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Vivid Dreams – Causes and Meaning


What Causes Vivid Dreams?

You have vivid dreams whenever you are facing difficult life challenges. For example, when you are trying to recover from addiction or facing a separation, the unconscious mind sends you many vivid dreams in order to give you support in the difficult moments.

Your wild conscience tries to take advantage of your suffering. When you are sad and you have no courage to go on, your evil and primitive anti-conscience sends absurd suggestions and fears to your conscience.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams helps you avoid the anti-conscience's traps, showing you how to overcome all obstacles.

The unconscious mind is your protector. This is why it also sends you vivid dreams when dangers that come from your external reality are threatening your peace of mind and happiness.

Vivid dreams about love show you how to behave with the person you love. The unconscious mind gives you objective information that you can trust about their psychological situation, their past, and their present reality.

This information is true; this amazing fact was already confirmed many times in numerous cases. You can believe in the divine unconscious guidance with confidence.

The information given by the unconscious mind is always true and always brings salvation. You should obey the unconscious guidance because the unconscious mind is the voice of divine providence.

Whenever you have vivid dreams, this means that you need special protection. You should respect the directions of the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to save you from despair.

If you'll be a good student and patient, you'll have vivid dreams only when the unconscious mind will make important announcements and predictions.

All dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, which has a divine origin and works like a natural doctor. We need psychotherapy because we have inherited a wild conscience (anti-conscience) into the biggest part of our brain.

Our anti-conscience is our animal and primitive personality, which is evil, cruel, violent, absurd, and indifferent. It tries to destroy our conscience and control our behavior.

We have to completely develop our intelligence through dream therapy, so that we may acquire consciousness of the entire content of our brain.

This is how we will transform our anti-conscience into a known and positive content that belongs to our human conscience.

Our conscience has human characteristics and loves goodness.

The unconscious mind sends many dreams with important messages to our human conscience in order to protect us from the absurdity of our wild conscience.

The meaning of all dreams is based on the most important dream symbols and on the unconscious logic. The unconscious logic is based on wisdom, and not on ignorance, like the logic followed by our conscience.

This is why we cannot understand the meaning of dreams based on our logic. We have to learn the dream logic.

Here are two lenses that teach you the meaning of dreams, and the meaning of the most important dream symbols:

Vivid Nightmare

Vivid Nightmare

Vivid Nightmares

Vivid nightmares show you that you are in danger because your anti-conscience controls your behavior in various circumstances. You have vivid nightmares when your anti-conscience destroys a portion of your human conscience and generates a neurosis.

These dreams are nightmares because they are alarms. The unconscious mind tries to alarm you because you are in great danger. You must offer resistance against the anti-conscience's impositions.

Your anti-conscience sends you numerous absurd thoughts, trying to destroy your capacity to think logically.

It also causes many behavioral abnormalities.

If you have many vivid nightmares, this means that you are mentally ill and you need an urgent treatment.

You should follow dream therapy, and the unconscious mind will save your mental stability. You'll become more intelligent and find peace.

I will give you now two examples of vivid nightmares by publishing here a few sentences of two patients' dreams, without exposing them in any way.

The first dream was dreamt by a 30 - 40-years-old woman:

A Scaring Nightmare

I am sitting in bed. A woman (a ghost) squeezes (not too hard) my head with both hands. I am very very scared. My body is moving back and forth. The movement is getting more intense.

I wake up saying "Ahhh" after about 1 hour of sleeping. The squeezing hands were very real and I was extremely scared. It was as if a real human being was right behind me.

Dream Translation:

I am sitting in bed.

The bed indicates that you are sick, or it is related to your sexuality.

A woman (a ghost) squeezes (not too hard) my head with both hands. I am very very scared.

The ghost in dreams represents a neurosis. Since the ghost is a woman this is a neurosis provoked by a futile and superficial part of your personality.

You represent your ego in dreams. Your ego is scared for understanding that you are neurotic.

