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6 Ways to Start Spring Fresh

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Alyssa is a wife, mom, and coffee enthusiast who loves sharing her favorite lifestyle tips with the world.


Spring is in the air! The equinox is just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you are chomping at the bit for a fresh start. I've been over winter for a while now. I'm not like Elsa, the cold does bother me, and I'm ready for sunshine, warmer temperatures, green grass, and flowers in the garden.

Why wait? Let's prepare for spring this instant! Below I'm sharing some fun ways to get a fresh start and welcome the new season.


1. New Wallpaper

This is a simple and easy one. Switch up the wallpaper and lock screen on your phone. I love using Zedge for this task. The app has a variety of high-quality images to suit just about anyone's taste. The best part? You can find many for free! After you select a wallpaper, maybe browse through to find a new ringtone.

For the lock screen, I utilize the Dynamic Lock Screen option from Samsung. There are 10 categories and the group of pictures changes every month or so.

While you're at it, you might want to change the face of your smartwatch. Don't forget about the rest of your tech devices! Change your laptop, computer, and tablet backgrounds, too.

2. Clean Your Vehicle

One of my favorite things to do is clean the car. As soon as we get our first nice spring day, I grab my supplies and head out to erase all traces of winter. I like to start with the interior, pulling the floor mats out, wiping down all the surfaces, and vacuuming the floors. Then I throw the mats in the washer and head back out to wash the exterior. Sometimes I'll tackle this in our driveway, other times I'll head to the car wash. A few months ago, we purchased a new truck and I'm excited to get out and clean it up!

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This may not sound like a fun time to you, but taking an hour or so to freshen up your vehicle is one of the best ways to welcome the warmer months. Plus, it's a wonderful mood booster!

3. Get A Birdfeeder

If you don't have a birdfeeder, now is a great time to grab one. There's nothing better than enjoying your morning cup of coffee and watching the birds out your window. I personally don't have seed feeders. We have so many birds that'd we'd go broke trying to keep them full. I do, however, have three hummingbird feeders. I highly recommend getting one for yourself! Hummingbirds are adorable and it's so sweet when they stop by, chirping and fluttering about. Hummingbird feeders are easy to keep up with, too. Don't buy the ready made nectar at the store. Instead, make your own by boiling four cups of water and stirring in one cup of granulated sugar. Let cool and you're good to go. No need for added dyes either. Clean the feeders out once a week, twice if it's hot, using warm water and white vinegar. Hang them near a window and enjoy your seasonal visitors!

4. Plan A Picnic

Planning and preparation are my claims to fame. I'm always thinking of the future, and now is a great time to start gathering everything needed for a picnic. Make sure to have a cooler, napkins, disposable or reusable plates and utensils, and extra condiments on hand. If you like heading to a local park and want to grill, be sure to stock up on charcoal and have lighter fluid, a lighter, and grilling accessories ready. Once the weather is favorable, you'll be ready to pack up the car and head out for a fun afternoon outdoors.

5. Decorate Your Home

Undoubtedly, you've already tackled spring cleaning or have plans to get started. Once that's completed, give your home a new look for the warmer months. You could easily pull out items you already own or purchase a few new pieces.

March is actually national crafting month, so why not DIY some decor? Gather the kids to make some cute, festive Easter decorations or repurpose old pieces to create something new and unique for spring. This is a wonderful opportunity to let your creativity shine!

6. Add Some Green

Speaking of decorating, we've arrived at my favorite idea on this list: buy a houseplant. What better way to welcome spring in your home? Be sure to do a little research before purchasing. Figure out where you want to place a plant and then consider how much light that area receives. You'll also want to take into account the humidity level in your home, what kind of water you have, and your own plant care abilities. Choose a plant that will be suitable for your home and lifestyle.


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