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Tuning Fork Sound Therapy


You Can Tune Up Your Body!

Most people think of tuning forks as something the piano tuner uses to tune up the piano.Yet there is another type of tuning fork, one designed to tune up the human body.

Both types of forks work in similar ways. By using Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, your body can be tuned for optimal physical balance, just as the piano is adjusted to perfect pitch.

With the use of Tuning Forks you really can Tune Up Your Body!


Your Body is a Symphony of Frequencies

Each of us is a living symphony of frequencies!

Science has proven that everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies or "notes." All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color.

Each of the organs, glands, and cells in our bodies vibrate at their own specific frequency. These frequencies correspond with musical notes.

For example, a healthy heart vibrates at the frequency of the F note.

Sound frequencies affect everything about us. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies.

When your body is in perfect health and all the parts are vibrating to the correct note, your body is like an orchestra playing beautiful music. Think of the different body parts as musical instruments all vibrating at their own unique frequency or pitch. When the body is in perfect health all parts are playing the right note at the correct tempo, and vibrating in harmony.


Get A Tune Up With Tuning Forks

Energy flows through a healthy body through a network of meridians and chakras; just as water flows through a river bed.

However stress, negative emotions and thoughts, even the foods we eat affect the flow of energy, causing energy blocks in the same manner that a beaver dam can block the flow of water in a river. When the energy gets blocked, the body part where the blockage is can no longer play the right note at the right tempo. When out of harmony the body plays more like the first day of a grade school band practice than a beautiful orchestra! Although we may not be able to hear the bodies unharmonious sounds, the body will display symptoms that let us know when something is wrong and it needs to be brought back in tune.

The powerful sound vibrations of tuning forks can be used to clear the blockages that are impeding the body's flow of energy. The forks work in a similar manner to acupuncture, only without the use of needles.

When the correct tuning fork is placed next to the organ or chakra that is out of harmony, that area will raise its vibration or "pitch" to that of the fork by the process of entrainment.

Instead of masking the symptoms of the diseased organ with harmful drugs, or removing it from the body, we are able correct the organs rate of vibration with sound waves.


How Can I Benefit From a Tune Up?

A tuning fork treatment is non-intrusive, there is no touching, no needles, no pain or manipulation involved.

As the sounds flow through your body, every cell pulsates, resonates and interacts with the powerful vibrations, thus awakening the life energy of the cells and returning you to health and harmony.

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy...

· Removes toxins

· Helps to heal soft tissue

· Increases physical energy

· Releases 'feel good' endorphins

· Provides deep states of relaxation

· Synchronizes mind-heart-body rhythms

· Opens the meridians and clears the chakras

· Expands creativity, clarity, and concentration

· Harmonizes the emotional and physical bodies

· Integrates the left and right brain thought patterns

· Supports healthy circulation and immune system function

· Induces the alpha-theta brain states associated with healing

The Ohm Fork


Tuning Forks Healed My Fractured Hip!

My personal experience with Tuning Forks

Recently I had an accident and broke my hip. While I did see a chiropractor to get x-rays and straighten up my twisted pelvis, I chose not to believe the medical doctor that insisted my hip would not heal without surgery!

Instead I used a combination of Tuning Forks to relieve the pain and to promote healing of the bone. I used the circulation fork to increase the blood flow to the injury and I used a fork in my drinking water that works to eliminate inflammation. In addition I used the forks to "unfreeze" a meridian that was blocked. The blockage was keeping my body from taking in any healing energy, afterwards I was able to do Reiki and could feel a big difference as the energy was absorbed.

In case you are wondering I did heal up nicely without the use of drugs, a cast, surgery, or having any foreign parts screwed into my body. This was sound healing at work!

The late Edgar Cayce predicted that sound and music therapy would become the medicine of the future.

Books on Tuning Forks - And how they affect your health


The Power of Sound Vibrations

Sound can move molecules, rearrange realities, and penetrate any substance. It moves 4 times faster in water than in air, and as the human body is 70% water, that makes us perfect resonators.

Scientific studies show that sound waves can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems of the physical body.

