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Why Do You Need to Lose Weight?


Health is very important in life

I’ve lost and maintained a healthy body weight for a number of years now. Of course, the last few years have included my decision to follow keto dieting (and it has been incredibly helpful), but I’m not going to lie and say that any one time I have been very active on social media or followed a health blog. In every other aspect of life, I was an active participant in the exercise culture, constantly training and improving my workout technique. I used Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to inspire me to stay fit.

For most people, losing some extra pounds or maintaining a healthy body weight is pretty much impossible. It takes hours of training and dieting, with countless hours dedicated to getting back into shape, to get to this place. But I’ve always believed that there are two reasons why you should lose weight.

First, losing your BMI can help you reduce the risk factors for heart disease and cancer. This is because obesity increases blood pressure, reduces HDL cholesterol levels, helps reduce your odds of having heart attacks. And if you lose weight, the results are more positive as well. If your BMI is around 24 and below, there is a 3% risk reduction in developing type 2 diabetes. Obesity also has a strong relationship with reducing high cholesterol and lowering the chances of developing Parkinson’s. The longer you work toward keeping your body mass, the more likely you’ll be to see a difference from improving your long-term health. That being said, the key point here is that losing weight will never lead you to becoming healthier than you already are.

Second, losing some weight can make your skin look stronger and smoother and make you feel better about yourself and your appearance. Some people like me always talk about having large bellies and large stomachs, and whether they work or not, I can honestly tell you that diet pills, makeup products, and even workout routines can do wonders for that. People who lose weight not only look and feel stronger, but for many of us, they look amazing. They go way beyond just looking “healthier.” Their bodies look far healthier, their confidence goes way above par; they are happier and they enjoy themselves just as much as they did when they were overweight.

The main issue here is that the biggest risk factor for heart disease and cancer is obesity. By simply getting the hang of working out and exercising, we can all improve our health and longevity. With the right nutrition and lifestyle changes, you actually might soon become healthier than before.

In regards to the second reason why I’d recommend losing weight, I would share a couple ways you can do so. First off, you can find plenty of information online through YouTube videos, etc. You can spend millions of dollars buying the equipment you need to learn how to lift heavy weights or use free gym videos from Youtube to follow simple exercises. From there, you can look up various diets at least once a week and find various plans to fit in. Find a program like Paleo and avoid any fad diet that doesn’t help you lose weight and increase endurance. Start by adding protein and fat-based protein supplements to your food plan and slowly start increasing your caloric intake each day. For example, I eat half of what the average person gets each days as a snack, but I still lose at least a pound daily. Another option is fasting, which can be difficult if it’s something new you aren’t familiar with. Even though fasting was first introduced to help athletes maintain proper strength, it does not necessarily mean anyone should stop eating altogether. Just watch the documentary Eat Last, where a trainer explains the benefits of fasting for weight loss. So there are choices here to fit yourself, and we’re definitely open to more! Lastly, losing fat does not only affect your physique and beauty, but it affects how long you burn calories too. You can try different options like yoga, core work, Pilates, etc. to shed some unwanted kilos to prevent muscle fatigue. Each choice has different advantages and disadvantages, so read reviews and decide how much you want to sacrifice and how often you want to consume calories. What is important to remember is that the goal isn’t to lose weight, but to maintain and increase strength, endurance, cardiovascular activity and overall health. So what you choose will depend on how active you are and how hard you want to be working out. you already have your reason why you should want to lose weight, and there are thousands of ways to get there!

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