Since this part of the dream appears after the part where you are walking to meet your perfect match without being able to wake up, this means that the unconscious mind is now explaining why you cannot wake up.

Your indifference to the opposite sex became a neurosis. This is why you are so indifferent to your perfect match. A neurosis is the beginning of the invasion of the anti-conscience into your human conscience. A neurosis usually becomes a worst mental illness with time.

This means that your indifference to your perfect match is a sick reaction because you are controlled by the sick behavior imposed by your anti-conscience. In other words, you cannot react and behave like a normal woman because your anti-conscience invaded your conscience and you have a neurotic, abnormal behavior. You show indifference instead of showing excitement for meeting the man of your life.

The ghost squeezes your head because the neurosis is causing abnormalities in your mind.

My body is moving back and forth. The movement is getting more intense.

This part of the dream explains that the same way that your neurosis is affecting your mind, it is also affecting your body and making you lose control.

I wake up saying "Ahhh" after about 1 hour of sleeping.

The fact that you woke up screaming indicates that there is great danger.

You have to get rid of the control of your anti-conscience.

You are passing through terrible experiences in life for being constantly controlled by your primitive conscience.

The squeezing hands were very real and I was extremely scared. It was as if a real human being was right behind me.

The unconscious mind was showing you in a very impressive way how much your anti-conscience is controlling your mind and causing abnormalities with the neurosis it generated.

You have to fight absurdity and get rid of the control of your anti-conscience, without being indifferently to the anti-conscience's control.

Your wild conscience is controlling your mind and your body. However, you, the human being concentrated into your human conscience must control your mind and body, so that you may control your behavior (and not your wild side).

How To Stop Having Nightmares

Dream About A Frigthening Situation

Here is a nightmare dreamt by a 19-years-old man, who had many vivid nightmares.

The dreamer gave me permission to give you more details about his case, besides showing you his dream.

In many of his dreams he is killing someone in a violent way.

In almost all dreams he is a cruel murderer, who is afraid of the police. The first thing he thinks about when he is afraid that he killed another victim, is to go to jail. He doesn't feel sorry for his victims. He needs urgent treatment in order to prevent multiple personality disorder.

Here is his dream:

My grandmother grabbed my hands and tried to dominate me. I fight back and I push her but I accidentally push her into the edge of the table and her back is injured. She starts feeling a horrible pain. Apart from my feeling of regret and surprise I had the more powerful feeling of fear. I thought that maybe she would die and I would be imprisoned in jail.

My grandfather was sitting on a chair. I told him to call an ambulance but he was indifferent to what I said. I was very scared.

Dream Translation

Your grandparents in dreams represent the repetition of the most common human sins.

Your grandmother represents the roots of evilness.

Your grandfather represents the roots of craziness.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The roots of evilness (your grandmother) grabbed your hands because these roots are influencing your actions.

Your ego is having a violent reaction against the wild tendencies you have inherited. This means that you don't know how to fight craziness. You have to follow the unconscious guidance in your own dreams and fight your mental illness.

The police in dreams represent your self-defense. Your self-defense will understand that you are crazy.

Your grandfather is indifferent to what happens to your grandmother because he represents the ancient absurdity that characterizes your conscience, which is one-sided and under-developed.

Your ego is scared because it can understand that you are losing your mental stability.

Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Both dreamers are mentally ill. In both nightmares the dreamers were scared.

If you have scary nightmares like them, this means that your anti-conscience is causing great damage to your human conscience.

You must urgently eliminate your wild conscience through dream therapy. I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy based on the unconscious guidance. You also can learn how to translate your dreams yourself thanks to my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words (derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung).

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Vivid Dream

Vivid Dream

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You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

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Vivid dreams about love are very important and revealing. All dreams about love are very clear. The unconscious mind gives you objective information about the special person in dreams because your mental health is in danger when you are in love.

This is why the person you love doesn't have a symbolic meaning in dreams. All the information you have about them must be translated according to the logic of your conscience.