Doctors use sound to treat kidney stones by non-invasively focusing a harmonic frequency on the stones. Kidney stones are crystals whose atoms vibrate at a specific frequency. The focused sound waves interact with the atoms of the kidney stones causing the stones to vibrate so quickly that the stones explode and dissolve.

The book "Messages From Water" by Dr. Masaru Emoto, contains beautiful photographs that demonstrate the amazing effects of sound on water crystals. Fabian Manon's book, "Medicine for the 21 Century," also offers stunning photos and information on the positive effect of musical tones on human cells and hemoglobin.

The picture above is one of Dr. Emoto's photographs of a water crystal that has been exposed to beautiful music.

Books on Sound Healing - And the Effects of Sound on Water

How Tuning Forks Are Used in a Healing Practice


A Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner

Just owning a set of tuning forks does not make you a practitioner. It takes time, skill, and training, to become competent at sound healing.

A good healer must be able to distinguish the difference in the feel and sound of differing vibrations the forks produce in the energy field. Discordant or negative energy FEELS different than healthy free flowing energy. Blocked negative energy also SOUNDS different, and affects the length of time the sound vibrations will last.

There are different types of tuning forks and various methods of using them. The most common set of forks is used for tuning the chakras. Each chakra has a fork that corresponds in both pitch and color.

This is the first set that I use when doing a "tuning." The chakra set works on the physical body, by opening, clearing, and balancing the chakras, and allowing chi (life force) to move freely. After harmonizing the physical body, I then use the Tree of Life set of forks that bring the emotional and mental bodies into balance. At this point the body is in balance and harmony and extremely receptive to receiving healing energy.

Keep in mind that ALL healing comes from within, an energy healer is simply someone who empowers you to heal yourself.

Awaken The Inner Healer

You Have The Power To Heal Yourself!


Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Sessions - For people and their pets

Schedule a distance or in-person Vibrational Tuning Session with Rhonda Sandmoen and experience the power of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for yourself.

  • Awakening Wellness
    Rhonda Sandmoen is a Tuning Fork Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Reiki Master, Angel Communicator and Oneness Blessing Giver in the Kansas City, MO metro area, offering both in-person and distance sessions as well as classes

Animals Can Be Tuned Up Too!

Sound Healing Works Great On Our Furry Friends

An animal that is sick is one that is out of tune. Your pets' body rhythms are affected by the same energy disruptions that affect you. In fact, our pets are very sensitive to our negative energy. Quite often our stress becomes their stress. A pet that is ill can benefit greatly from a Tuning Fork Sound Session. Animals respond quite easily to energy work and are easy to "tune up."

Th most common pet ailments that I use Tuning Forks on are:

Hip Displasia



Calming Fears

What the Experts Say About Sound Healing - What is Your Opinion?

"The body is held together by sound-the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune."

- Dr. Deepak Chopra

"The liquid crystal structure in body tissue responds to frequency."

- Gregg Braden

"Emotions can be detected, created, or changed using sound."

- Sherry Edwards

Please let me know what you think about this lens.

Questions? Comments? Post Them Here!

ArtWebb on August 07, 2013:

I have experienced a few tuning fork therapy sessions. Sound healing has an extremely beneficial impact on me. Some sounds we call music do exactly the opposite.

Thanks for the info.

Doc_Holliday on May 03, 2013:

Fascinating lens. Thanks for sharing.

faye durham on December 05, 2012:

Very interesting. I love the concept and look forward to learning more.

C A Chancellor from US/TN on December 03, 2012:

Wow! I knew about the use of music and sound for healing, but I don't think I'd heard about the use of tuning forks before. I love this concept and wish I knew a local practitioner -- I'd love to try it!

PatriciaJoy from Michigan on October 06, 2012:

Angel blessings. I haven't tried this technique but I've been in rituals where crystal bowls were used and they produced such a beautiful effect that I don't have a hard time believing in the effects of this at all.

WriterJanis2 on September 01, 2012:

I could use a tune up right now. Thanks for the help. Blessed!

awakeningwellness (author) on August 31, 2012:

@anonymous: Have you tried talking to your body and asking what it is trying to tell you and how you can best help it? That would be my first suggestion. Cranio sacral and Eden Energy Medicine are techniques that can be helpful in balancing brain function, you might ask your body if one of these modalities would be helpful.

anonymous on August 31, 2012:

This is very good info but I have a question for which i haven't found an answer yet. And before I ask it - I hope I don't get many negative responses. I am not saying that tuning forks or singing bowls are not helpful - I'm asking a question about a specific issue. (Also the former situation was someone who doesn't know what they are doing, and the latter was a customer playing around - so I'm not saying well-trained therapists are the issue).

