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The Five Simple Types of Yogasanas Postures to Keep the Body Healthy and Stable

Aayush has gained information about yogasanas and its benefits from the books and from the guru who taught yoga.

Yogasana posture

Yogasana posture

The question must come to the mind of every person because it is important to know before teaching any discipline. Accepting it as soon as it is not possible will bring blind faith and later on it will not benefit much in the development of life. As it is intended, first thing we need to know why everyone needs yogasanas it is necessary

Meaning and Importance of practicing yogasanas

  1. The body of a being is such a living machine created by the power in the consciousness that information is in exhaustible. There are many types of yogasanas to keep the body fit, every person using himself maintain mental and physical health. That's why asanas are needed in every person's life.
  2. With the practice of yoga, the body, mind and spirit treated all of them properly. It helps to control physical illness through the mind
  3. Many processes have been made in yoga. They help in keeping on physical condition well

Before practicing yogasanas keep in mind the following things

  1. Practice asanas on an empty stomach only in the morning.
  2. Always take less and light dinner so that the digestion process remains smooth because the digestive system will not be healthy by eating too much and there will be difficulty in doing asanas.
  3. wash feet with cold water at night before bed. Any fatigue that is exacerbated by a days work is reduced by washing feet's
  4. keep less productive substances in diet. Instead, use green vegetables more because it is easier to digest.
  5. Do "sheetali pranayam" and recite "om" before going to sleep at night. It gives mental peace. The body is immobile and the mind is thoughtless. This reduces sleepiness.
  6. While doing the asanas do not jerk off any part of the body and do not pull to complete the asana in any way. While doing the asanas ,bend or twist the body as much as neccessary.
  7. After the posture is complete , keep the body stable in the posturefor some time and continues deep breathing.
  8. Asanas should be practiced with dedication and devotion There should not be any gap in it and you should do postures regularly. Asanas do not benefit from ever starting and ever stopping.

Five types of simple yogasanas that anyone can do


Tadasana opens the joints of the body and helps to freshen the whole body. Laziness also ends in this asana. Experience shows that if the child practiced with this asana, it also helps in increasing their height. This posture is done standing up.

Posture of tadasana

Posture of tadasana

Benefits of doing tadasana

  1. This helps in increasing the height of young children's.
  2. Laziness occurs among people working in the office for hours. This asana will help them reducing laziness.
  3. The fatigue that comes from hard work can be overcome by this asana.
  4. This asana is the cure for sciatica disease.
  5. This asana can help in reducing the pain of the shoulders and the pain of bending the waist and back.

Body operation

There is no type of body movement posture,however to conduct any physical process easily, it is necessary to operate the body. Every posture is convenitent if body operate properly. To perform the posture correctly, the body should be shaken and programmed first. This process is named "Body operation" because it calls each body part to be shaken.

Posture of Body operation

Posture of Body operation

Benefit of doing Body operation

It is very beneficial to keep the whole body program. Throughout the day, people who sit in the chair feel pain in their back and stomach. He will help in ending this pain by body operation posture. Along with this, digestion will also be good.

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According to the foot operation, Various components of the body below the waist will help maintain function. This asana is related to the mobility of the leg calf high and the cut area.

Posture of footer operation

Posture of footer operation

In this asanas, the practice of climbing the feet on the legs by keeping the agony of the feet from operating is of particular benefit. Help in smooth circulation of blood and helps relieve swelling of the feet. This eliminate sciatica disease. back pain can also be cured. Applying the foot to the stomach is very good of reducing abdominal obesity and for reducing gas disease.


Thought arising in the mind are a hindrance to mental concentration. Similarly, mental concentration is not possible even when there is no physical balance. The work of body and mind cannot be controlled. Trigoasana is suitable to overcome this deficiency.

posture of trigoasana

posture of trigoasana

Benefits of doing trigoasana

This posture helps to keep the feet, shoulders, and hands strong and healthy. This asana help in relieving sciatica and back pain. This is also useful for bringing concentration of mind. people sitting in one place get chits in their feet. This asana have to overcome this disease.


Several asana have been recommended for eradication of hernia and hydrocele disease. Among them Garudasana is the most important posture. Garudasana is very useful for keeping all the vein programs of the body.

Posture of garudasana

Posture of garudasana

Benefits of doing Garudasana

Garudasana brings balance to the body and subsequently the ability to successfully perform difficult asana. The mind is stable and calm. Due to the pressure on the lower part the secret senses are strong and help in removing the disorders.


Aayush Mahajan (author) from Bhilai (C.G) on November 18, 2020:

Thank you Ivana Divac

Ivana Divac from Serbia on November 18, 2020:

Nicely written article with useful tips. Definitely an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing!

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