You also have to learn the meaning of the dream symbols that may appear in the dream and the meaning of the parts of the dream that compose the dream story in order to accurately translate dreams about love. However, dreams about your perfect match are the clearest ones.

All the other people in your dreams have a symbolic meaning. They represent parts of your own personality. Only the person you love doesn't have a symbolic meaning in dreams. This person is too important for you. This is why you can easily lose your mind when you are in love.

I had many vivid dreams when I was young and I fell in love with a man who was married to another woman, while I was married to another man. He was my husband's best customer. I had a series of vivid dreams giving me information about him everyday.

I was following dream therapy since 1984. I met this man in January of 1988, after seeing a dream predicting this meeting the previous night. This prediction marked the beginning of my research.

I had to continue Carl Jung's research from the point he had abandoned it, accepting ignorance. I had to discover the anti-conscience that he couldn't see. I needed this knowledge in order to find sound mental health, and in order to help you prevent al mental illnesses before becoming a victim of your anti-conscience.

My love story was a tragedy. In the end I understood that the unconscious mind was giving me many explanations about the man I fell in love with (who was many years older than me) in order to help me avoid entering into contact with him.

In the beginning I thought that the unconscious mind was helping me understand who he was because I believed that it would help me find a way to live with this man.

However, my vivid dreams about him were trying to help me maintain my mental stability in the difficult situation I was in.

I learned the truth about him, and I agreed to obey the unconscious guidance. He was cruel and absurd. On the other hand, I would cause pain to many people if I would insist on having a relationship with him. I should not put my happiness before everyone's happiness. However, I had no chances to live happily with him because he was mentally ill.

We also had many enemies. His children had my age. There were numerous obstacles that prevented me from having a love relationship with him.

Thanks to my obedience to the unconscious guidance, I could preserve my mental stability.

I stayed far from this dangerous man, and I helped many people find sound mental health through dream translation.

I believed that the unconscious mind sent me so many vivid dreams about the man I fell in love with because my case was very difficult, and because I was seriously studying the dream language.

However, when I started curing many people through dream translation (in 1990) I saw that the unconscious mind is very generous with all dreamers the same way.

The unconscious mind not only prevents mental illnesses. It also helps the dreamers learn everything they need to know about the person they love, so that they may have a perfect love relationship.

My love story was tragic, but other love stories have a better destiny. When the other person is the ideal one for the dreamers, the unconscious mind gives them clear guidance and trustful information about the person they love.

The unconscious guidance helps them approach this person, and understand how to behave with them.

Information About The Person You Love

Explanations in Dreams

Here are a few sentences of two dreams of a 35-45-years-old woman, who is divorced. She is in love with a divorced man.

First dream:

This man, whom I admire, was dressed as a knight. I was also wearing a medieval dress.

Dream Translation:

Since this dream is about the person you love it is giving you information about this person. Only dreams about the person the dreamer loves are not as symbolic as other types of dreams. This means that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is giving you objective information about this man in your dreams.

You can trust the dream messages. The unconscious mind possesses undoubtable wisdom, and Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation really translates the meaning of the unconscious messages in the dream images. I greatly simplified his method, after discovering more.

The clothes you wear in dreams represent your social image. Since you both were wearing medieval clothes, this means that you both appear to your social environment as if you belonged to the past. This means that this man and you have a social image that doesn't fit with the modern time. Therefore, both of you are out of your reality.

This dream is also criticizing your behavior. You both act as if you belonged to the Middle Ages. This means that you don't know how you'll manage to have a love relationship, even though both of you are divorced.

Second dream:

I looked around for Mr. XX and found him. He was on the other side of a glass wall sitting down at a table, with his son, registering for the meeting. I was standing on the other side of the wall looking at him when he noticed me and smiled, but continued to register for the meeting. He was wearing a red sweatshirt and red sweatpants.

Dream Translation:

I looked around for Mr. XX and found him. He was on the other side of a glass wall sitting down at a table, with his son, registering for the meeting.

The glass wall indicates that My XX is an actor. He is pretending to be something that is not real. If he would reveal the truth to the world, he would cry all the time. However, he must hide his pain from the world and pretend that he is fine.

