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What Can I Eat When I Have Tonsillitis?

What is Tonsillitis?

What is tonsillitis?

The condition known as tonsillitis is an infection which comes in different forms but essentially it's an inflammation of one or both tonsils within the throat. Determining what to eat when we have tonsillitis can be hard as swallowing is likely to be difficult or even impossible. It may also be difficult to find a variety of foodstuffs to eat when we have tonsillitis, as so many foods are out of bounds -- or at least appear to be. Therefore, this article will provide a brief look at some varied ideas of what you can eat when you have tonsillitis. They should all be both as easy as possible to swallow, yet also varied in their composition and taste.

You might also find some of the comments at the bottom of this page, regarding different experiences of tonsillitis, to be useful and of interest.

Also, an Important Note:

This site is not intended as a tool for medical self-diagnosis. It is merely based on the author's own experiences in the immediate aftermath of having been diagnosed with the infection. As with any other suspected illness or condition, you should consult your registered medical practitioner as soon as possible if you suspect that you may be suffering from tonsillitis.

The Various Stages of What You Can Eat With Tonsillitis

It is likely when you are first diagnosed with tonsillitis that your throat will be extremely sore and that swallowing anything at all -- even liquids -- will be painful. As your condition improves, however, the pain will ease and you'll be able to swallow more substantial foodstuffs on an ongoing basis. I will therefore begin this site with those easiest to swallow and progress as we go along on to what you will be able to eat as you slowly get better. Here's a snapshot of what this will look like:

  • Simple yoghurt
  • Ice cream
  • Ice cream and milk jelly
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juice and smoothies
  • Scrambled or poached eggs
  • Mashed potatoes


Eating Simple Yoghurt With Tonsillitis

Yoghurt is commonly recommended to anyone suffering from tonsillitis. However, there are a couple of points to make note of when considering which type of yoghurt to purchase:

  • It's important not to buy a brand of yoghurt which contains pieces of real fruit. There's a simple reason for this: the fruit pieces will prove difficult to swallow in the earliest stages of your condition.
  • In keeping with healthy eating, make sure you choose low fat yoghurt. This will keep the levels of saturated fats you are likely to be consuming during this time to a minimum.
Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Eating Ice Cream With Tonsillitis

Ice cream is another obvious foodstuff to eat when suffering from tonsillitis (or any other form of sore throat). Not only does it slip easily over the palate, but its refreshing coldness can be like water on the flames of the pain and irritation.

  • It is important, however, to choose straightforward ice cream and not a fancy ice cream-based dessert, which may contain solids which will only irritate your throat.
  • Again, look for the low fat option.
  • Also, you can save money by going for the supermarket's own brand. It is the coldness of the ice cream you are most likely to require, not its subtle taste, which your ability to detect may be impaired due to your condition, anyway.
Ice Cream and Milk Jelly

Ice Cream and Milk Jelly

Eating Ice Cream and Milk Jelly With Tonsillitis

You can also mix it up by having ice cream and jelly. Ice cream and jelly is a traditional favourite of millions of children. However, this jelly is a little bit different. This is what I heard was called milk jelly as a young child and attempted to recreate recently for the first time in nigh on thirty years. Unfortunately, it would appear that my memory of the preparation method has become distorted over the years -- so, although it did not turn out anything like I'd intended, it was and is still thoroughly enjoyable.

Milk jelly is incredibly simple to prepare, though it does take several hours to set.

Directions For Making "Milk Jelly":

  1. Take one 5 oz table jelly (jello in the USA) and break it up in to pieces.
  2. Add the pieces to a pyrex measuring jug, followed by enough boiling water to make the mixture up to three quarters of a pint.
  3. Stir until the jelly is fully dissolved.
  4. Pour a three quarter pint can of evaporated milk in to a bowl or jelly mould and add the jelly solution.
  5. Stir well and refrigerate until set.
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice and Smoothies for Your Tonsillitis

Freshly squeezed fruit juice and smoothies are an excellent way of ensuring that you get all of your required vitamins while your throat is sore and while you're restricted in what you can eat. There is virtually no limit to what can be included in these often extremely nutritious drinks.

Lightly Scrambled Egg with Cheese

Lightly Scrambled Egg with Cheese

Feeling a Little Better With Your Tonsillitis? Try Some Scrambled Egg

Scrambled egg is a step up from the likes of ice cream, but is still fairly easy on an inflamed throat. In order to make the eggs extra light, try adding one tablespoon of milk per two eggs.

Directions on How to Prepare Scrambled Egg:

  1. Beat two eggs thoroughly with the milk.
  2. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
  3. Melt a little butter in a non-stick saucepan and pour in the eggs, turning the heat up fairly high initially to start the cooking process.
  4. Once the eggs begin to solidify, turn the heat down to medium and stir constantly with a wooden spoon.
  5. Stir as though folding flour in to a cake mixture, with wide, slow movements, rather than stirring voraciously. This will help to keep the eggs light and fluffy, as opposed to them taking on the consistency of coarse gravel.
  6. When the eggs are done, remove them from the heat and fold in 1oz of grated/shredded hard cheese.
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A Soft Poached Egg is Also Easy on the Throat With Tonsillitis

If you prefer your eggs poached to scrambled, the short video below describes an easy way to make a perfectly poached egg.

Note: The serving suggestion at the end of the video is not for people suffering from tonsillitis! Try instead dipping some very soft bread into the yolk.

How to Make a Perfect Poached Egg

Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Mint

Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Mint

Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes With Mint

Mashed potato on its own is probably not one of the most appetising meals. However, there are a great many ways in which we can spice up mashed potatoes, in order to make them more appealing. This is but one suggestion:

Directions on How to Make Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes With Mint:

  1. Peel and chop two Maris Piper potatoes and add to boiling, salted water.
  2. Simmer for 20-25 minutes until soft.
  3. Drain them well and add them to a bowl.
  4. Mash them thoroughly before stirring in a tablespoon or two of double (heavy) cream, one grated/crushed garlic clove and a tsp of freshly chopped mint.
  5. Season with salt to taste and stir well before serving.


Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on December 18, 2019:

It did for me! :)

shaadidukaan from Jaipur on December 15, 2019:

That's helpful, but doubtful if ice creams works in tonsillitis!!

Gillian on April 11, 2018:

Do not try orange juice with tonsillitis! I'm on day 4 of a really painful episode and I can tell you that anything acidic will not help!

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on October 10, 2017:

Hi, Alexcis and I'm sorry you've not been so well but glad you're getting proper medical treatment and hope you will soon be back to normal. I've got to be honest in that I'm not sure how the popcorn would go down but I suppose the answer would be to very, very carefully try one bit and see how you go. Best wishes!

Alexcis on October 10, 2017:


for the past seven days my left tonsil/gland has been swollen we went to the hospital on the second night and they said i have a tonsil infection!they gave me some antibiotics and i have been taking it everyday and night but im still talking really funny and cant teally eat anything but i dont struggle with an icey cold drinks or icecream! today we are going to watch a movie and i was wondering if i could have popcorn and lolys???

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on May 29, 2016:

Suggest you seek medical advice, Gina, if you haven't done so already. I hope you feel better soon.

Gina Diaz on May 27, 2016:

This is my 7th day with swollen tonsils. There no white spots or anything. No fever no chills. Just swollen tonsils. And when I talk I sound weird. And it stings a little when I swallow. What should I do?

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on May 07, 2016:

Hope you feel better soon, Casey. Have you tried smoothies or blended soups (not too hot, though)? You need to get the vitamins in to you somehow.

Casey on May 06, 2016:

I'm on day 3 or 4 of having tonsillitis, I haven't eaten in days and I'm starving. I'm starting to drink now which is a help but when I have milk or yogurt I end up bringing it up a few hours later, not to mention pretty much constant hot/cold spells, and spitting up mucus.

Is there anything dairy free you can suggest or should I just wait it out?

Anonmous on June 06, 2015:

Its day 3 from having this sense wedesday. I was feeling weak but the other day i had a small rossiare chiken and ate it up. Then today when i went to the doctor to see if i had strep or tonsilius or both. It came out to be tonsilius and they prescribed very weird stuff like steroids. Which is turning out verse antaboitics is better for help fixing tonsiluis in a short amount of time. Antaboitics are over time going to work less and less to help fight infection. I found this out today. * and no i don't rember the name of the steroids* but coming from a girl who hates to get sick when she does. It works!! My thoart is clearing up nice and you need to make sure to drink a lot of liquids along with keeping your blood sugar / your energy up. Not allowing yourself to get lazy cause that's when you start feeling crappy. Hope this help :)

Noemi on November 27, 2014:

A year ago a week before thanksgiving i had a small irritation/burn feeling on the right side of my throat and it went away the next day i had the soft serve dole whip for the first time at disneyland and later that day i felt the irritation coming back but didn't think too much about it. A couple days later it was just getting worse and worse by the days i had micro white sore all over my throat under my toung the inside of my lips so i assumed it was the pine apple because i never ate it till that day and my doc wasn't any help..i had the worse thanksgiving! So today im in the same boat! But i didn't eat anything with pineapple and i don't have any sores.i started with a headache and fevers it hurst so much i cant really eat. Am i gona have this every year? Has anyone ever had the same thing happen with pineapple? Could i be allergic?

karma on October 03, 2014:

Even I am suffering from tonsil nd its quiet hard to swallow anything nd my aunt tells me to drink a lot of water but even it is hard for me swallow so what should I do???

ratnaveera from Cumbum on July 10, 2014:

Great tips for those who are having this health problem. In deed all of them seem very easy ti prepare at home and get nearby shops. Thanks for this useful article as I can send this link to my friend who has been suffering from Tonsillitis. Voted Up!

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on July 06, 2014:

Gab - I'm so sorry not to have seen your comment earlier. I hope you saw a doctor (as I would have reommended immediately) and are now feeling a lot better

Gab on June 26, 2014:

I'm 12 years old and I find it really hard to eat or swallow things. When I saw you said ice cream helps I was pretty happy! I haven't left bed in 2 days and I don't know if I should go to school or not and I'm supposed to be going to a sleepover tommorow and then a party a few days later what do you think I should do?

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on June 19, 2014:

Sheila, thanks very much for such a wonderfully informative and useful comment. I'm sure this will be useful to a great many people. I hope very much that you feel better soon.

Shella on June 18, 2014:

I need to correct this, I apologise.

Tonsillitis can lead to Tonsil Stones also called Tonsillolith, tonsilar calculi. Eating yogurt or any diary products puts you at risk of developing Tonsil Stones when suffering from tonsillitis. Aside from, dairy products cause more phelgm and muscous in the throat and can lead to more inflammation and infections. Gargling with salt water after eating is a way to cleanse any debris from food that can further feed bacteria and serve as breeding grounds. Avoid any acidic foods such as lemon teas, soda or citric juices, as these can irritate the infection and cause further inflammation. Cut down on sugar and avoid caffine, as they both cut down the immune system.

Alternates to this list include;

- Camolille Tea

Relaxes and soothes, it will calm your infection and cause swallowing to be more bearable/easy. In some cases, it won't hurt any much more than a sore throat from a common cold after consuming a cup. The effects of Camolille last longer than prescribed mouth rinses that aid in numbing the throat. Although these agents often work well with sore throats they don't have a great impact on tonsillitis. Camolille is better than that, and you don't have to gargle and swish Camolille like you would with a prescribed rinse that you shouldn't swallow. You can drink as much of this tea as you desire warm, not hot as this can cause irritation.

