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Top 10 Big Hero 6 Birthday Cakes

Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake Ideas and Inspirations

This is a page for all mommies (or daddies) who are looking for some inspiration, ideas on that perfect Big Hero 6 birthday cake for your little one’s birthday party. The cakes on this page have already been tried and tested by professionals – some who have gone on to create their own birthday cake business and some who like to create masterpieces for their own personal satisfaction.

The moment I saw Big Hero 6, I couldn’t help gush to all and sundry on how cute Baymax was and how even cuter was his version of fist bumping. If a grown up like me could go on and on about Baymax, imagine how it must be for kids. It should come as no surprise then if your kid insists on a Big Hero 6 birthday themed party next time around.

For those who are not aware, Big Hero 6 is an animated comedy action movie released in 2014 and inspired from Marvel Comic’s superhero team of the same name. It got commercial success as well as good reviews from critics. It’s a story of 14 year old Hiro, his microbot Baymax (a personal healthcare companion who can detect if you are unwell physically and emotionally) and how they together with their friends form a superhero team by the name of Big Hero 6.

Undoubtedly, the most important part of any birthday party is the cake. What kind of cake should you opt for in a Big Hero 6 birthday party? This is where this page hopes to be of some help. I am going to present to you a list of 10 absolutely creative Big Hero 6 birthday party cakes from which you can draw inspiration from. Bake it yourself or have a professional bake the same cake for you – the decision lies upon you.

Without any further delay, here is my list of top 10 yummy, Big Hero 6 birthday party cakes.

1. Big Hero 6 Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Big Hero 6 Pinata Cake

Chocolate Big Hero 6 Pinata Cake

Tadashi (Hiro's elder brother) had programmed Baymax to be a huggable, caring health companion. Hiro resists his charms at first but soon melts. One of the most adorable scenes in Big Hero 6 is when they hug each other. "I Love Cakes by Sheila" has recreated this scene on a cake for her daughter's 9th birthday.

Big Hero 6 Deluxe 21 Pieces Cupcake Topper Set

2. Hiro and Baymax Birthday Cake

Hiro and Baymax Birthday Cake

Hiro and Baymax Birthday Cake

From the simple huggable robot, Hiro transforms Baymax into one of the Big Hero 6 superhero team with some dexterous reprogramming. Hiro also added some new physical entities to Baymax like a rocket fist and rocket thrusters that allowed him to fly. The chocolate cake here made by Onigiri Sweets shows Baymax entering his superhero mode with the help of Hiro who is busy preparing his armor.

Big Hero 6 26 Piece Cake Topper Set

3. White Vanilla Fondant Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake

Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake

Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake

This white cake with vanilla and lemon buttercream has been created by Gourmet Strategist -- another online boutique for yummylicious cakes and cupcakes. All decorations have been made out of fondant. The cake displays Baymax (in both his avatars), Hiro, Fred and the power of other characters.

Big Hero 6 Cupcake Rings

4. Big Hero 6 Tier Cake

Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake in Tiers

Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake in Tiers

This birthday cake is in tiers and displays Hiro and Baymax. A simple but still visually appealing birthday cake for a Big Hero 6 themed birthday party.

5. Baymax in Armor Birthday Cake

Baymax in Armor Birthday Cake

Baymax in Armor Birthday Cake

Initially, Baymax’s armour was of a dull green colour, which enabled him to execute karate techniques downloaded into him by Hiro with ease. Once he’s transformed into a superhero, the attire changes to a more sophisticated red and purple, which enables him the added advantage of flight. This new armour is much more flexible and durable, appealing more to the eye. In this particular birthday cake, we see Baymax in his new avatar. The cake also includes a smaller version of the simple and huggable "marshmallow like" Baymax at the side.

6. Baymax and Hiro Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake

Big Hero 6 Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake

Big Hero 6 Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake

This two tier yummy cake is made up of chocolate mousse and has completely edible Baymax and Hiro figurines placed right at the top of it. The cake has a smooth finish plus the pop of yellow gives it a distinct and unique touch.

7. Baymax 6th Birthday Cake

Baymax 6th Birthday Cake

Baymax 6th Birthday Cake

“Adventures of an Amateur Baker”, claims the title of the blog in which this piece of masterpiece appears. But one look at this amazing Baymax cake and you would think otherwise. A very cute birthday cake baked to perfection for a 6 year old with our dear Baymax playing the central character. His very existence is to make others happy and that idea is put forth in this incrediby cute Baymax cake where he is seen holding up a cheery birthday message for the person in question.

8. Red Velvet Cupcake Birthday Cake

Red Velvet Baymax Cake

Red Velvet Baymax Cake

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Baymax enjoying a game in the sugary sweetness of a red velvet cupcake. A beautiful cake designed by Dliche with eyecatching colours.

9. Big Hero 6 - 60th Birthday Cake

Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake for 60th Birthday

Big Hero 6 Birthday Cake for 60th Birthday

Whoever said that Big Hero 6 birthday cakes should be limited only to children? Here's an absolutely fantastic idea on how to celebrate a loved one's 60th birthday - that's right, by baking them or ordering a customized Big Hero 6(0) birthday cake. Such a cake would be apt for someone who's young at hero, who believes age is just a case of mind over matter - if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

10. Big Hero 6 Cake and Cupcake Combo

Baymax Birthday Cake and Cupcake Combo

Baymax Birthday Cake and Cupcake Combo

A simple and cute Baymax cake and cupcake - a really yummylicious combo!

If you know how to bake a cake and cupcake but do not want to spend too much time in making a Big Hero 6 themed birthday cake, you can always use edible images or cake toppers to do the job for you. Just place them on the cake - and you are all set!

You can use figure cake toppers as the one given below to add a professional touch to your kid's (or adult's) birthday cake. This particular set includes 12 pieces with figurines representing all the main characters like Hiro, Baymax, Wasabi, Fred. Comes with a bonus avenger's temporary tattoo so that's an icing on the cake. The first set of 6 includes characters in their superhero versions whereas the rest of the 6 displays them in their street avatars.

If you prefer to have edible images instead of cake toppers, here's a popular one available on Amazon:

Big Hero 6 Edible Image Cake Topper


Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on November 03, 2020:

Beautiful cakes.

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on October 14, 2020:

Thank you Tammy for visiting and taking the time out to comment!

Tammy Winters from Oregon on October 14, 2020:

I like the Big Hero 6 cakes... interesting. Very Creative.

Diana Alicea on June 24, 2015:

I will be completing a Big Hero 6 cake this weekend. It is the greatest movie ever. I loved it. Find me on instagram @bakingmehungry2. Happy baking!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on April 09, 2015:

Hi This is quite timely. My grandson has decided he really likes the Hero characters so my daughter may use one of these ideas.

I will be sharing this with her.

Voted up shared and pinned to my cake board

Angels are on the way to you this evening ps

Sheila H. on February 25, 2015:

Thank you for sharing my daughter's cake! Sierrah is very pleased! More power to your page! :D

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