His son represents his moral image. Mr. XX has the behavior of someone who is 'just fine' because this is the moral image he must have. He cannot simply cry all the time because he is suffering.

He was registering for a meeting because he will meet you and he has a plan to meet you somehow.

I was standing on the other side of the wall looking at him when he noticed me and smiled, but continued to register for the meeting.

Mr. XX has to pretend that he doesn't understand that you want him and you should be a couple. This is why he is behind a glass wall.

He cannot reveal many things to the world, so he keeps pretending that he is fine, and he keeps avoiding you, while he loves you, as your previous dreams showed you.

He loves you and he wants to marry you. However, he cannot have a relationship with you yet because he is too afraid. He is still very angry with what happened to him in the past.

This is why he has to pretend that he doesn't pay attention to your existence.

He was wearing a red sweatshirt and red sweatpants.

The red color in dreams indicates excitement or anger.

Mr. XX is angry because he cannot simply have the behavior of an average man and approach you, without creating problems. He must avoid you because he is afraid to have another deception. He is irritated because he must pretend that he is too busy and he has no time for you.

I cannot tell you more details of this interesting case because my translations are private.

I only gave you an idea about the information a dreamer has in her own dreams about her perfect match.

This dreamer has many vivid dreams about her perfect match because she must solve many problems. The unconscious mind is helping her understand how to behave, so that she may have a perfect love relationship with the man she loves.

You will have vivid dreams showing you that you have attained a higher level of knowledge when you'll follow dream therapy for a certain period of time.

First of all, you must transform your personality.

When you'll understand more, you'll have more information about your reality. You'll have vivid dreams with prophecies and predictions.

Dreams about prophecies, important announcements and future predictions will impress you very much, and forever remain in your memory.

I had an important dream that contained a prophecy, an announcement and a prediction when I was in the end of the initial part of my research.

At that time I started researching further, and looking for more answers than Carl Jung, who had stopped his research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation at a certain point. He concluded that the human being couldn't learn more while he/she was alive. Thus, he accepted ignorance, and he stopped looking for answers.


When I became an expert on dream translation and I continued looking for the answers and the explanations that Jung couldn't give, I had a very impressing dream that made me believe that I had an important mission.

At that time I ignored the existence of the anti-conscience. I was only beginning to find indications of its existence. The terrible anti-conscience that generates mental disorders within our conscience is our animal personality, which is still alive inside us.

This primitive personality is not a fossil, but we ignore its existence.

My mission was to discover the anti-conscience (after discovering the unconscious sanctity and precisely obeying the unconscious mind), so that I would be able to prove to the world that we must obey the divine guidance in dreams in order to eliminate our wild nature, which has satanic characteristics. Our anti-conscience is the tragic result of the accidental formation of the first live conscience.

My Intriguing Dream

Here is the revealing dream I had in the beginning of 1988:

I was in a bedroom and I saw a big double bed with white sheets. I was a queen's jewelry keeper. I had the obligation to keep the queen's jewels in a box. I saw the box and the jewels in it. Then, I found four diamonds on the bed with white sheets. The dream changes and I'm looking for the box with the queen's jewels inside an old carriage. I found the box, and I found also a piece of bread with butter. Then, I was looking for the box with the queen's jewels under the double bed. I knew that the box was there.

The dream was so vivid that when I woke up I had the intention to look for the box with the queen's jewels, as if this box was part of my daily reality. I had this dream in a Sunday afternoon, after taking a nap. I wrote it down immediately after wakening up.

This dream made me feel very important; I was the queen's trusted guard.

Dream Translation:

I was in a bedroom and I saw a big double bed with white sheets.

The double bed in dreams is related to sexual relationships. The fact that the bed's sheets were white indicates that the couple who would have relationships on this bed would be a pure couple, since the white color represents purity and wisdom.

I was a queen's jewelry keeper. I had the obligation to keep the queen's jewels in a box. I saw the box and the jewels in it.