- Chicken Broth

Everyone knows this one. Warm chicken broth has been used for illness time and time again and even opened the door for the childhood nostalgia inducing favorite, lipton. In this case, chicken broth with soft noodles and vegetables such as celery, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, beets is the best choice. Cooked thoroughly until tender and eaten warm, not hot as this can cause irritation.

- Fresh Rosemary (not dried), Tumeric, Sage and Ginger (capsules)

All have anti inflammatory properties. To avoid lodging or coating the throat with these avoid buying containers off the shelf. Appeal to the local drug store for bottles of capsule ginger, sage and tumeric. Fresh Rosemary bought in a grocery store that has not been dried should be boiled in soup or in water used for tea. Remove the leaves from rosemary and dispose stem.

- Ibuprofen & Antibiotics

Getting antibiotics when you're sick with something worse than the flu or common cold that requires extra help fighting off infection, inflammation, bacteria or fungus is always wise. If symptoms don't add up to a regular cold or are severe. In the case on tonsillitis, this won't always go away on its own. Tonsillitis can be bacterial or viral, in the case of it being viral, you can only depend on it to run its course thoroughly.

- Water and Icecubes

Water is the best thing, always. When suffering from tonsillitis you will have a fever that can cause dehydration. Drinking water warm or cool is fine but extreme heat can cause irritation. Using an icecube to freeze any pain can be a good idea, depending on the case of tonsillitis as it causes pain in the throat that can also affect the ear, anything cold touching this sensitive area might cause sharp pains in your middle ear from the cold. If sucked on slowly, this shouldn't be a problem and as an alternative to icecream to avoid tonsil stones but encourage children to take in liquids or to comfort them try low sugar fruit popsicles as you should be cutting down sugar intake so it does not affect the immune system as negatively.

I hope this information helps. I've been researching this a lot the past 4-5 days as I've fallen ill with Tonsillitis, the camomile tea was a self founded remedy that works absolutely darling.

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on March 16, 2014:

Wow, you have got it bad Shadowjess! Have you tried heating water or soup to blood temperature/lukewarm? That may take some of the sting out if there is no temperature difference between the liquid and your body.

Shadowjess on March 16, 2014:

I'm at last having my first lot of tonsillitis at age 21, and I'm hating it. I've been swapped from a normal antibiotic over to penicillin after two days, due to the first one making matters worse. Now I'm to the stage where I haven't eaten in a week due to the palate, lips and tongue are too sore. Even water now is becoming too painful to drink and anything like (cold) soup just stings the palate. Some food suggestions over then what's above would be really helpful, I did buy some banana's just to softly munch of - sadly same results as everything else.

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on February 27, 2014:

That sounds like a really bad case, Andria. It sounds at least as though you have seen your doctor so I wish you a very speedy recovery and hope you have found something here to help you out meantime.

Andria on February 27, 2014:

This is my 6th day. I am taking cephalexin 250mg every 6 hours, and i feel like its not working. In the mornings, i cant open my mouth, I need to take Tylenol or ibroprophen for the pain. My neck hurts terribly, and i sweat all night long. My tonsils are really swollen it has spread to my gums . This morning i checked it seems as if it is starting to spread to my tongue the pain is unbearable. I cry every night. :( its pretty bad

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on January 24, 2014:

Wow, kon - that sounds horrific! I'm not sure what country you're in but can you ask to see another doctor? If you are in the UK, you could call your regional NHS out of hours service, usually after 6pm and before 8am. They would advise you and perhaps get you to see an independent doctor. Alternatively, yes - if I were you - I would be going to be local hospital emergency facility. I hope you get it sorted and feel better soon.

kon on January 24, 2014:

I'm on my 8th day of this and I can't bare it any longer, I've been on 2 different types of antibiotics and I'm on a really high dose now but nothing is happening and its getting worse, the infection has moved away from my tonsils but its now in my throat where it feels like the sides are stuck together. Talking hurts and I'm taking ibuprofen and paracetamol every 4 hours and spraying all the time. I'm in agony ears ache head aches I find my teeth really hard because of the pain and I've chewed the inside of my mouth in my sleep, I've not eaten in days the pain is far too much, I'm 23 in the building trade and usually work through when I get tonsillitis but this time I havnt left bed in a week I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do I've been doctors twice they don't even have a proper look just give you antibiotics and send you out on your way...... What can I do? Will the hospital do anything?

Jessica Martinez on January 02, 2014:

I have a sinus infection on top of my tonnsilitis and i'm starving most of the time but my husband and I don't have the food that will help me get better. I didn't have insurance until this month so i'm grateful for that but it started on Christmas eve with a really bad cough then progressed into a double header sickness. I've been resting since I got back from my doctor appointment and am finding it really difficult to talk to my husband and sleep at night. This information has been helpful . ( I'm 22)

Sara M on December 08, 2013:

My throat just started hurting yesterday morning and I have a mass of white at the back of my throat. My right tinsil is swolen and has white dots on it but the other isn't that bad. Im scared because im f

Going to spain on Friday and this isn't the best time but the food suggestions are very helpful.

Ciara on November 17, 2013:

Ive been getting tonsillitis since i was 11, in the past couple of years i've been getting it 4 or 5 times a year, i have it at the moment, all i can say is anything dairy will make your life a lot more difficult, so just stay away from it, i eat eggs and noodles, they're not too bad to eat, you could try jelly, mashed bannana, pasta, sausages, soft fruits, buttered bread, try toast too because it scraps the tonsils which will open up the infections on your tonsils and will help get rid of it faster, take painkillers too, try gargling with hot water and salt or water and disprin, i think tea works best for me but if cold food and drink works best for you stick to that, go to the doctor as soon as you get it, it means less suffering, it should be getting better after 3 maybe 4 days later with the help of a penicillin based anti biotic, if you get anti-biotics make sure to finish them all, if you don't it will come back, once i forgot about them when it wasn't sore anymore and it came back 2 days later just as bad, so make sure to finish them, rest helps too and make sure to get lots of vitamins into you because the anti-biotics will kill the infection as well as your immune system so it's important to eat healthy so you build it back up and you won't get sick a couple of weeks later again, i can't think of anything else to share so i hope you all get well soon.!:)

idigwebsites from United States on October 29, 2013:

I haven't had tonsillitis yet but I imagine the torture that one has to go through. I'll keep that as reference. thanks for your kind suggestions :)

Lauren j sheer on October 14, 2013:

Oh i also had a mild case of glandular fever last year which was HELL. I tried to eat an orange today but it completely stung my throat! Plums are quite good as they are very soft, ive been sick 2 times with this too.

