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Why I Shop At Whole Foods Market


Welcome To My Gift Guide!

Years ago, I received a Whole Foods Gift Certificate as a gift - and can tell you how much this great gift idea is appreciated! My son knows that I love to shop at Whole Foods, and sometimes I joke that I should become a representative for them since it seems that I always have some things to twitter about or put into my Facebook status about their company!

...And now, here is a Squidoo lens to enthuse about all that there is to love about spending time at Whole Foods Markets and coming home with something fabulous. And wholesome, too.


What Sort Of Things? Which Products? - Things I have bought on my shopping trips...

You can put together your own premium gourmet gift basket in no time!

Here are examples of the types of things I have bought while out shopping at my Whole Foods Store... you can order them, if you don't have a store near you. So I guess an Amazon Gift certificate might be a good gift, too.

Try the Kiss My Face Cardamom soap! You know how I love Cardamom! ( If you don't, go take a look at the lens to find out why)

Besides their gift baskets? I like Whole Foods Market every day


What I Enjoy About Whole Foods Markets

Like any brand name, there are attributes that draw me to choosing that store above others. Whole Foods has won me over in many areas, and I have enjoyed shopping at Trader Joe's, Fresh Market, and Earthfare, to name a few others in its class.

Truthfully, I didn't start with a love for Whole Foods stores.

For one thing, they weren't available in my area when I was first interested in natural foods and organic produce. For the most part we had local food cooperatives, and then later smaller groceries which specialized in health foods and supplements. Wild Oats was where I cut my teeth on enjoying shopping in a grocery that was geared around getting the best organic and health food products. If you know the story, Wild Oats stores were merged into the Whole Foods stores and brand. When Whole Foods stores came to town, I went there and divided my patronage between them and my loyal shopping at Wild Oats. Once the stores merged, it simplified my shopping trips. Both were great stores, although Whole Foods was geared more toward an entire "store experience".

How "Like" Turns To "Love"

Now, I have to say I love Whole Foods as a brand, and I have won over my husband...who originally had an aversion ( he wouldn't go inside the store with me) due to his opinion that it would eat his "whole paycheck". Now he loves going there with me, and I think part of the reason is due to the reasons I like the store, but additionally he is convinced that we should try to eat healthier, and the store itself has attempted to give values and cost cutting where it can.

MY reasons to love the store are that it makes shopping a fun and enjoyable experience.

  1. I love the displays and the good quality.
  2. The diverse offerings of produce,cheeses, and prepared foods
  3. The stations where you can buy a meal of the type you choose
  4. The sushi is the best available in my area
  5. The bakery is top tier.
  6. Wide range of natural health products, from supplements to cosmetics
  7. Buying food that is good for me and good for the planet

These things are important to me.

The other thing is the unfailing polite customer service from the employees. I cannot underline that enough. Always glad to be of service ( or behaving that way whether they feel it or not) this makes me happy to shop there and happy when I return.

The wine tastings. They may not have them in every store, but this has been a major draw for our local stores. It is fun, inexpensive, and I would never have otherwise gone to a winetasting.... so these little events every Friday have improved my experience of foods and the wines that had been offered. Just one more way the Whole Foods stores have added benefit to the shopping experience.

If you give someone a gift certificate to a Whole Foods Market, you are giving them something practical, but also something that comes with the added value of a fun and enjoyable experience. I think that is an unbeatable combination of benefits for a gift!

Buy Whole Foods Recipes - Serve Amazing,Delicious, and Healthy Food


Debate This Gift Idea - Is a gift certificate for a grocery store a good idea- or not?

Not everyone will agree with me that a gift card to a grocery store is a great idea, where do you stand ?

More Cool Things You Can Get With Whole Foods Gift Certificates - You could also give an Amazon gift certificate

These products have been carried at whole Foods Markets, but product lines change over time to reflect customers tastes and local availability, etc. No matter! Go ahead and order from Amazon, if you can't find one of these gifts at your local store.

The whole point of a Whole Foods Market gift certificate is experiencing the ambiance of an earth and people friendly store, though.

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