The fact that this dream belonged to another historical time (when queens and kings existed) indicates that this dream was giving me information about the remote past.

Carl Jung had mentioned many dreams about a king who had lost his kingdom. The appearance of the king in a dream was extremely important. The king is a dream symbol that represents God. However, his kingdom always appears ruined in dreams.

God's destroyed kingdom is Earth, where Satan is very powerful. Satan is our anti-conscience, in other words, our evil and absurd animal conscience and personality. God's kingdom on Earth was destroyed by the evilness resulted from most people's anti-conscience. This is why our world is ruled by violence and terror.

I looked for explanations about the meaning of the queen in dreams, but I couldn't find any. Jung had only talked about the symbolic meaning of the king and his ruined kingdom. I concluded that the queen is a female divinity.

The jewels in dreams represent wisdom.

The box in dreams represents a container that keeps hidden truths.

Therefore, I had the obligation to keep the true wisdom of a female divinity.

Then, I found four diamonds on the white bed.

Diamonds represent wisdom, like the jewels. The number four in dreams is a reference to the four psychological functions that characterize the human conscience:

1- Thoughts

2- Feelings

3- Sensations

4- Intuition

We have only one psychological function completely developed in our psyche, and a second one, half-developed. However, we have to develop all psychological functions to the same degree in order to be balanced.

The four diamonds represented four psychological functions completely developed, in other words, total consciousness and perfect balance.

I found them on the bed because the unconscious mind was showing me that after acquiring total consciousness and balance, I would desire to have sexual relationships based on purity, and not based on immorality.

Then, I'm looking for the box with the queen's jewels inside an old carriage.

The carriage is an old vehicle. All vehicles in dreams represent the way we are living our lives. When we are driving a car in a dream, we have information about the way we drive our lives.

The carriage was not on movement in this dream. It represented the way that my life had to be driven, so that I would be able to keep the divine wisdom and its purity.

The fact that I was looking for the container with hidden truths (box), where I was keeping the wisdom (jewels) of a female divinity (queen) in an old vehicle indicated that my life had to be driven based on very old concepts (old carriage). In other words, I had to respect the ancient moral principals I had learned at my Catholic school.

This was how I would be able to protect the wisdom of a female divinity.

I'm Catholic and Orthodox. Both religions are practical identical; there are minimum differences between them. I was baptized in both Churches because my parents are Greek and Greece is an Orthodox country, but I was born in Brazil, which is a Catholic country, and I studied for twelve years in a Catholic school.

God's figure is masculine. God is our father.

Saint Mary is the feminine divinity of my religion, even though she is not as powerful as God.

The feminine divinity who became Jesus' mother represented the perfect woman who obeyed God's guidance. She was a different woman because of her purity.

The feminine identity on Earth must be purified until it will reach perfection. We have this information when we analyze the original sin.

Eve ate the prohibited fruit as suggested by the snake, inducing Adam to disobey God's guidance like her. The Biblical narration about Adam and Eve shows us that the feminine identity must learn how to obey God's guidance instead of being disobedient.

Women are superficial and futile. They accept the evilness of their anti-conscience easier than men, who are serious and show more resistance against their anti-conscience's attacks.

The queen's jewels represented the wisdom and the purity of the feminine divinity (Saint Mary). The queen is the woman-mother; the superior woman who doesn't accept immorality.

I had the obligation to remember this hidden truth (in a box) because I would be tempted to accept adultery, since I was married and I fell in love with a married man. The unconscious mind was showing me with this impressing dream how important it was for me to respect the purity of the woman who is not a prostitute, and never accepts immorality.

I had to learn this lesson well.

I had to respect the ancient teachings of my religion. This dream was showing me that I had the moral obligation to remember my religious education, which belonged to ancient times. This was the only way I could preserve my sanity.

I had to respect the laws of my ancient religion instead of accepting adultery. I would keep the wisdom of Saint Mary only if I would respect the teachings I had in my Catholic school, which were against my immoral tendency.