I had a brain injury and since then am sensitive to sound, light, etc. Reiki has helped me immensely but I still have occasions of sensory overload. It's been a few years since trying tuning forks, and will try again; however, yesterday someone started loudly playing a crystal singing bowl - not sure the tuning but am guessing it was root or sacral. Immediately caused severe pain in my head and sensory overload in both eyes,ears, and balance was affected. Today my friend, who has history of epilepsy, was in a store where someone started playing a lower pitched bowl - she brought out in a sweat and was nauseous.I had not mentioned my experience to her so it wasn't an implanted thought

I'm not having any luck finding sound therapy research on brain injuries, whether from accident or illness. Just an fyi - it's specific tones not overall sound - I could probably play Joe Satriani loudly with no problems whilst the vibrational sounds of bowls/chimes/forks can be an issue.

anonymous on April 30, 2012:

@Heather426: Discover how Sound and Vibrational Treatment Treatments using adjusting forks can bring stability, peace and even pain decrease through easy methods and techniques. Straightforward safe to use on children and animals.

awakeningwellness (author) on March 20, 2012:

@anonymous: The Tuning Forks bring the body into balance, a balanced body doesn't attack itself.

anonymous on March 20, 2012:

It is very interesting but I have one important question: If it stimulates the immune system couldn't that be harmful for a person suffering from MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (as the "attacking" T cells in the immune system

are the cause of MS and de-mylenation of the axons) ?

anonymous on March 14, 2012:

The tuning fork is quite interesting, i am really curious about being it effective, thanks for sharing this nice lens. DePuy Pinnacle Recall

KimGiancaterino on March 13, 2012:

Very interesting ... I think my composer husband would like a set of tuning forks. He likes to record the sounds of our crystal glasses. Thanks for the information.

dahlia369 on March 08, 2012:

Nicely presented, great natural therapy! :)

SoundsOfBliss on March 05, 2012:

Very interesting. I work with Tibetan singing bowls. Very similar applications and results. Including the stuff about animals!

leeleon on February 19, 2012:

It sounds amazing. Nice lens.

anonymous on January 04, 2012:

I see my blessing has worn off here....fresh angel dust added!

type2diabetes2011 on December 16, 2011:

Alternative medicine is getting a lot of attention nowadays.People are getting into less-invasive options for treatment. One can't help it especially when we read on DePuy Lawsuit news over a hip replacement implant issue.

desa999 lm on November 11, 2011:

Nice lens on a fascinating topic, well done

BruceBair on November 09, 2011:

I have not experienced tuning forks, but have been treated with crystals from the earth that vibrate when struck and give off a sound. It was an amazing experience.

tcmbrendan on October 10, 2011:

I always wondered how this worked. Thanks for sharing.

anonymous on October 09, 2011:

Looks interesting, the effect of tuning forks might be relaxing to mind.

hlkljgk from Western Mass on September 14, 2011:

i've had fun with tuning forks, but i like this purpose as well. :)

whoisbid lm on September 08, 2011:

I have a set of forks at home and am quite fascinated by the clean sound they make

anonymous on September 07, 2011:

This therapy is absolutely new to me!!'ve never heard of it, great info. :)

anonymous on August 26, 2011:

How wonderfully fascinating and completely new to me. I'm so glad to get to hear your story and you told it beautiful!

Runnn on August 22, 2011:

Great lens. I like it.

Runnn on August 22, 2011:

Interesting lens. Thanks for sharing.

Heather Burns from Wexford, Ireland on August 11, 2011:

Another fantastic lens!

Tolovaj Publishing House from Ljubljana on July 17, 2011:

Nice info. It is always good to know there is another option out there. Thank you.