Lauren j sheer on October 14, 2013:

Ive always had problems with my tonsils, even when i don't have tonsillitis my tonsils are like golf balls! The doctor will not remove my tonsils because i don't have it enough times a year however when i do get it i suffer massively. When i take my anti biotics i also take ibruprofen, lozenger sweets help and ice pops, cold water. I try to mobilise myself too sometimes that helps it to go much quicker, i suffer terribly with my tonsils! Get well soon all. (Age 16)

Jasper on October 09, 2013:

It's my third day with it. My throat hurts a my gums were swollen and inflamed as well as sensitive. Mashed potatoes hurt... jello, and yogurt is best So far. Am I the only one who's experienced that form of symptoms? (I was diagnosed by a Dr. )

ellie-jane farrant on October 02, 2013:

tonsillitis is so sour I can hardly swallow anything it is a lot of pain as I am 9 years old I find it so hard for me until I read this website I followed the instructions and felt better in about 3 days !

Shadow on September 29, 2013:

Extremly painful to swallow anything and it feels like the pain is never going to be healed... I always wake up really straving but there's absolutly nothing that I can eat because of the severe pain of the tonsillitis. (I'm 11 years old)

Mike on September 10, 2013:

I have strept throat and tonsillitis, I'm on my third day of meds and I notice no difference I'm suppost to work right after school tommorrow and the day after which I don't think will happen, I can't swallow water without a twitch and a very sharp pain. Also sometimes randomly I get like acid reflect and I don't know y. All ur food choices are dairy and I'm lactosintollerent so do u have any dairy free suggestions? Thanks

Help 101 on September 03, 2013:

I've had this crud "tonsillitus" for 2-3 days and am in so much pain. I feel like I'm dieing my stomach and ears, head kill!! I am starving but have no appetite, and kinda feel like I have a concussion! Hot and cold flashes.

ray on August 28, 2013:

For thise who said their tonsillitis didn't get better after medication. It happened to me too last week. The 1st doctor gave me antiviral, after 3 days no change. Went to 2nd doc and she found it was bacterial not viral tonsillitis. Took penicillin yesterday & much better now.

Josh on July 03, 2013:

I Started to have a sore throat last friday & went to the docs monday Morning about 10.20am & got diagnosed with tonsillitis & I am now on my 3rd day of antibiotics I take 2 lots (Small Circle tablets) 4 Times a day & I can now swallow water & some lucazade (My Throat doesn't hurt that much) & I can eat ice cream that helps & last night I got about 5 hurs sleep without getting up (10.15ish-3am ) then I woke up at 4.10am & 6.10am was sick twice at 3-4am. Then I Laid in bed till 8ish then had a nice hot bath this morning & Now I am relaxing. So best to rest loads & not do to much & the antibiotics don't usually kick in till the 3rd-4th day.

Jennifer on January 23, 2013:

I currently have tonsilitis. Yesterday all I ate was ice cream mixed with some milk so that it wouldn't be too hard. I woke up during the night, crying and panicking due to the pain. I then remembered what I was taught when I had my tongue pierced. No dairyproducts.

I boiled some water with salt and gurgled and now I'm sucking on ice cubes and it barely hurts. Just a tip.

Mark on November 22, 2012:

I find hot Ribena and honey works a treat

Kate on November 07, 2012:

I currently have had tonsillitis for the past two weeks with no signs of it getting better. I was told, as with colds and flus, under no circumstances to eat anything with milk in as it can make you sick. And learnt the hard way to believe my doctor! I've been having normal fruit flavoured jellys and spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce! Working better the last three days - I realise there are other posts similar, but wished to voice my opinion anyway :)

Melbatoast83 on November 05, 2012:

I've had strep/bacterial tonsilitis 6 times since last Christmas, it is terrible!!!!! I have it right now and I can barely swallow. A couple of things that work for me are avocados (they are so mushy & not acidic!) and toast with lots of butter, dipped in decaf tea so it's not scratchy. Good luck other sufferers...

Bfthfgjhnfg on October 26, 2012:

Well, I know for a fact you arent supposed to have acidic things like oranges. I know, I have tonsillitis right now.

Cassie on August 15, 2012:

Been about a week with Strep Tonsillitis...Which is tonsillitis and strep throat together...very painful...I have found that vanilla icecream feels alright and Milk is kind of soothing...Most important, I have had this sever times in like the past 5 years...well tonsillitis... and the first few times they put me on antibiotics, I ended up with thrush which is a yeast infection on the mouth so I make sure to eat a cup of yogurt WITH ACTIVE YOGURT CULTURES, at least once a day...Sometimes it helps to soothe my throat but be sure to get the cream pie kinda they don't have fruit in them...Hope you all get to feeling better...

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on July 22, 2012:

Hi, Morgan. Sounds as though you've had an especially hard time. Did the doctors not give you any advice on what you should eat? If I were you, whatever I ate, I would tread very, very carefully and see what suits you and what doesn't. Maybe some blended soup? I wish you a swift recovery and hope some of the ideas here are helpful to you.

