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Yes, I have traumatic brain injury and I feel as if that gives me an advantage, prove me wrong! I DARE you!

Earlier today

Earlier today my mind was racing and kind of got to me. I am not special and I understand that, I do not have things handed to me anymore and I am thankful for that. Come January, I will be living out of my vehicle and this is not the first time. Please do not feel sorry or anything like that because in a way, this it is more by choice. Not really but I like to think that. My ultimate dream is living as a digital nomad. But I think in order to achieve my dream, I have skills that I have to develop.


I am learning skills through mainly Udemy right now and trying to apply my freshly gained knowledge but staying focus on one thing is a challenge for me. By the end of my day, I have 3-6 internet browsers open with 8+ tabs open in every one. I start with one idea and through time, I find more and more avenues of income; totally losing sight of my first "goal". But from learning these skills, I have seen improvements and it works my brain on a daily.



When I want to go learn another skill or gain more knowledge in a certain topic, I leave my residence. I dont go far, but just go to a parking lot and watch videos on Udemy. While watching lessons, I also take notes on my phone; so when I come back, I can open the notes and do some research on what ever it is that I took notes on. Thinking the reason I leave is because I am most comfortable in MY vehicle. Have been since I have been able to drive and that may because I do not own much and get kicked out of many places but not my vehicle, I own it. Want to kick me out of a parking lot? Go ahead, I'll drive to the next one.

Recent research

I found out about this "internet business" quite a while ago and I just keep finding more and more avenue of income. I started with website reviewing and that actually worked! I worked as a virtual assistant for two months as well. Turns out the guy was scamming Arizona state and disappeared. At the same time I was attempting to get into the affiliate marketing business. This is my best website, http://besttrends.org/, that I've made so far. Then life happened recently and because that I have had more time to explore other options.

A Platform I Joined

I was, more or less, following affiliate marketing but wanted to learn more about it. I found a platform, wealthyaffiliate.com, that I became a member of and learned stuff quick. I got my first page looked over by Google, which is kind of a big thing, in two days of it being posted online. Eight days with it being posted, it was put on the search results! In the community on the platform, a lady was talking about it taking her eight months to get on the search results and that had me thinking "man, I might be on to something".


Might of got to my head

Well, at the very beginning of December of '20, I started advertising my site like CRAZY! Enough to have mis planned financially and living on cents for the rest of the month, I am thankful that gifts are not needed for anybody because for me is another Christmas alone. The first and second ones bothered me but now it doesnt, just hate how everything is closed on that day! Live and learn they say, well definitely learned budgeting is not so easy. Its ok though, life lesson learned.

My Future Couple of Months

Well come January, I am going homeless. Some say it is my choice and yes it is, in a way because what may possibly be a life partner has welcomed me back. The only reason the idea doesn't excite me is because when I am doing my research on this business, I have to have NO distractions what so ever. Its nice though knowing that a warm shower and microwave are available to use. Living in my vehicle, well, lets just say this isn't my first rodeo with that. So I plan on doing just that, I work best at night but usually people are sleeping so, very possibly may just sleep there during the day and do my car thing at night. I have many thoughts going through my head on this but am ready for it all.

In hopes

With all that being said, I can only have hope that something works out, sooner than later. That is something that has been on my mind heavy which does not help with my research and work. But it is what it is. I always thought that it would be nice to have a month or week notice before I get kicked out of somewhere because all of my past "kick outs" have been very sudden. To tell you the truth, it sucks! Its ok though, its all good. Y'all take care of yourselves and thank you for reading!

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