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When Times Get Rough

Do you, like me have times when it all seems too much?  When you've had enough of dodging the cruel blows life seems to aim at you? When whatever you do seems to go wrong and no matter how hard you try you can't make things go your way?  For the times when Chocolate just isn't enough read The Awakening and get some perspective back into your life.

© Susan Bailey 2009 All Rights Reserved

Down in the Dumps

Down in the Dumps


Some time ago someone sent me this in an email and I found it so inspiring. I have passed it onto several of my friends who have also gained comfort and direction from it. I have searched long and hard to find the author but cannot come up with anyone. I am reproducing it here in the hope that it will inspire others. If anyone can throw any light on who the author is I'd be grateful because I would really like to thank them.



The Awakening

(Author unknown)

A time comes in your life when you finally get it…When, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out…ENOUGH!

I'm so sorry. If you want to read more of this truly inspirational poem you will have to click on the blue title link. I edited something and now Hubpages won't let me publish this again. Such a shame as this was a very successful hub. I hope it isn't too inconvenient for you but other than just take the hub off I couldn't do it any other way. Apologies once again.

I hope you are feeling better and a little bit inspired now. I can't say just how much the words of The Awakening have put things into perspective for me, on more than one occasion. There is a chance this hub may become unpublished because of the fact that these words appear elsewhere on the internet which will be a shame. I am not claiming that they are my own I simply would like to share them with fellow hubbers because I'm sure there are times when everyone could do with a little help.© Susan Bailey 2009 All Rights Reserved

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Do Inspirational Words Help?

Some people derive great comfort and even motivation from inspirational quotes, speeches and words. They spur them on to greater things and happier times. They find that if the quote or speech has been made by some philosopher, ancient or modern, it inspires them more than just an everyday person.

In a lot of people, myself included; they are inspired for the moment and uplifted by the revelations they have read but soon afterwards those words are forgotten,

Perhaps you read self-help books and inspirational quotes and poems but find that nothing really changes after you've put the book away. Now that could be because you've put the book away. These little helpers are not designed to be read once and never referred to again. You need to be returning to them on regular basis and making notes, doing any suggested exercises, not every day but say every other day.. Moreover, you have to be ready to make the necessary changes or nothing will change. For change to happen you have to want it to happen. REALLY want it to happen and be SERIOUS about changing things or nothing, I repeat; nothing will change.

The most valuable thing that inspirational or motivational words bring to a person in my opinion is understanding. Understand why things are as they are and why things perhaps need to change.

Change is not immediate nor a one step thing. It happens in small stages often called 'baby steps' which basically means you work on one area at a time. So if you want to leave your current job or even your current lover, first address the problem of where you will work or live instead of where you are now. Just take things one step at a time and work out your strategy. Don't rush headlong into anything without considering the consequences. © Susan Bailey 2009 All Rights Reserved


J.e. on November 04, 2015:

may God always bless you he has blessed me. With a beautiful "awakening." I am so happy that these words helped ;) This was written with the intention of helping humanity in general; as an inspirational message. It wasn't supposed to be made public until much later..Somehow it was leaked...what you have read is a rough draft...some copies have been slightly altered from the original...but even so, it's doing its job. I am so happy, it is doing what it was created to do. I can't believe some imposters are claiming this work as theirs, it was always meant to remain, anonymous. It was supposed to remain, "Author Unknown" because the idea was not to want anything in return, except healing of "to" others, through words of wisdom, through words that poured out of deep emotional scars, which through an awakening...have all faded into beauty marks. The story you read in this message "The Awakening" the story of the authors life, and as you can see when you read these is everyone's story...because we are all, learning. The trick is, to quiet the ego, in order for the spirit to sing! enjoy my friends...enjoy!

Susan Bailey (author) from South Yorkshire, UK on March 21, 2013:

I am so glad it helped you Anne. Best wishes.

anne91 from india on May 06, 2012:

it is so has given me so much of pain and has brought me to a point where i see no light ahead of depression has taken a huge toll on me..your hub is so wonderful and it has been able to put a smile on my face..thank you..:-)

Susan Bailey (author) from South Yorkshire, UK on June 13, 2009:

Thankyou Saffron, Hubpages didn't seem to like it but I knew it would be appreciated by some even though it can be found quite widely on the Internet. xx

SaffronGrey on June 13, 2009:

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

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