Morgan Burnett on July 22, 2012:

I've had tonsillitis AND strep throat for the past week and a half. At first my tonsils got so big i couldn't talk or swallow (I could but it was VERY painfull, i twitched whenever I swallowed) And i couldn't breathe well through my mouth. I was sent to the hospital, until they got smaller. Now I'm home. I can't eat or drink anything fruity, and I've been living on tea and noodles for the past 3 days. anything else like strawberry yoghurt or orange juice or anything else BURNS my tonsils. What should I eat?

gayatri on May 31, 2012:

my doctor told me i have tonsilitis but as such i have no sore throat but i choke a lot.. specially if i drink a lotta water in one go.. also my doctor said to stay away from cold food.. did any one else also experienced d same choking thing?? m 20.. and does it mean tht if i have it once.. i will keep having it now? off and on? though m feeling better... when would be the best time to return to my daily routine.. m in bed since two weeks now..

sarah smith on May 21, 2012:

i actually found,no matter what i eat,it doesn't stay down,i had come ice-cream, yoghurt, mash potato and after half an hour,i was sick,bringing it up again:( im actually very hungary but i don't know what else to eat! has anyone got any other ideas?

Harry on May 18, 2012:

Isn't it strange how I can eat grapes a lot easier than I can swallow water

Oatcake on May 02, 2012:

Thanks do much for this, I've not had tonsillitis since I was a small child and now I'm 31 and have the most awfully, swollen sore throat, painful glands and the shivers I didn't know of anything I could eat... And I'm pretty hungry after 3 days of not eating much! Thanks again for your advice... Will be sending my hubbie out for ice cream and nutrition shakes!!

Russell on April 28, 2012:

I found Lemsip(lemon-paracetamol mix),Up and Go or Sustagen(Nutritious Supplements)and protein shakes with water a good way to keep nutrients up whilst keeping pain down.If the dairy cases mucus build up rinse mouth and follow up with warm lemsip.Posting from Australia where all these are freely available.

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on April 26, 2012:

Hi, Abby. Good that you're feeling better. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. I'm sure they'll be useful and beneficial to many people.

Abby on April 26, 2012:

Thanks so much for posting this it really helped me. I think I will recover soon from tonsillitis since I was able to eat some egg and a croissant(slowly)this morning tonight I'll try mash potatoes. It still hurts to swallow but the swelling has gone down a lot. I found it really hard to have bananas, oatmeal and oranges. I really enjoyed jello, mango, smoothies, Popsicle, tea, and soup specially canned ones because the veggies would dissolve in my mouth so it was really easy to swallow. The first two days I only had soup and on my 3rd day I had jello and mango tried some other fruits but they were too rough. Gargling hot water with salt helped a lot. I also covered my neck with a scarf even at night but I loosen(don't wanna choke). Also always stay warm and cover always.

dunno123 on April 20, 2012:

very glad to hear ice cream is on this list ^^ only got my antibiotics yesterday and one of my tonsils are covered in spots and swollen up to 3/4 of my mouth! thank god its only the 1 haha. Showing my parents immediately :)

Jamie on April 20, 2012:


This is now my 8th day of tonsillitis, it's slowly clearing up slightly but woke up this morning for work feeling very dizzy with a headache and earache. All i've been able to eat is soft pasta with an unsalted butter and even then had to chew it down to really small pieces.

Everything else stings, it's either too sweet or too salty. Also i've been wearing a scarf for a few days which seems to keep my neck warm. I live in London and the weather isn't exactly warm and because I have to work I think the cold air hurts my throat even more. So if you can stay in bed and sleep!

Hope you all feel better soon!

Tana on April 19, 2012:

Hi Everyone,

This is day three of my tonselitis or hell,as I call it. It all started about 3 weeks ago with my daughter starting nursery, since then I caught an eye infection, stomach bug, flu, cough.....for three weeks I also had constant throat pain, now for three days I have tonselitis, just after my daughter had and my husband is still suffering with it, but not as bad as myself. It is so hard having a high temp,shivers,aches everywhere,swollen glances,headaches and still look after a baby at the same time, with nobody around to help. What also sucks is her first birthday this weekend and we might not be able to go ahead with the party - this really sucks, I habe never been in so much pain.


I found that I could eat my daughter's fruit jars ok, but only half and then the other half later as it hurts so much. Tried ice cream which was fine, but made me little sick, I'm so hungry, that I feel sick and weak, could eat a pig on toast :-) or sausages would do. Just hold your fingers crossed that we can celebrate my daughter's birthday.

Hope you all get well soon....

Best of luck


Shanae on April 09, 2012:

I have tonsillitis now and about to try these suggestions I hope they work! :)

Anna on March 23, 2012:

i got a high temperature on tuesday morning and i haven't been at school all week. on wednesday i started to notice a sore throat and found everything hard to swallow. i also had regular headaches and if i stood up too quickly i felt light-headed.on wednesday night i went to the doctor and told me i had tonsillitis, he prescibed me a white medicine as i am unable to swallow tablets. its now FRIDAY nd there is no difference! i woke up this morning at twenty to seven and got sick. yesterday i bought a callipo ice-cream and it was heaven!! it was short but very soothing. i'm goin to town today to get more ice-cream!! please help because i need to be well by tomorrow!! :(

John on March 20, 2012:

I've had tonsillitis symptoms since last Thursday. However, I only consulted a GP on Monday. She prescribed some anti-biotic and told me to return for injection whenever the fever kicks in. Th fever kicked in yesterday (Tuesday). I'm on medication now, and the symptoms and the pain doesn't seem to go away.

The pain is terrible and I could not swallow anything down my throat!!!

I am starving now as I have not been eating, HELP!!!!!