In other words, my life had to follow the rhythm of a carriage, where the box with the queen's jewels were safe.

I found the box, and also a piece of bread with butter.

A piece of bread with butter in dreams represents support.

I would be able to keep Saint Mary's wisdom (the queen's jewels) if I would give my support to the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind depended on my obedience in order to cure my psyche.

In other words, I had to be a very obedient student and patient and do only what the unconscious mind was showing me in my dreams, in order to keep the wisdom and the purity of Saint Mary in my psyche (instead of accepting adultery).

Then, I was looking for the box with the queen's jewels under the double bed. I knew that the box was there.

Since the double bed in dreams is related to sexual relationships, the end of this dream was showing me that I would find the divine wisdom under sexual relationships based on purity (and not on immorality).

I couldn't completely translate the meaning of this complicated dream at the time I had it, but I could understand its basic meaning. After certain period of time, when I discovered the meaning of more dream symbols, I tried to translate the meaning of this dream again. Then, I could understand the parts that I couldn't understand in the beginning.

This vivid dream is still alive in my memory, as if it was a recent dream. Its tremendous importance for the salvation of my mental stability when I was tempted to accept adultery marked my journey to self-discovery, helping me save my sanity.

The prophecy it contained is the fact that our dreams are produced by a saintly God, who must be respected and obeyed. Carl Jung had considered the unconscious mind only as a good counselor for the human being. He believed that we have to listen to the unconscious wisdom, but make our decisions based on our own conscience.

I concluded that we must obey the unconscious wisdom because it has a divine origin, while our conscience has a satanic origin, and it is under-developed.

I had to protect the queen's jewels because I had to protect the wisdom of purity, and act as if I had a divine origin like the unconscious mind, even though I was only a jewelry keeper, I was not the queen.

This way I would help God transform the feminine nature into a nature characterized by purity with my example.

The announcement contained in this dream was the fact that I had a religious mission, which was more important than my scientific research.

This dream was also a prediction because it was showing me that I would be able to keep the divine wisdom. I would obey the unconscious mind, and never accept adultery.

My obedience was very important because I was a terrible sinner. The fact that I accepted to be so obedient was a true miracle. My rare example proves God's miracles into practice.



All dreams are important, but vivid dreams have an urgent character.

They are alarms, or they contain important predictions.

Whenever you have vivid dreams you must pay special attention to what is happening to your life, and seriously follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams. The unconscious mind gives you many explanations and lessons in a series of dreams. Each dream is like a page of a book, or like a new chapter.

You should keep a dream journal and a diary, relating the information you have in your dreams with what is happening to you in your daily life.

When you'll read your dream collection, you'll predict the future development of your life, and completely understand the unconscious messages in each series of dreams. You will also understand the general message contained in a series of dreams.

Your dreams will help you find sound mental health, peace, wisdom, love, and happiness. You only have to follow the wise unconscious guidance in order to overcome all challenges and triumph.

Christina Sponias


Vivid Dream

Vivid Dream

Comments - Do you have vivid dreams?

alicia on August 05, 2015:

When I have vivid dreams, they are so vivid that I can't tell its a dream until I wake up and sometimes not even then. I was backpacking in the backcountry of mammoth mountain; I thought I had an overnight visitor, a bear stuck its head through the wall of my tent and rested its head and paw on my shoulder; I froze and thought other bears were visiting my camp mates. When I told the story the next morning to the others, they said I was dreaming. There is a lot of talk about bears when in the backcountry so I resolved within myself that it must have been a dream.

sponias lm (author) on July 15, 2014:

@beccadk83: Hi beccadk83,

You should submit your dream for professional translation, along with your life biography.

Learn more at:

Professional Dream Translation

beccadk83 on July 14, 2014:

I had a dream the other night that I was throwing up blood and trying to get to the hospital I was in a panic my husband calling the ambulance while I sat in front of my crying children with blood all over. The problem is I have been sick for four weeks and am already laying in the hospital they just can't figure out what is wrong with me!

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