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Tired of Waking Up With Stinking Fingers - Buy a Toilet Bidet


What is the definition or meaning of a toilet bidet, beday or baday?

Toilet bidet’s main purpose is to provide a convenient way of cleaning oneself with a spray of water from a faucet after using the toilet. Traditionally toilet bidets were stand-alone wash basins installed in bathrooms to wash genital and perineal areas. They have however evolved over years as they gained popularity.

The origins and history of toilet bidets can be traced back to France although bidet is not even a French toilet name but refers to a low sitting pony. They have different names on-line probably due to differences in pronunciation of the word bidet; with others calling them baday or beday or worse a buday bathroom toilet.

Others call it a bidaai toilet, probably a name originating from India. Others only know that there is a toilet that sprays water without stating the real name. I will use all the names interchangeably since they are all popular and refer to the toilet bidet.

It is clearly one of the commonly misspelled and mispronounced words in the dictionary.

Separate Toilet Seat and Bidet.

Stand alone bathroom bidet.

Stand alone bathroom bidet.

What is a bidet toilet used for?

Handheld Bidets.

Simple handheld bidet toilet splashes consists of an attachment of a hose and a spray nozzle connected to a clean source of water. These are non-electric and are operated manually by aiming the nozzle at the desired part of the body you desire to clean. You may need to manually control the water pressure and adjust the water temperature to the desired level.

Built in Electronic Toilet Bidets.

Some bidets are in built into the toilet bowel and are electronically operated; Yes! a toilet that automatically washes or cleanse your bum after toilet use. The water spray jets are located inside the toilet bowl and shots water up to cleanse your bottom. Some of them are ergonomically made such that they will both wash and dry your bottom instead of you drying yourself with tissue paper.

Why women love to use toilet bidets while man are skeptical?

Generally women are comfortable with using a baday when compared to men. They find them convenient to cleanse themselves especially during or after the completion of the menstrual cycle. Indeed it is a one of the sanitary ways to clean oneself without messing the bathroom.

Most men are skeptical when it comes to using bidets, at least for the first time. They need to be convinced on how a bidet toilet really works and how to use it properly especially to cleanse the bottom of the scrotum – admittedly an easy to stink place when compared to armpits. But once they start using it they often get hooked up.

Remember the African proverb; if you give an old man the soup of a bream tomorrow he will drown trying to catch the breams.

When we moved into an apartment it took some months before my wife convinced me that a bidet really works and you do not wake up with smelly fingers even after scratching your itching bums as you sleep.

The opposite is also true; using a bathroom bidet will greatly reduce after stool itching caused by tissues.

Now l am a fanatic of these toilets that washes you and l am considering purchasing a small portable or travel bidet for use when l am away from home…….

Yes! They are addictive and l feel like l have brushed teeth without paste if l do not use one… know how dirty your mouth feels!

Lets hear your experience with toilet bidets

How to use a bidet, beday or baday?

Basically, it is used to clean yourself after using the toilet and then you dry yourself using a dry towel or tissues if the bidet is not installed with an electronic dryer.

There are too many brands of TB with different functionalities for anyone to give a generic description of how it can be used. You can however watch videos of boys/men and girls/women using various types of bidets on YouTube. They demonstrate how to straddle or sit on the bidet.

The best way is to follow the user manual describing how to use that particular brand of bidet.

In-built toilet bidet shooting water.

Toilet bowl with built in bidet.

Toilet bowl with built in bidet.

One great bidet toilet review.

We have discussed what a baday or bidet toilet is used for and now talk about the benefits. I enjoyed reading one of the comments on amazon toilet bidet review below;

Great style bidet and toilet combined just like in Turkey. Comes complete with all fittings for bidet. These "washy" toilets are so hygenic they should be a compulsory element of building control.

Using this water cleaning system is addictive, convenient and a saving on paper that is if you dry yourself using a towel – going green with TB. The positive (5) TB rating is therefore not surprising. l also read another review suggesting that American standard toilet bidets must be introduced and installed in every house hold.