Zoe on March 06, 2012:

Hey, I find chocolate protein shakes blended together with ice and peanut butter work really well for a meal when you've got tonsillitis! Gives you all the nutrients you need.

med student on March 06, 2012:

ppl with painless lumps in your neck, please go to your doctors ASAP!!

dem on March 04, 2012:

can please someboby help me i cant even swallow water please im in pain right now it is so hard to swallow water food all :(

skyashton on March 04, 2012:

it is so painful to swallow coz of tonsilitis what should i do? :(

Zoe.d on February 27, 2012:

Thank you, and I wish everyone the best of luck with their sickness! Xo

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on February 27, 2012:

Sorry to hear that, Zoe. I suppose the good thing is that at least you now have a definite diagnosis and can be given the most appropriate treatment. Hope you feel better soon.

Zoe.d on February 27, 2012:

Thank you for replying! :) and thanks your kind words. So they told me last Wednesday that it was tonsillitis, and I got my blood tests back today and it's actually glandular fever! :( perfect timing for grade 12 haha! ;(

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on February 25, 2012:

I hope you feel better soon, Zoe. I had glandular fever when I was 15 and it was Hell - but the good news is, I did recover completely! Take care and good luck to you and all suffering from this horrible affliction.

Zoe.d on February 25, 2012:

Im 16 and this is my 5th day with tonsillitis, I can't talk, swallow or walk on my own. I've had blood tests just to make sure that it's not glandular fever but I only find that out next week. I've never had it before and I've never been in so much pain :( unfortunately the best medication is amoxil, which I'm allergic to, so I have to take the second best medication, but the side effects are stomach pains.. And it's awful :( this is also my final year of school, so I really hope I can just get over it quickly! I've read a lot of the comments about dairy. I live in Australia, and we have a milk drink called 'up and go' it's a drink with heaps of nutrients in it, and it's seems to be helping, although I am getting a bit of mucus but I need to get some nutrients into me! I'm also going to try ice cream! I never thought of it :) I've lost 5kgs already, so hopefully the ice cream can stop me from losing weight haha :)

Analicia Taitague on February 23, 2012:

i just got tonsillitis & have not eattin anything but candy and popcycles.... its horrible

Kanri on February 14, 2012:

Hello there. I'm currently on day 3 of my bout of tonsillitis and I've had numerous afflictions since I was eight years old. There are a lot of ways to get tonsillitis, and depending on if it's bacterial or viral has a lot to do with treatment and the duration of the sickness, which means going to a doctor is very important! Here are a few "home remedies" that have gotten me through this:

1. Hot or cold. Whichever soothes the most, stick to it! Hot works best for me, which means I do a lot of tea, preferably with lemon or apple infusion for the vitamin boost and not so concentrated that it burns. If you prefer cold, fruit smoothies are a popular choice.

2. Be wary of dairy. For some infections, consuming dairy (especially chocolate!) causes a heavy mucus discharge in the back of the throat which will give you hours of discomfort and spitting. Again, not a problem for everyone, but definitely a problem for me.

3. Ibuprofen is your friend. Acetaminophen can work too.

4. Vitamin C and immunity boosters! I can't stress this one enough. One of the very best things you can do is give your body the nutrients it needs to fight off the infection naturally. I recommend a C-boost drink (I have a local brand that is an organic fruit juice with 2800% of daily Vitamin C intake in a liter plus tons of antioxidants) and consuming about a liter a day. Pill form could also work, but I recommend consuming from natural sources. Doing this has gotten me over an infection in 3-4 days. No fooling!

5. REST!! Sleep and relaxation really help take the stress off your body. What helps me is to soak in a warm bath before trying to sleep, which helps relieves some the neck pain and psychological stress. And even when I find sleep difficult, I park a television and a stack of books on the side of my bed and make sure I enjoy myself.

I hope this helps someone out there! Don't worry! It will all be over soon!

dumdum on February 12, 2012:

I would personally avoid dairy at all costs. Well this is based on the fact that I have suffered from severe tonsillitis once or twice a year for most of my life. Since going dairy free about 4 years ago I haven't had it once. Dairy, especially milk, coats the throat and provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Also, Covonia throat spray is about the best thing I found to ease the pain. It stings like bloody murder for about a second and only takes the edge off but it works far better than any other throat spray I've tried. Antibiotics are the key, along with something like low dose Diazapam to help you sleep.

Good luck. I feel your pain!

Prisca on February 10, 2012:

I'm on my 5th day of having tonsillitis now, as well as having a cold! So i can't breathe through my nose and it hurts to breathe through my mouth as well! As well as having a pounding headache, tiredness, fever and sore neck! Its the first time i've had tonsillitis and i never knew the pain would be this bad! I just want to cry because i feel so helpless! I'm 19 and at university but all i wish is that i was at home for my mum to take care of me! But i feel like i'm being a bit overdramatic since i know so many people that have had tonsillitis, so i haven't gone home (also the thought of a 4 and a half hour train journey while i feel like this is enough to make me change my mind!)

I noticed that a lot of people on here say to avoid all dairy when you have tonsillitis but i've found one of the only things i could eat in the first couple of days was porridge! I make porridge with half semi-skimmed milk and half water and let it cool down quite a bit before i eat it so it's not very creamy but the warmth meant it didn't hurt my throat as i ate it. However it did nothing to soothe my throat other than when i was eating it! But just wanted to point out that you shouldn't automatically rule dairy out!

Daniel George on February 09, 2012:

Hello, today i found eating popcorn was good. after chewing it was nice and soft but had little sharp bits to scrape my throat. Scraping of the throat hurts like heck, but it does help the healing process. in the UK if you get yout tonsils removed the hospital will give you toast (toasted bread) to eat. it seems a bit harsh but speeds up the healing.

