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10 Best Holiday Sleep Gifts Ideas for Your Spouse

Holiday sleep gift for your spouse

Holiday sleep gift for your spouse

Did you know that 50-70 million adults in the US have some form of disorder? In addition, that 48% have a problem with snoring according to Sleep Association. If your spouse is part of this statistics, then you need to consider a gift that addresses the sleep problem.

The best holiday gift you can surprise him/her with is one that will cause them to sleep better. They will greatly appreciate this. Both of you will have peaceful nights. This guide will help you pick the perfect gift guaranteed to make nights comfortable and relaxed.

1. Comfortable pillows

Simply put, comfortable pillows contribute greatly to a good night’s sleep and neck support. This is what your spouse could be yearning for. Find a pillow that molds into their head’s shape as it will reduce tossing and turning.

2. At-home sleep test

If you suspect that your spouse could be developing sleeping problems that are affecting both of you, consider buying an at-home sleep test. This sleep apnea test is affordable and provides an easy way to find out if they have trouble breathing. The test is a monitor that measures things like breathing, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and amount of snoring time.

3. New mattress

Improve your spouse’s sleep with a serious gift in the form of a mattress. Get one that employs premium foams. It will give them the best sleep ever as it is comfortable and has sleep-track sensors.

4. Online CPAP prescription

Make your spouse’s sleep better by presenting them with an online CPAP prescription. It matters little that it could be their first time or they could be changing doctors. This holiday gift will address their sleep issues.

Comfortable beddings are a great sleep  gift

Comfortable beddings are a great sleep gift

5. Comfortable bedding

Whether it is cotton or flannel sheets, these comfortable beddings will make a great gift for your spouse. Purchase the best quality that is warm and comfortable enough to send your beloved into slumber land.

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6. Sleep sound machine

This machine is addictive once someone gets used to it. It will relax your spouse and gently lull them to sleep. Some sleep sound machines have about six sounds while others have thirty. Most of the sounds depict different environments such as waterfall, meadow, rainfall, fireplace, white noise, and ocean.

7. Blackout curtains

Bestow blackout curtains upon your spouse to help them sleep better. They are uniquely weaved with modern technology. The dense fabrication blocks the light while adorning the bedroom elegantly with its silkiness. These curtains minimize outside noise ensuring your spouse’s night is a restful and quiet one.

8. Pajama

For pajamas to be a special gift to your spouse, identify those that are comfortable. Consider picking those made of lightweight cotton, flannel, knit, or broadcloth to suit the season of the moment.

Changing into their pajamas as an every nighttime routine will make your spouse get their body into sleep mode. It will make them relax, look good, and be comfortable. All of these will lead to a sound sleep through the night.

9. Weighted blanket

This blanket is the secret to good sleep as it reduces anxiety by releasing chemicals into your brain. Go for the right weight, which should be 10 – 25% of your spouse’s weight. It will make the blanket cozy and luxuriant enough for them to cuddle in. The blanket makes you sleep faster and keeps going for many years.

10. Sleep mask

If your spouse loves sleeping in a completely dark room or if any form of light disturbs their sleep, a sleep mask is what they need. It shuts off all the lights and also reduces eye puffiness. Your spouse can use it during both the night and day. When your phone’s light flickers on at night, you will not worry that you will disturb their sleep.

Sleep mask

Sleep mask

What to gift someone who loves to sleep

  • Gel gloves and socks that will moisturize the hands and feet
  • Noise-masking ear buds will shut out all forms of noise to enjoy your sleep in peace
  • Eye pillow that soothes and relaxes the eyes during sleep
  • Deep sleep pillow spray to help fall asleep faster
  • Sunrise-simulating alarm clock to wake you up politely

Final thoughts

Quality sleep requires quietness, comfort, darkness, and body temperature regulation. Use any of the above ideas to buy your spouse an unforgettable yet useful gift. It will make you enjoy a wonderful and restful holiday.

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