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10 Much Needed Things to Do in Your 20s for a Better Life

If you are in your 20s then you are living the most youthful part of your life, but don’t spend this precious time partying and clubbing only. Do these things to improve your 20s and prepare for a better future.



1. Travel a lot and Sometimes Alone

The world is so big and full of beautiful things, places, people, etc. You should spend your 20s exploring the best parts of it. It not only gives the joy of a lifetime but also gives a lot of other experiences as well, such as:

  • To Expand your knowledge of the world
  • To Meet different people and understand their cultures
  • To Make new connections
  • To Have a break from routine life

While traveling in the company of your family and friends is wonderful, traveling alone is a whole different thing. It gives you a completely changed perspective of life around you, one that you must often have in your life.


2. Learn To Cook

Out of all the things that you must learn in your life, cooking is one of the most essential ones. Learning to cook in your 20s is much needed because eating restaurant-cooked foods continuously is not a very healthy option and is expensive too. On the other hand, learning to cook has numerous advantages few of them are:

  • It is economical compared to eating the outside food
  • It helps you achieve a new skill
  • It is a healthy way of life
  • It boosts your self-esteem and confidence level
  • It makes you able to live independently
  • It gives you control over the menu

3. Increase Your Wisdom

Learning is never ending process of life. We learn new things at every stage of our lives that help us in this journey, so you must not stop yourself from gaining knowledge after school and college. One of the best sources of that is to “Read Books” a lot of books.

Books contain the accumulative knowledge of the person who writes them. Reading books gives us different perspectives of the world as these are written, by different people based on their experiences. It is an essential element of life to understand other people’s perspectives and learn from their experiences.

Along with all this, the story novels provide us the thrill of reading, emotions of the story, better imagination power, etc.

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4. Learn New Skills

Learning new skills helps in expanding our choices towards a happy life. In your 20s, you should invest time in learning any new skill that suits you or something you always wanted to do. You can learn to play a musical instrument, speak a foreign language, a martial art, etc. there are hundreds of things that a person can grasp. These new skills will boost your confidence, improve your creativity, and might also become a source of a little extra income.


5. Spend More Time with Loved Ones

As we approach our 30s, we get entangled between our careers, goals, and other earthly matters that separate us from people close to us, and this leaves regrets later in life. You must take some time off from your routine life and spend time with the people close and dear to you because once life gets seriously busy, these things appear only to be happening in dreams.


6. Fall In Love

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things a person can experience in a lifetime. Along with this, it also allows us to venture into completely different scenarios of life. When in love, a person learns to care for someone other than themself, and to think from their perspective. We experience feelings of loyalty, trust, and support while sometimes we face bad break-ups, betrayal, and grief. But all these things strengthen us for many hurdles in the future. Even with all that, falling in love is a lovely feeling, one that remains with you till the end.


7. Find Your Passion

You must set your goals early in life because, with a clear state of mind and a target to focus on, one can achieve success with less difficulty. But to do that, you must find your passion which can be the career you want to pursue or the things you want to do other than work life. Once these things are decided, you can start working on achieving them, good things indeed take time, but with early preparations, one can make them happen in lesser than the usual time.


8. Start Saving

Generally, when people first start earning, they spend all their income on enjoying life, which is a good thing but preparing for the future is even better, especially when done earlier. Along with spending your fortunes to get pleasures of the life, you must also start saving some of it, as it will not only help in the future but also in any kind of uncertainty that might happen in the present. A person must always keep some amount of reserve money to help themselves out of any troubling situation that may concern them financially.


9. And Investing

In today’s world, only saving money is not enough because money sitting idle in your bank account will not do any good to you. You must also invest your savings so that they can work in creating more money. There are various methods present now to invest your savings and earn decent amounts of surplus income. Gaining the knowledge to invest wisely can help in the long run of your career.


10. Get Rid of Toxic Company

The biggest hindrance to leading a happy and successful life is the company of the wrong people that surround us. If you sense that you are stuck with people who are stopping you from reaching your best, you must leave their company at once. Usually, people with no ambitions and no plans become the ones who demotivate us in everything. You must surround yourself with wise people who have achieved better things in their lives and motivates us to do as well.


The beginning of something is always hard but things start working out in our favor once we start working with continuous dedication. With the above things in mind start working for a better life and you’ll achieve it soon.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Dheeraj Kashyap

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