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10 Bold Gifts for Your Man this Valentines Day

Mallika loves to enjoy small things, fun in life and believe in contentment. Life is an everyday celebration.

A valentine

A valentine

The Valentines day is lovers and couples celebration day to express their love and have a good time. Popular worldwide and among the youth, the celebration of this day is increasing in India but is also opposed by some religious and social groups in the country. Here I want to share an experience. I am a regular writer on quora platform and someone posted a question to me regarding the opposition of celebrating valentines day in India. In my view, celebrating valentines day is not opposed but public displaying of sex and lovemaking is frowned upon and not accepted in Indian society. It is seen as disrespect to individual and family reputation. To Indians, it is not a dignified act.

But lovers and couples can make the day memorable by celebrating respectably and decently. No one will oppose if couples plan a candlelight dinner or a romantic night in closed quarters. One whole week is dedicated to lovers to enjoy with themes like roses, proposes, chocolates, teddies, promises, hugs, kisses and valentines.

Gifts and proposes by men are common but what if on this valentine's day, women take the charge and express their love and desire for their men.

In this article, I want to tell how women can show and express their love to their men boldly and daringly by gifting. I want to express the gifting ideas from a different perspective. Every woman has two sides, one a sensual flower and another a daring lioness who wants to take charge in the art of loving her man and to be loved.

Let's start the exploration.

A message in a bulb

A message in a bulb

A message in a bottle

A message in a bottle

1. Message in a bottle

It is one of my favourites and an innovative idea in my view. A Message in a bottle is a lovely and cute gift which comes with a hint of mystery in it. It can be a treasure map of love to your and his heart.

This gift is not only suitable for a special day but daily as well. It can act as a friend and a communicator to your loved ones at the time of misunderstandings, arguments, crisis etc. If you want to express anything but unable to express verbally, it is a good way of communicating. Write whatever you are unable to express and put it in the bottle. Ask your love ones to read them and understand your view. When discussions and talking fails in relationships, some times this technique will help. Reading helps to think and then act. Who knows where that mysterious bottle will land your hearts!

What to go into the bottle?

  • You can add one special message or any number of messages to that treasured bottle.
  • The messages can be the things or actions you want to do to your man and what you want your man to do to you. Express your bold nature in tiny messages which add thrill to his heart and body.
  • You can create a treasure map to the place where you hide a special gift for him and encourage him to find that gift and he will be rewarded in a romantic way.
  • Make your own DIY paper chits which can be plain or coloured and in different shapes like square, round, heart, clouds, stars etc. Frame your message beautifully with a decorative pen and colours. Tie the chits with decorative threads and drop into the bottle.
  • You can include some rose petals, tiny message candies, trinkets etc in your treasure bottle.

2. Only accessories

There are many men's accessories which can be gifted but here I want to mention four items for some special reasons.

 Tag pendants

Tag pendants

Chain with a tag pendant

I feel that tag pendants are made for men. They add beauty to their muscularity. A chain with a tag pendant is a perfect gift to show that you love your macho man. They come in different colours like gold, rose gold, sterling, stainless steel, platinum, black etc. Some are designed with personal messages as well. Imagine the gleaming pendant on him which looks sexy on his chest.


A tie is a normal accessory of men but the perspective here is a different one. You can gift your man two types of ties, a professional look tie and a sensual look tie. Both will do the work.

Professional look tie

Gift your man a beautiful and dignified professional tie and express to him that it is not a piece of cloth but your hands on his neck which show love, sensuality, possessiveness and a token of your touch in your absence.

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Sensual look tie

It has soft material like silk or satin in cool and light colours like baby pink, blue, rose etc. Dare him to wear it as your gift or he can use it for different purposes, like handcuffs, a blindfold, a sensual gag or leash etc. It comes in handy in a quicky love.



A Bracelet or a bicep band or Kada

Bracelets are traditional ornaments for men and a bicep band or Kada is an ornament worn by Indian warriors and men in ancient times. It is a symbol of strength and traditionally made with copper to regulate body heat. It gives a macho look to a man. Today many stylish Kadas, bands, bracelets are sold exclusively for men. Gift one which compliments his personality.


It is an important and one of the ornament accessories of modern men, price ranging from hundreds to lakhs. Like women, men are also beautiful in their way. Hard and masculine fingers, broad palms and tough elbows of men are some of the marvellous designs of male anatomy in my view. The accessory and the ornament which enhances their beauty is a watch. Gift a masculine and stylish watch to your man and let him hold and carry you by those roll-up sleeves arms and keep you close to his heart. Let the romantic journey begins with that step.

Gifting these simple yet good things is one step but it should have a kinky side to it. Dare your man to wear these accessories "only". It will be a feast to your eyes.