Most criticism against bidets is aimed a particular brands rather than at the system itself.

What are some of the benefits of using a toilet with a bidet?

  • It reduces the inconvenience of running out of tissues after using the toilet seat – what do you do if you underestimate the amount of tissues you are going to need?
  • They assist in relieving itchiness caused by diseases such as anal fissures, anal or genital warts and haemorrhoids.
  • Your fingers remain reasonably clean even after scratching your bottom which reduces the transfer of bacteria to other parts of the body such as the eyes.
  • Toilet bidets are easily adaptable and used by the handicapped, disabled and the elderly to clean themselves after toilet use.
  • There are reports of women using the bidet to clean themselves after the menstrual cycle in forums.
  • Man can also clean the genital area especially under the testicles.
  • Many brands are available for sale on most online retail shops such as Amazon and Ebay with quite reasonable prices.
  • You can easily retrofit or install TB attachments on existing toilet bowls using conversion kits or sets.
  • Instillation of stand-alone TBs can be easily done by qualified plumbers.
  • You can purchase attachable toilet bidet kits and install it on other brands of toilet seats such as Kohler toilets.Bidets are fairly sanitary, given that research done by scientists in Bangaldeshi demonstrated the effectiveness of using water to reduce the spread of germs.

Some features of a modern bidet and toilet combo.

Combined toilet and bidet.

Combined toilet and bidet.

What then is my best or ideal bidet toilet?

Warm water.

I enjoy using this toilet that shoot water which is installed with a thermostat for regulating water temperature (l hate the inconvenience of mixing and testing water temperature especially here in Sweden where temperatures may fall to below -25 degrees).

Electronic dryer.

Yes both the toilet seat and TB water must be electronically heated…..siting on a cold toilet seat is intolerable. An air dryer is a must, to eliminate the need for drying tissues or towels with a deodorizer being a plus.

Ergonomically designed.

It must be slightly below the toilet sitting position dimensions, elongated shape and distant from the toilet seat to allow for easy straddling. If it is a bidet and toilet combo then the control panel must be on the right side with all the controls.

Tip; If the beday has no dryer then the paper stand and drying towel must be easily reachable to allow easy reach while still in the straddling position.

The water hose must remain flexible even under water pressure……the baday water pressure must be adjustable. To avoid water splashing onto your hand, the pressure control button must be reasonably distant from the nozzle. The bidet must be matching with toilet and bathroom colors.

Advanced wall mounted bidet control board.

Advanced Bidet Panel

Advanced Bidet Panel

Where to buy toilet bidets or baday and how much do they cost?

Search for local supplies to reduce transportation cost if you choose to purchase standalone porcelain bidets. Most bidet manufactures allow you to enter your address code on their websites to locate the store nearest to you.

However prices vary according to the baday's complexity and accessories provided within the installation kit. You can always search for their prices online since they also differ from country to country.

The baday toilet price also depend on the brand of the TB which l will review in my next article

  • Toto toilet combo e.g. Drake
  • Coco bidets
  • Bio bidets

Quality stand alone, all in one or integrated toilet and bidets are also on sale online at Amazon and Ebay. The advantages of online shops is that you can access various bidet suppliers all in one place. You will also get a general price guide of badays.

Tip: Read various toilet bidet reviews, watch videos on you tube demonstrating how it is used and peruse through images online before making a decision.

Tell us about your experience with toilet bidets or ask any questions in the commentary box below.

Online source for various bidet brands.


Upenyu (author) from Stockholm on May 17, 2016:

l totally agree with you Larry. The system can totally eliminate the need to use tissue papers. At the moment, there are new bidets which installed inside the toilet chamber and automatically cleanse your bottom and dries it.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on July 29, 2015:

I have not ever used a bidet, but I'm interested in them because I believe paper free bathrooms would be more environmentally friendly.

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