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How to Never Give Up

Never give up on your dreams, desires, goals , relationships and your marriage

Tenacity pays all the time. Never give up on yourself, your project, your beliefs, your desires, your relations, your marriage, your goals, and your dreams The challenge in life is that many give up too easily and readily. Honestly what are you giving up for? I have just started ripping the benefits of never throwing in the towel. It didn’t happen overnight.


Holding on to my beloved plant pot

We had this beautiful indoor plant at our offices, leafy, lush and all green. I used to water it once a week. I loved that plant. Then we moved offices; my director then suggested we put the plant by the veranda. I forgot all about that plant for weeks, and then one day I went outside and saw only brown leaves. It had shriveled up.

We forgot it was an indoor plant so it died. I took it inside trying to resuscitate it, but it never worked. I didn’t want to throw away the pot, so I just kept it. Then one day it started to sprout again, but died after a few days. Still I held on to it. Eventually taking it home. It was just the soil inside and nothing else. Visitors would walk in, look at the pot and wonder why I was keeping it. I held on to it, I felt I didn’t have to explain and maybe many passed it off as part of the décor. The pot matches with my bedroom color scheme


The Resolve Never to Give Up

Points to remember:

  • It starts with a decision.
  • Keep good memories in sight all the time
  • Keep remembering the good conversations you had
  • Hold on even when it seems nothing is happening
  • Never speak of your situation with anyone.
  • Put the live back in that relationship or situation in your mind

Hope Whispered "Keep Holding On''

I knew what had been inside and was reluctant to throw it away; I kept seeing that plant the way it had been then. I even thought of replacing the soil and bringing in a new plant altogether. But the memories of what that plant had been like made me leave it the way it was. Summer came, and went. Winter came and passed, still nothing. I used to look at it and wander what would make the plant sprout again. Then I thought maybe I should just put the pot by the veranda since nothing was happening.
Well I held on to it, just the way it was, I would water the soil occasionally but omitted to many times, It didn’t make sense to water an empty flower pot, at times. Then recently, all of a sudden I noticed two sprouts, I was ecstatic, and it was unbelievable. I had to hold on to my memories for a full year! I don’t know why I never noticed before. The pot is right by my door it’s the first thing I see when I walk into my bedroom. And now they are blooming again. I look at them everyday. And all because I never gave up and resisted the urge to throw in the towel!


How to hold on to the good memories even when there doesn't seem to be much hope

Life is much like my plant. Yes you get burned up, and maybe it’s a job gone all wrong, maybe it’s a company that’s suddenly folded up, Or a marriage that’s just turned sour. Try to remember in those turbulent moments the joy you had at one time, recall those times in your marriage when you laughed a lot and did things together. Hold on to all the good memories even when, in the present, there doesn’t seem to be any hope. Relations all gone really bad can be nasty but even then keep holding on. Even if the other party isn’t in agreement, don’t force it, keep your distance when you have to but never lose hope. When you hold on and keep holding on, you will see that relationship mended and that broken marriage all healed. If in business then recall those times you had clients flocking in all the time. Remember when you had so much work to do and couldn’t seem to handle it all on your own. Remember too the times you had to work overtime.


The Ultimate Decision Maker is You

The finality of any situation is really within your hands. Your decision not to give in or give up makes a whole lot of difference. If you decide that you will hold on and good will surely come out of that situation, then it will. Then again if you decide to let go and spent days and nights regretting and worrying then you create stress for yourself and nothing ever gets solved. The more you mourn the more you create similar situations that keep coming your way. Never lose hope, as long as you have those memories. Hold on to the good moments you had at one time. Will yourself to see them often. Months may come and go but keep at it and one day when you least expect it a change will occur for your good.

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The reason why you should never discuss your situation with anyone

The holding on times, moments are those times you see things the way they used to be. You keep seeing it that way. The truth is, it was like that at one time and really beautiful. And it can be again. If you choose to see any other picture then you are defeating yourself and nothing will ever turn around for your good. Many around you may think you are all done in, they might even tell you so and point out facts just to help you see the hopelessness of your situation. That’s their way of seeing things they don’t have the memories in their hearts. You do. They didn’t live that victorious life you had, you did. They weren’t in love with that husband or wife you were, still are. You are your own strength.


The Benefit of Never Giving Up

These are all the things I learnt with my plant. Had I chosen to ditch that pot, there would be no plants to be talking about. I would not be celebrating the way I am, nor enjoying the sight of those two sprouts growing daily. Many times I just gaze at them wandering where they were all along and what happened to make then suddenly come to life. I have concluded that good memories breath life into a situation that seems lifeless and really all gone. When you speak words filled with fear you bring forth no results. You are killing whatever hope there was. I decided there was no reason for that memory of the plant the way it was to fade from my mind. Never discuss the situation with anyone they would only water that memory down, till there is nothing to hold on to and you begin even to doubt your own memories. Keep them rich and keep them alive.


This is why you should stay positive in thought ,in deed , in your words and in your perception.

The good you keep in sight is the very good that will come back to you. So whatever you decide to see is what will be given to you. Keep hearing words of encouragement , words that uplight you and not words that pull you down. Be mindful of what you hear and what you see. The words you speak are equally powerful. Keep your tongue in rein. And when you do speak let it be words full of live.


charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on February 16, 2019:

Thank you for your comments. I think the results we get depend on what we do know and understand, and how we apply what we do know. Maybe what works for one person might not work for the other. On the issue of never telling- It isn't really your problems that i was referring to but the speaking or declarations that you make over that situation. That is what you can't share.

femi from Nigeria on February 16, 2019:

I love plants and have successfully grown decorative plants, vegetables and fruits. However one pepper sprout i grew in a container was later transplanted to rich soil. I added fertilizer, watered regularly, but eventually it died. What i am trying to say is things happen totally out of our control, no matter how much we will otherwise it just happens. On the issue of never telling anyone your problems i disagree. you need to find someone you really trust and sometimes share. As they say a problem shared is half solved.

charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on February 13, 2019:

Thank you so much, Ms Dora.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 12, 2019:

Thanks for sharing your insights on this important topic. "Never give up" is also a good message for writers on HubPages. Just like your plant, one day the benefits of perseverance will show up. Welcome to HP!

charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on February 12, 2019:

Thank you so much.

Awignas Teryan from Tayan on February 12, 2019:

So.Never Give Up. Congrats!

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