheerleader

Every girl dreams of being a cheerleader. Dress her in a pleated skirt and sweater. Add on a felt letter and get her some dollar store pom poms. Sneakers and bobby socks complete the look. 


#8) Ballerina

You’ll need a tutu and a leotard with tights. Add in some ballet slippers, magic wand, and a tiara and you’re all set. Maybe you'll get lucky and your daughter will already be a ballerina student or perhaps Grandma and Grandpa gave her some ballet slippers as a Christmas gift last year. In either case, you can use what you have on hand.

Below you'll find a video on how to make a tutu without a sewing machine. The video shows construction of a rainbow (4 colored) tutu to fit a girl that is aged 2 to 4.

How To Make A No Sew Tutu


#9) Good Witch

Little girls love playing the good witch. Go with a purely pink ensemble like the one shown in the photo to the right or dress her in more of a classic witch costume consisting of striped tights, a pointy black hat and a cape. She can carry a stuffed cat a long too or a small broom.

If your daughter would rather go as the bad witch - then go with a black and green color scheme. She could even use green face paint to get a bit scarier look (depending on her age). Nothing says Halloween like a festive witch costume!

Costume Poll


#10) Barbie

Who didn’t want to be like Barbie when she was little? You can go as funky or as retro as you like with this. Have her wear a blonde wig and dress. She can go as any of Barbie’s many personas. She can even carry a Barbie for fun.

I love the new Genie version of Barbie...soooo cute and one of my favorite Halloween costumes for girls!

Make Your Own Fairy Costume!

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Nicole S Hanson from Minnesota on April 06, 2012:

Such cute little ideas here! I was a fairy for about 5 years when I was young because I loved it so much :)

KristenGrace from Philadelphia, PA on October 05, 2010:

I love the fairy costume! As a kid I was a princess and the cheerleader... One of my best friends was Barbie and the other was Dorothy one year, and my mom was Minnie Mouse haha... Great hub!