Troatproblem on February 07, 2012:

My sisters on 8 and she cries all night she doesn't eat anything in the morning and only drinks water all day I feel so sorrai for her she's always cold too she had it for 1 week already:L I need help her get well but the food you recommend she doesn't want to eat what should I need help. hope people help ma sister well:DTHANK YOU For reading:)

Gabby12 on February 03, 2012:

Hey so I came down with tonsillitis yesterday and googled what to eat when you have tonsillitis. This is the first thing that came up so I looked at it and my mom had already made me a smoothie and so she went to the store and bought ice cream(witch really helped)I recommend the vannila, and she bought throat coat tea, this is a natural tea with many plants I recommend it :-) thank you this really helped

kaitlyn on January 30, 2012:

i had very bad tonsills i went to the care doc on saturday he gave me this calpol one tastes like oranges and it spices my troat and the other tastes like sand yuk i have a big lump on the side of my troat and if that is not gone by wednsday i have to go to my doctor he will send a letter to kilkenny and kilkenny will send me a letter

AIMZEL on January 30, 2012:

hello to everyone, i have a tonsil for almost 1 month but i didn't feel pain until now..i have one like a ball in right side i don't know what to do to remove this please help me THANKS A LOT..:(


Emma :) on January 28, 2012:

hi my names Emma this is about my 7th time of having tonsillitis and I hate it it's my 2nd-1/2 day and I'm actually pre good I got it from kissing a boy and then another boy not being a slut just being drunk :s so as soon as my mum got me from my friends I made her take me to the free doctor and he gave me some tablets so I've been living off tablets iceypoles and strepsils all I want IS A HUGE HAM AND LETTUCE SANDWICH !!!!

amandawalsh on January 26, 2012:

hey, im 16 years old and i'v only had tonsil stones before , i was confused about the difference between tonsillitis and tonsil stones so i looked it up turns out i have tonsillitis.... yay for me! :/ i only starting seeing the white part in my tonsils last night, i looked at them today and they got worse my moms in saint john until tomorrow, so i wanted to go to the hospital tomorrow but its going to storm ... i find gurgling warm water and salt helps a little and swallowing honey i'v been taking ibuprofen 400's one and a half and it works really good , i cant get any ice cream until my mom comes back , last night i woke up at 3 am my throat hurt real bad so i gurgled warm water and salt then swallowed some honey and took a ibuprofen and a half and went to sleep when i woke up for my exam my throat was SOOOOO!!! much better it still hurt a little but as long as i could eat and drink i was good to go

i don't wanna get my tonsils removed.

i was wondering if once you get tonsillitis are you more likely to get it more often (if you don't get your tonsils removed) the information on here is a really big help im not as scared about it now , thank you all sooo much xoxo best wishes to everyone , i hope the pain goes away soon .

Jess on January 23, 2012:

Gargling with aspirin was like magic for me.

Louiza on January 20, 2012:

You guys this is horrible. I cant sleep,i cant eat. I cant even take my pills. That's how swollen my throat is.. Sometimes i cant breathe and i panic and choke on my saliva..i have almost 15 teas everyday,it helps for a while but then the pain comes back..i will try the ice cream tho. It sounds a lot better. And when i get better im gonna get these bitc**s removed.

Keenan on January 15, 2012:

Is it possible to get tonsilitis if your tonsils have been removed? Keenan in pain

Nicki on January 10, 2012:

So I got a sore throat a couple days ago (Sunday) but I'm gunna go to the doctor when the clinics open. Its 4:30am (Tuesday) and I haven't been able to sleep or talk in those couple days. Swallowing anything is excruciating. I just turned 20 and I've never had this before:S Coughing is so painful I can barely do it:(

I find cold drinks are painful now but at the first sign of a sore throat I had smoothies and milkshakes at it was good but now that I have no voice it's a no no. But I've been drinking warm chai tea and it's a temporary pain reliever. Another awesome trick is eating a spoonful of straight honey. The first swallow is painful (obviously) but it soothes your throat like nothing else, and it's not dairy so you won't have to worry about the mucus. Even though it's pure sugar, your body could use it.

Another awesome trick is making a steam tent and breathing through your mouth. Just boil some water and put it into a bit bowl with a couple ice cubes (you don't want it so hot you burn yourself) and put a small towel over your head. Also a warm/hot cloth on your neck helps with the swelling too.

One last thing, if you can manage even half a lemon neo citrine (I have to have TONS of sugar and honey in it so it's really sweet and doesn't burn from the acidity,) it'll help with your cough and throat and help you get some much needed sleep.

Hopefully these tips are helpful, all the other ones definitely were:) Get better everyone!!:)

Christine on January 08, 2012:

I'm on day 3 of Tonsillitis. Viral I'm guessing. Doctor didn't see any white spots to indicate strep throat. It's been killing me to swollow, and makes for a lousy sleep. I've discovered a few things though.

1. Ibuprofin seems to relieve some of the pain. I suspect because it is an anti-inflammitory....but that is just my theory.

2. Swallowing with my tongue in the mouth close and tongue pulled away from the tonsils helps SO MUCH. It's hard to describe, but i consciously try and push my tongue downward...sorry I can't describe it, but it alleviates 90percent of my swallowing pain!!

3. Cold ice cream is wonderful for me....but I think the amount of mucous a person gets from it is entirely dependent upon several factors..... again my perspective would suggest responses would vary based on several things, such as:

1. Do you have a runny nose kind of cold with your swollen tonsils? How severe is your cold. Mine is mild, so milk/dairy doesn't seem ot bother me much.

2. Are you consumming a product with whole milk or 2% or 1% or skim. I find that 1% milk is my favorite. I get that milk flavor with out the syrupy richness of cream...which in my opinion may help stir up a mucous or phlegm. (I do LOVE my whipped cream though...just not when I'm feeling this lousy:-(

Anyhow.....I recommend using a different placement of the tongue to swallow and well as an anti-inflammatory as the best approach to pain least at this point. I haven't tried other methods I've seen on the internet such as crushed aspirin gargled with a dark soda (not to be swollowed), or gargling with tumeric and warm water. (I may try the tumeric tomorrow as it's supposed to be a natural/homeopathic approach to help with my limited understanding), nor have I gargled with warm salt water, or honey...etc. etc..

I think it good to remember that what works for one doesn't always work for another.