3. Sexy innerwear

Gifting sexy inner or undergarment to your man is one of the boldest ways of expressing your desire for him and his love. There is no rule that only men should gift lingerie to their women. Bold women too like to see their men in such attire. A jockstrap is a good example. Some items to gift are:

  • Comfortable cotton jockstraps
  • 'O' ring jockstraps
  • Jockstrap kilts
  • Sexy pajama sleep bottoms
  • Underwear shorts boxers
  • Any men's comfortable undergarments
Cute handcuffs

Cute handcuffs

4. Cute handcuffs

Handcuffs are one of the basic props of dark and intense romance. Here, an interesting point lies under the gifting of cute handcuffs to your man. When does a person give the chance of bondage to another person? The answer is when we trust someone with heart and mind. When you are gifting a pair of handcuffs to your man, it means that you trust your man with your life, love, respect, virtue, honesty and loyalty. It is a way of showing and giving it to your man and he should maintain that same expectation and return it to you. A beauty with brains may gift the handcuffs to him but keeps the keys to herself as a cute safety precaution. Handcuffs are the second stop in the journey of exploring dark romance while blindfolds are the first. Start this journey with your valentine.

5. Couple's shaving kit and a bath bombs set

The name implies the purpose of the gift but the twist is that no partner should use the same gender kit on themselves. Personal hygiene and body care are very important in an intimate and physical relationship. Help each other in this process and plan a spa-themed sensual bath with aromatic bath bombs. Gift him the hamper and invite him to accompany you in that relaxing luxury bath. You can add scented candles and aromatic oils to that warm atmosphere.

lips shaped sofa

lips shaped sofa

6. Love furniture

Gifting an item of love furniture is expensive but you can plan and share the finances with your partner. Of course, it would be used by both of you together. The purpose of love furniture is to be used by a couple. They are designed exclusively for couples and their physical intimacy. Gift your type of furniture according to your preference and taste and use your imagination as a guide to use it and explore the intimacy. Some in the list are:

  • Love chair or sofa
  • Bow chair
  • Couples stand
  • Love swing
  • Shower grips
  • Adela chair
  • Wedge love pillow
  • Latt bench

7. Date night game set

Date night games are fun to play. A lot of love board games are available in the market. Drag your man into your web of seduction and love and become a siren. Show your feminine power and dare him to play one or two love games with you to explore both the emotional and physical nature of your man and let him explore yours as well. You can gift any DIY game sets or in the list below:

  • Love positions cards
  • Strip poker cards
  • Talk, Flirt and Dare game set
  • Love dices game set
  • Love truth or dare
little hearts

little hearts

love cookies

love cookies

A quote

A quote

8. Love through food

The famous quote of Fanny Fern's (an American novelist) - "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" proves this fact. A man wants his woman to cook good food. Planning a candlelight dinner in a restaurant is sweet but planning a candlelight dinner in your home is sweeter. Prepare some good and tasty food with your hands in a creative way like:

  • Heart-shaped chocolates
  • Love cakes and muffins
  • Sensually shaped cookies
  • Edible chocolate paint
  • Honey or chocolate drips
  • His favourite meal

Serve the food items to your partner with a touch of love and sensual seduction. He will be happy to taste and enjoy those yummies.

9. Plan a role play

Role-plays are fun and thrill to enjoy in the art of seduction and lovemaking. They also help to know each other preferences and desires. It can strengthen the physical bond whereas the emotional bond requires understanding and patience. Plan and surprise your partner with his favourite role play or a comfortable one. He will go crazy and both can enjoy the play. You can try new and adventurous roleplays as well. Here are some popular and decent ideas:

  • A sensual masseuse who will take away his tiredness
  • A bratty housewife who needs a dominant husband
  • A hot secretary to a cocky boss
  • A hotheaded rich woman who gives trouble to her bodyguard

10. Long-distance love gifts

Some gifts are suitable for long-distance relationships like when your man is working in a foreign country or state, in the military or marines, away from home due to work etc. Today technology is a boon in that scenario as we can see and communicate with our loved ones miles away but a gift is a gift which reminds him of your love and caring. A variety of things and items can be gifted but some are special like:

Personalised wallet card

Personalised wallet card

Personalised wallet card:

Gifting a wallet is normal but gifting a personalised wallet card is different. A wallet is a must accessory to a man and your personalised wallet card reminds him of you every time he opens it. The personalised message on that card should be your love through words and they should touch his heart.

Hug pillow

Hug pillow

Romantic pillows:

Romantic pillows like love and hug pillows are like your company to him in his sleep. Send a romantic pillow to your man and assure him that you are present in his loneliness and wish him a good and relaxing sleep after tiresome work.

A stack of handwritten love letters:

Love letters are evergreen and classic way of expressing love. A DIY stack of love letters is a perfect gift to your man on this valentines day.

Love tokens

Love tokens

Small things show big feelings:

Gift a bag of small and tiny things which symbolizes big feelings. You can add your choice of things and what they express. Ask him to carry at least any one thing with him all the time. Maybe it will become his lucky charm due to the strength of your love and protects him. Who knows!



You can question where is the boldness in gifting a long distant gift to your man. The boldness lies not in the gift but to have patience and faith in him. It lies in praying for him to be safe, healthy and wishing him to return home(to you) as soon as possible. Having that strength and hope in the emotional connectivity is courage.

Enjoy this valentine's day with heartfelt kisses, hugs and a little devilish seduction and breath the love in the air!

Happy Valentine's Day to the wonderful hearts and minds!

© 2021 Mallika Lotus

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