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10+ Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts, Crafts & Decoration Activities for Kids & Adults

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Are you looking for fun Easter ideas? Want a new spin on the traditional Easter egg hunt? Maybe you’re just wanting to find some new Easter crafts or activities. The following list will give you plenty of concepts to choose from, from your classic hunt to unique Easter decorations!

1. Shaving Cream Eggs

When you want to have that traditional Easter egg hunt, but want to get creative and do things a little differently, grab the shaving cream, some food coloring and of course your hard-boiled eggs.

For this, you simply put a bunch of shaving cream in a container, add drops of food coloring in various colors, and use something small like a chop stick to slowly swirl the colors around. Be careful, you want to make waves and mix them slightly, but not blend them too much. Then, place your eggs in, roll them and place them on a paper towel or other surface. Finally, clean them off after a few minutes using paper towel and you’re ready to hide them.

As traditional egg coloring typically requires vinegar, this method is great for those who do not care for the smell of vinegar, or have allergic reactions to it.

2. Nail Polish Easter Eggs

Have you seen videos of people dipping various objects in water after adding spray paint to create amazing designs? This uses that same concept, but using nail polish. The best part, it doesn’t take much to do several eggs.

  • Step 1: You want a bowl of water, a few colors of nail polish and a stirring stick or something similar.
  • Step 2: Apply drops of nail polish in the water, and use the stick to swirl it around.
  • Step 3: Place egg in color pattern, straight down until completely under water, then quickly pull it straight out.
  • Step 4: Set egg aside, such as on a rack to dry.

There you have it. Remember to scoop out the nail polish after each egg for a clean result each time.

Note: In the above video she drained the egg and uses an empty egg shell for display purposes. For the purpose of an Easter egg hunt, you want too use cooled, hard boiled eggs so they aren't as fragile.


3. Using Rice to Color Eggs

Looking for something that is easy, fun for the kids and easy clean up? This has to be the easiest and cleanest approach I’ve come across! All you need is rice, food coloring, zip lock bags and the eggs (hard boiled of course).

  • Step 1: Add rice in zip lock bag with several drops of food coloring. Close and shake to blend. *Repeat for other colors.
  • Step 2: Place egg in preferred color, shake lightly until egg is colored as desired.
  • Step 3: Place egg on rack or paper towel to dry.

Tip: If you want multi-colored eggs, allow time to dry then place in another color for a second layer.

4. Golden Ticket Easter Eggs

Want to make the egg hunt more interesting? Use plastic eggs and place a ‘golden ticket’ inside. If you’re going to have several rounds of hunts, you can place 1 ticket each round. If you’re going to have just one hunt, you can choose to have 2-3 tickets that can be found.

Once found, allow the tickets to be traded in for some type of prize. This can make it fun for kids of all ages.

Using real eggs? As an alternative you can color one (or a few) of them gold.


5. Paper Bag Scavenger Hunt

Have you decided to go green and not use plastic eggs, but don’t want to use real eggs either? Try this idea. Simply grab some paper bags (recyclable), add something in it if you would like, and hide them. Remember where you hide them, and write a list of clues for the children to go out and find!

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Alternatively, instead of filing the paper bag, you can hide the rewards and have the kids use clues to find them, placing them in the paper bag.

6. Positive Message or Fortune Egg Hunt

Want to make things fun by hiding eggs, but don’t want to fill it with sugar filled sweets or money? Make it fun and positive by writing a fortune or positive message on paper and adding it in the egg. Then, each egg the child opens will reinforce positivity.

Alternatively, you can mix things up and include actions, such as do 10 jumping jacks, give someone a compliment, etc.

You could hand write the messages, or prepare them and print them out to save time (and carpal tunnel).

7. Landmark Egg Hunt

This is a great idea for children who are visually or mentally impaired. It gives them the opportunity to experience an Easter egg hunt just like other children, rather than feeling left out due to a disability.

Simply use larger objects as a landmark, for instance tying a balloon to plastic eggs, then hiding them in safe areas. This allows them to experience the hunt, while easily finding them and they can still feel part of the fun of Easter!


8. Checklist Easter Egg Hunting

Why just hunt eggs every year? There are various ways you can enjoy the search with other objects. You can still hide eggs and follow this idea.

Start out by choosing what you want found. This can be eggs of a certain color, a specific number of a color, hidden tracks, markings, drawings, animal, flowers, etc. Just remember, place them in a pattern so that it leads to the final reward – a basket!

Adults Can Hunt Easter Eggs Too!


9. Husband & Wife Hunt

Want to make things interesting and spice things up in a relationship? Create a ‘special basket’ with things he likes, then hide it somewhere safe and begin placing Easter eggs that he must use to find it.

You can place clues inside the eggs, special messages, redeemable points or a combination of all these!

11. Truth or Dare Egg Hunting

Get some friends together to go searching for the eggs. But instead of placing money or other objects inside, simply write down “truth” or “dare” on paper, place it inside the egg and when the hunt is over, take turns going around. Each person opens 1 egg, reads the paper and, well you get the idea how the game goes.

Alternatively, you can put “Truth” or “Dare” on one side of the paper, then the dare or question on the opposite side. This can avoid singling out or putting a specific person on the spot.

12. Lottery Hunt

Adults like playing the lottery, there is just something about the chance of winning big that makes it fun. Get a group of adults together, have each bring a few scratch off tickets (can be $1), then place them in eggs and have them hidden. Once found, scratch to see if you won big.

Hopefully you got some ideas from this list of fun and interesting Easter ideas. If you did, I would love to hear about how it turned out in the comments below!

Additionally, do you have a unique Easter idea or tradition you would like to share?

10. Night Hunt

Why should the adults be left out of the fun? Sure, you may not want to take the fun away from the kids and go find their eggs, after all part of the fun is sitting back and watching them go over the same area a dozen times and not finding the last hidden egg, right?

Have a sleep over for the kids, then after bed time have a nighttime Easter egg hunt for the adults! Have the kids hide the eggs prior to going to bed, then go searching after dark.

You could simply use flashlights to find them, but another option is to place glow sticks inside plastic eggs (or use glow in the dark paint on real eggs). This way they are easily found when you come across them!

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