And in conclusion: I also rely on prayer, drinking plenty of fluids and rest. My best wishes to those of you out there suffering this way.


Kiran on January 07, 2012:

Im having this for almost a week now , it hurts kinda bad,this article helped me out a lot . Good One.

Mocha on January 05, 2012:

hey..i'm considering removing mine.

every night i have blistering fever for the last 3 days

Nonny on January 04, 2012:

hi everyone ive had tonsilitis almost every 6 months last year and it was horible. ive also endured an eardrum blockage for 4months. my voice have become horse and i snore a lot (LOL). the pain has stopped thou but im getting the tonsils out in June...*cant wait*!! in my own experiences oranges, bananas, avocados, and sour milk are a very bad idea for tonsilitis, hence ive decided to stay away from them completely until after surgery. ice cream is the best (a doctor once recommended).

Nikki on January 04, 2012:

oops today i discovered for the first time ive got tonsillitus and thought i better read up on what foods and drinks i could have and i started to read this very helpful page sat eating chocolates and a big glass of milk hmmm ooopsy! Will be searching my cupboards for lots of cold and fresh fruitful things :) wish i had some ice cream. Does anyone know if shouting makes it worse? Im a bit of a shouter you see :/

Ricky on January 03, 2012:

tonssilites are basically caused due to resdues of calcium gatherings in throat. if you are having them quite regularly check your food contents and try to avoid dairy based products as they can make thing go further wrong. Pain killers and and luke salted water can help. Goggling with luke salted water helps as sodium cloride presipitate calcium based substances and help recovering quicker

Stephanie.A on December 31, 2011:

im 22 years old female and i had my tonsils removed here in California a few days ago... day 1 and 2 i was feeling ok, i was talking but not so good.. day 3 was terrible! my pain level was 8 and i was crying and crying was making it worse. the pain meds only do so much for me.. my body temp. burns it off and swallowing is the worse pain in the world. i haven't eaten since tuesday [the day before surgery] all i can have is jello, ice cream, ice water, broth and smoothies.. the only time i dnt feel pain is when i have more of my meds than i should have at nite to sleep... but i have cottonmouth too much salivia at once, my teeth hurt, my jaw, my ears and today is only day 4... i feel like i made a wrong choice but once this past im hoping everything will get better... day 4 is coughing a lot.

Jawster on December 30, 2011:

Put a hand towl in ice water and let it soak, then place on the skin on your neck in the area you feel the pain, numbs it enough to eat easier and the pain isn't too bad for a few hours as well :-)

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on December 29, 2011:

It really gets more and more intriguing following all these comments. I can only reiterate what I have said so many times before in that I thank you all very much for relating your experiences and asking your questions but I urge always that you seek professional medical advice in the first instance. Thereafter, we can all share our experiences.

I know it's unrealistic but I hope that no one is suffering from this scourge at the holiday period and I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful and tonsillitis free New Year! :)

hamish on December 29, 2011:

i have read a lot of the comments and i don't understand how cold stuffs can soothe the pain, they actually make the condition worse n avoiding spicy food is recommended.this is the 4th Time i've got it this year n am sure it's because i had way too

Angelique on December 29, 2011:

Umm.. Is it alright if I eat noodles with seafood in it? My mum told me not to eat any meat during this period

Angelique on December 28, 2011:

This is my third day from my first experience with tonsillitis. My throat actually feels better now after having some medication prescribed to me. Is it totally curable? Cause from the posts, it sounds as though it comes back.

tonsillitis sufferer on December 26, 2011:

My mom freaks out when i eat ice cream but it actually works a pain reliever

Claire on December 23, 2011:

I was diagnosed with tonsillitis on Wednesday and started taking Penicillin on Wednesday evening. I am just starting to feel better now (Saturday). Anti-biotics do work but take a few days to kick in. I frequently get tonsillitis but with varying debilitating effects each time. This bout has been the worst so far. I am trying to decide whether to ask for them to be taken out - any advice whether this is worthwhile? I get the infection about 4 times a a year and have done for 25 years :-(

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on December 23, 2011:

Cassie, I'm sorry you are feeling like this but it is very important that you get to see a doctor. Although medicine won't be an instant cure, it is necessary to make you better. I hope you feel better soon and in time to enjoy yourself over the holidays.

Cassie on December 23, 2011:

Hi i'm 12 and I'm preety sure I have tonsilitus... I have had this before...but not this bad. If I swollow i will be dying of pain. Everything I try to eat i puke it back up... I'm starving and trying to eat cold things.. like flavored ice. But its not helping... PLEASE help I feel like im going to die if i don't eat.... Thank's! :)

Boccari on December 21, 2011:

It all started 3 days back with a noisy tummy, diziness, a slightly sore throat, sweating and feeling extremely cold the next minute,difficulty to breathe, full time saliva in my mouth. 1st diagnoses stomach colic.I had to rush back to the doctor yesterday and the 2nd diagnosis, sever tonsilitis.Pain is unbearable. Cant eat, drink anything.I cried my way though drinking very soft porrigde and fresh milk today as I had not eaten for 2 days and I feel very week. My sister tried a healthy veg soup for me but it burns my tonsils bad. The rain just stopped and I am going to the store for a cols ice cream and smooth youghurt. I am starving. I cant even take my pills without crying out Loud.Its the worste feeling ever.

Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on December 19, 2011:


I don't know what country you're in but certainly here in the UK, removing tonsils is a last resort in modern times for tonsillitis. Please, go see your doctor and get some proper medical treatment and advice. You'll probably find that it is simply some form of medicine you will be given as well as some top tips. The longer you wait, the more discomfort and pain you will be in and the problem will only get worse. You'll be glad in the long term that you did. Good luck and please come back and let us know how you get on.

Lisa on December 19, 2011:

Im really scared because im young and never had it before and i am terrified of the doctors so i dont want to have them taken out, but i don't want the pain of when i swallow:(

please help...

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