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Zero Calorie Foods - Negative Calorie Foods

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Naturally Ideal Diet Foods

Although all foods contain calories some foods take so much energy to digest that your body actually burns up the calories from them in the process of consuming them. These are called Zero Calorie Foods.

Still other amazing foods take so much energy to digest that you actually lose weight by eating them. These are known as Negative Calorie Foods.

Substituting more of these into your daily meals to replace higher calorie foods can help you to lose weight.

They are Indeed Out There

They are foods that when consumed actually use so much energy being digested that they cause your body to burn enough calories to offset the calories that they contain.

High fiber foods generally take a large amount of energy to digest so it is little surprise that it is largely fruits and vegetables that have managed to make the Zero calorie or Negative calorie food lists. This makes sense as these items tend to have a higher fiber count than other foods.

It is the high fiber content within these foods that causes you to lose weight when you consume them. When you dine on these foods you actually burn more calories than you consume. These high fiber foods take your body that much time and energy to digest!

Keep in mind that these foods will make you feel hungrier because your body has to work harder to digest them.

Include High Quality Protein in Your Diet Plan

Include High Quality Protein in Your Diet Plan

Principles Such as the Cabbage Soup and Grapefruit Diet Use

Zero calorie diets like The Cabbage Soup Diet or The Grapefruit Diet are based on foods that are difficult to digest. These diets work on the principle of eating foods that burn more calories than they contain.

It can be very difficult to lose weight so sometimes just losing that first few pounds a little faster offers up enough encouragement for a person to continue on in their diet. A quick start diet program can often give a dieter the boost that they need to continue on in a regular weight loss program.

It should be noted though that quick weight loss diets generally do not provide adequate protein / nutrition so are plans that you should not be on for extended periods of time.

The 0 calorie foods can also be very helpful for people who are simply trying to control their weight. You just include a few more of these foods into your daily diet plan to replace higher calorie options. It is amazing how easy it can be to maintain a weight loss.

Zero Calorie Food List

Asparagus, apple, beet, blueberries, broccoli, cranberry, cantaloupe, carrot, celery, chicory, cauliflower, cucumber, dandelion, endive, garden cress, garlic, grapefruit, green bean, honeydew, hot chili peppers, lemon, lime, lettuce, mango, onion, orange, papaya, peach, pineapple, radish, raspberries, spinach, strawberries, tomato, tangerine, turnip, watermelon, and zucchini.

The Cabbage Soup Recipe

3 large onions

2 green peppers

2 large cans of diced tomatoes

5 Carrots

1 bunch of celery

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1 bulb of garlic

Half a head of cabbage

1 large can of tomato soup (optional)

Enough water to almost cover the veggies.

Season to taste with your choice of parsley, ginger, cayenne pepper, curry, garlic powder, salt, pepper, or any other of your favorite no calorie spices. Simmer till veggies are tender.

Note: When using this food to lose weight - Cabbage soup should not be the only food you eat for an extended period of time. The soup itself is best used as a diet aide when alternated with days of normal eating patterns. For example: Eat cabbage soup for 2 days. Eat regular meals for 1 day. Eat cabbage soup for 1 day. Eat normal for 3 days. Then repeat the sequence.

Diet responsibly - insure that your body has all the nutrients that it needs.

Studies Suggest that You Will Still Feel Hungry After Consuming Fatty Foods

Why? Because your body does not recognize fat as an immediate food source and it will take the fat and store it for future use instead.

This means you will still feel hungry even though you have just finished eating.

Greasy foods just won't satisfy your cravings as much as non-fatty foods will. So select grilled lean meat or fish over hamburger and if you are eating potatoes choose boiled potatoes over french fries.

Diners also eat less when their food is served on a dark colored plate. It is believed this occurs because the portion size is more visible.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Consuming protein, fiber, and antioxidant rich food can help to make you feel fuller longer because your body's nutritional needs are being met. Insure that your body is receiving the required protein and other nutrients that it requires to function properly.

Salads are low calorie but the flavorings you put on top can turn them into a high calorie food. Keep your dressings light.

Salads are low calorie but the flavorings you put on top can turn them into a high calorie food. Keep your dressings light.

Sauces and Other Flavor Enhancers Add Extra Calories

When you are dieting your foods does not have to be bland. You can avoid high calorie sauces and still have tongue tingling flavor in your meals by choosing your herbs, seasonings, and sauces with care.

Many taste enhancing sauces have zero or negative calories yet contain a ton of flavor when they are used to season your food. Tabasco pepper sauce, lemon juice, lime juice, and mustard are just a few of the many flavorings that can be sprinkled over food to add zest without calories to an otherwise bland meal.

Add seasonings that won't add extra calories to your meal: Salt, Pepper, Ginger, Dill, Peppermint, and Garlic.

For a spice that will actually cause you to lose weight by increasing your metabolism use Cayenne pepper. It is known for its metabolism boosting abilities and is a healthier choice than the basic black pepper that most people use.

Mix Cayenne pepper into your basic yellow mustard to create a hot tasty mustard sauce that will also serve to increase your weight loss potential.

Avoiding fad diets and the yoyo dieting cycle will help increase your odds of a successful weight loss. Diet Responsibly.

Don't Get Carried Away With Your Diet Plan. Keep Your Body Healthy. Diet Responsibly.

Don't Get Carried Away With Your Diet Plan. Keep Your Body Healthy. Diet Responsibly.

Are you on a diet?

Studies Show That Catechins In Green Tea May Help You Lose Belly Fat

Studies show that drinking about 5 cups of green tea per day can help to reduce belly fat. Green tea is chock full of antioxidants as well so enjoy a cup or two every day. Now isn't that a wonderful way to relax at the end of the work.