GreenfireWiseWo on July 01, 2011:

Very interesting - this is something I wanted to learn about. Thank you.

howtocurecancer on April 29, 2011:

I like your lens. Blessed by a SquidAngel.

spritequeen lm on April 10, 2011:

Very interesting! I'm quickly becoming a big fan of yours! :-D Thanks for sharing!

RinchenChodron on April 09, 2011:

Very nice to hear that you healed your own hip with the power of sound.

awakeningwellness (author) on April 09, 2011:

@anonymous: The Tuning Forks and other energy healing that I do helped tremendously with the pain, the inflammation, and with the actual healing.

anonymous on April 07, 2011:

Would a tuning fork therapy really work for hip pains? I've had a hip replacement surgery in the past, so I've been looking into alternative methods to relieve pain. It frightens me to know about the recent DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit where the implants have been said to cause metallosis.

Steve Dizmon from Nashville, TN on February 17, 2011:

Like the lens. I have two friends who have incorporated tuning forks into their healing sessions. Several months ago my wife and I acquired a set of the 9 Solffegio forks. We have experimented with them quite successfully. Our 20 year old son has used them on others with incredible results. The forks can't hurt and they will most likely help. Thumbs up and Favorite.

Sensitive Fern on February 05, 2011:

I have a massage therapist friend who does sound therapy for me. I don't know how much it actually works but I like it. Great lens! Blessed!

Adriana from New Market on January 31, 2011:

Very interesting: this is the first time I hear about this technique. Blessed by a squid Angel.

TapIn2U on January 07, 2011:

This is wonderful. I have been on the lookout for alternative therapies for healing. I find this very interesting indeed. Lensrolled it to my Tap and EFT lens. Blessings! Sundae ;-)

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on December 26, 2010:

Fascinating. I'd not really understood how this worked before.

MargoPArrowsmith on December 14, 2010:

I have experienced vibration bowls, which are probably the same thing

JenaleeMortensen on October 27, 2010:

Thanks for sharing this information about sound therapy. I hadn't heard of this before and I find it very interesting.

toriphile81 on September 19, 2010:

What a great source of information!! I've had tuning fork sound therapy done before, but never really understood it.

anonymous on September 08, 2010:

As a psychology student I'm always interested to hear about alternative treatments and why people think they work. Thanks for sharing another not-so-new-age idea!

Andy-Po on August 24, 2010:

Very interesting. I've always liked the sound made by tuning forks. Now I know why.

Indigo Janson from UK on August 23, 2010:

This is an interesting idea and I can certainly believe it works as it seems much like Tibetan singing bowls. Thanks for the information!

anonymous on June 14, 2010:

I've experienced a tuning fork sound healing and it was wonderful! I could feel the different areas of my body coming into alignment and my mind cleared like clouds being blown away by the wind. :D

sarita from Hisar on November 06, 2009:

Thank you so much for sharing this...

Patricia on July 23, 2009:

Thank you for the clearing! (email)

RinchenChodron on May 28, 2009:

Well done. I do sound therapy with Tibetan Bowls. Please come and join my http://www.squidoo.com/groups/soundtherapy"&a... Therapy Group. 5 *****

awakeningwellness (author) on April 12, 2009:

[in reply to spirituality]

I am honored!

Blessings to you as well...(:

religions7 on April 08, 2009:

Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

RawFoodDieter on March 29, 2009:

vewwwy interesting... never thought about health that way. Great lens... 5 stars!!!

tdove on November 15, 2008:

Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!

WhiteOak50 on September 25, 2008:

Great Lens! I really enjoy your work, and I am so glad to have you as a part of the groups. You have great energy!

monarch13 on September 15, 2008:

Thanks for joining The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Group. 5 stars!

anonymous on September 09, 2008:

Thanks for posting my YouTube video! More to come...

If you like you can post the link to my website


anonymous on September 03, 2008:

Hi, Rhonda.

I love tuning forks! I had the joy once of receiving a Reiki treatment enhanced by tuning forks. What an experience!

Nice job explaining sound healing.

TheresaAnn LM on August 31, 2008:

Wonderful information. Thanks for sharing with us.

RinchenChodron on August 29, 2008:

Great lens - I also do Sound Therapy but with Tibetan Bowls. Thanks for joining my Sound

Therapy group at http://www.squidoo.com/groups/soundtherapy

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