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What Makes Yoga at Sunrise Ideal?


Yoga at Sunrise

The most common picture that most people have with yoga is that it is often done in the morning when the sun is just about to rise. But there is far more deeper reasons behind this than mere aesthetic or representation of the yoga image. Read more below to find out.

Impact of Time

Expert yogis believe that you only have two options for what is considered the most ideal time of day to do yoga: during sunrise or sunset. First off, performing yoga during sunset or in the evening works best if you want to recuperate from a stress-filled day. It will enable you to revive your energy and bring more vitality back into your body. This is also highly recommended for those who are suffering from chronic insomnia due to excessive amount of stress.

On the other hand, there are also yogis who believe that doing yoga in the morning offers more benefits, especially with exposure to sunrise. You can do this for at least 30 minutes, so you might want to get out of bed earlier than your usual morning routine. Starting your day early and filled with energy will provide you with enough strength (of mind and body) to get through the day.


Energy in the morning - Yoga breathing exercises in standing

Serenity of Nature

In addition to doing yoga in the morning, you can maximize the benefits by going outside and performing it on an outdoor setting. You can simply settle on your garden or find somewhere else wherein you can get as close to nature as possible. If you have no access to the latter, then doing yoga in your garden is very much possible since it is actually one of the top choices among those that perform yoga at home.

Instead of having to imagine a serene and calm place during meditation, you get that serenity straight from where you are physically situated. The sight of rich flora in your garden or the sound of chirping birds in the morning help your body to naturally relax without even trying. This is a very powerful experience that you can achieve only through the practice of morning yoga.


Dimitris Kandris "SoulRise in the Sunrise" Yoga Workout

Yoga: Surya Namaskar - "Salute to the Sun"

Waking Up Your Senses

Another factor that makes morning practice of yoga ideal if you want to experience optimum benefits is the fact that all your senses are fully engaged at this point. What this basically means is that your senses function at its purest form. There are no other factors that would be able to affect its performance yet. Add to that a very peaceful environment, those senses are quite sensitive to various perceptions coming from the outside or within your internal body.

Mind-Body Integration

Yoga is unique with its mind-body integration that offers excellent results. The combination of the factors above – getting all senses engaged, being in touch with nature, enjoying the serenity of the practice itself – all contribute in producing physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Performing yoga in the morning is the best way for you to not just do yoga, but experience yoga.

Morning Yoga in Your Bed

This is the latest innovation with yoga performance in the morning. It is also fast gaining popularity among yoga practitioners and surely a nice way to incorporate as you welcome the sunrising through your window curtain.

This is one routine you should adapt prior to getting out of bed so you are able to overcome the feeling of lethargy and start your day filled with energy. This is especially ideal for those who lead a hectic lifestyle such that it would be impossible to set aside time to fully dedicate themselves into practicing yoga.


Gentle Yoga Warm Up : Yoga Upper Body Stretch


Yoga Stretching

If you can recall, most people perform a bit of stretching exercises as soon as waking up in the morning. Doing so helps to waken up your muscles, boost circulation, and strip away any feeling of lethargy. But you can maximize those benefits by performing yoga in the morning, and quite possibly under the sunrise. Here are some stretching exercises that you can adapt in your morning yoga routine:

  • Twisting exercise – The twisting action of these exercises help add more flexibility into your muscles and avoiding any form of strain.
  • Upper back stretching – Your upper back and spinal muscles are very crucial to gain stability; hence, exercising them and improve its strength is one of the basic foundations to improved body function.
  • Full body stretching – A full body stretch will help in working out all the basic muscle groups and preventing injuries.
  • Heart opener – These are exercises that help expand on your chest muscles to strengthen your heart and all other vital organs.

Breathing Techniques

Using yoga breathing techniques help to effectively incorporate the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice. In the morning, the air is still fresh and free off any pollution. Hence, you are more likely to enjoy the freshness of the air and allow it to nourish your lungs when you perform these breathing exercises in the morning.

Deep breathing is one exercise that you must try. And upon exhalation, make sure to expel all air out such that your lungs are emptied in the process.


Deep Meditation

Performing Deep Meditation

One of the biggest benefits of performing yoga at sunrise and in the morning is that the environment is naturally serene and at peace. Most parts of the city are still asleep and in a deep slumber, therefore you can take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the quietness of your surroundings to engage in a deep meditative state.

Yoga and health experts believe that your mental function is at its peak in the morning. Hence, it is considered as the most ideal time for meditation since you have more ability to focus and delve into a deep mental experience. As you move further along into the day, there are many other factors that could intervene with your thoughts such as job responsibilities, issues at home, among others, that could degrade the quality of your mental performance.

In addition to a sharp mind, your body is also filled with energy that is not yet consumed with daily activities. As you the day wears on, you will find yourself having less energy and it is important to tap that early in the day for performance of yoga.

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