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10 Little Girl's Birthday Party Ideas


Birthday parties can be so much fun, but if you're the parent, you probably find that planning them can be a bit stressful. Coming up with the perfect theme, decorations and games can be tough. Here are some great ideas for a little girl's birthday party. These ideas are great for kids about eight years of age an younger. These are ideas for the girliest of girls, but I will follow up with some great boy party ideas or gender neutral party ideas in my next articles.


Mermaid Birthday Party

A great theme for a Summer birthday is a mermaid themed party for your little girl! When I used this theme for my little mermaid, I found that games and decorations were easy to find that went along with this theme. Use colors like purple and green for streamer, table cloths, and balloons. For extra decorations, you can also make jelly fish from plates and crepe paper, and use a blue table cloth as an under the sea backdrop. Find a Little Mermaid themed cake or another cake that has a mermaid theme to go along with the great decorations. Games can include swimming, slip 'n slides, a "sea urchin toss" made from a toss across game, and a go fish game which can be made from a decorated three sided cardboard poster and a stick with string tied to it. Have goody bags behind the board that you tie to the string and let the guests fish for them. Create a playlist of mermaid/beach themed songs and use it for the background music. Your little mermaid is sure to enjoy this party.


Princess Themed Party

If you have a little girl who just loves princesses, a princess themed party is perfect. Let her dress as her favorite princess and decorate accordingly. If Snow White is her favorite princess, for instance, red, yellow, and blue decorations would be perfect and apples would make a great snack. Your decorations should, of course, be tailored to the specific princess your daughter loves. Games can include musical chairs to the soundtrack of your child's favorite princess movie, or use the soundtrack for some fun princess style karaoke. You can even throw a ball for your little princess with finger foods and punch for refreshments and plenty of music to dance to.


Fairy Party

If you have a little girl who loves fairies, this party would be absolutely wonderful. For decorations, use lots of glitter as "pixie dust" and instead of party hats, set out fairy wings (you can get these at a dollar store) for your guests. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, you can create a "pin the wings on the fairy" game. Any bright colors would compliment this theme, so you can choose your daughter's favorite colors and integrate them into decorations like streamer and balloons.


Tea Party

What a great excuse for your daughter and her friends to dress in their favorite dresses. For food, use finger foods like cucumber sandwiches and cookies and of course include lots of tea for the drinks. Have a playlist of classical music, and decorate tastefully. Your little girl will love this elegant party theme, and guests her guests will feel very sophisticated.

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Ballet Party

Do you have a little ballerina who just loves tutus and dance? This theme is perfect for her. Decorations can include light and dark pink streamer, balloons, table cloths and accessories. For party favors, you can buy tutus from a dollar store and let the guests dress as ballerinas. Games can include a dance off or musical chairs dance style. For this game, let the kids dance around the chairs to ballet music instead of simply walking around them. Finish the night of with a ballet themed movie like Leap.


Unicorn Party

What could be cuter than a unicorn themed party? Light pink or rainbow decorations will perfectly accent the theme and instead of party hats, you can find headbands with unicorn horns online that are super affordable, or help your guests make their own unicorn horns by rolling paper into a cone shape, taping or pasting it in place and then decorating with markers, paint or crayons and of course lots of glitter or jewels. Unicorn specific decorations should be readily available at your local party store as this theme is currently very trendy. Any rainbow foods like skittles or fruit kabobs make great snacks that perfectly match the theme. For games, you can have a rainbow silly string fight. Little guests are sure to have a blast at this magical party.


Barbie Party

If your little girl loves Barbie, this theme is an easy and cute one for a party. Hot pink decorations and a Barbie cake are perfect compliments for this theme. Instead of games, playing with Barbies would be a great way to pass time at this party. This theme is so fun and so easy to pull off. You'll find that decorations and cakes are abundant for this theme and guests will love it!



All girls love a good sleepover! Decorations are entirely up to you, you can even choose one of the above themes to go along with your sleepover. For an awesome party favor, have your guests decorate their own pillow cases with fabric paint or tie dye them instead. Afterwards, have everyone settle in for a great movie with some popcorn and movie theater style candy. Make sure everyone knows to bring their sleeping bags and a favorite stuffed animal to cuddle when it is time for lights out.



What a colorful and cute way to celebrate your little girl's birthday party. Hot pink decorations are perfect and you can make some really cute troll headbands by taking a regular head band and some pink tulle and wrapping the tulle around the center of the headband, then slip a pony tail holder around the "hair" and fluff out the tulle, then voila, you have troll hair! You can really play any of the above mentioned party games with this theme or try some karaoke to the Trolls soundtrack.


Hello Kitty

I've thrown many Hello Kitty parties for my Hello Kitty obsessed daughter and they've all turned out so cute! Pink decorations are perfect and its easy to find plates, napkins, and party favors online or at your local party store that fit this theme. You can use the classic party games with this theme, or throw this party somewhere like and let guests play on the playground and run off some energy.

This concludes my list of great girly themed party ideas. Have you tried any of these party themes yet? Do you have any other great ideas to add? Comment below and let us know.

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