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Why Is the High Level of Testosterone Plays so Important Role in Men's Life.

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Firstly, what is the testosterone? The testosterone is the main men's hormone, androgen. It is synthesized from cholesterol by the leading cells of the testes in men, as well as in small amounts by the ovaries in women and the adrenal cortex in both men and women. The testosterone is a product of peripheral metabolism, responsible for virilization in boys and androgenization in girls.


You can determine the amount of testosterone by making a special blood test. When determining the result, take into account the state of health, time of day, mood, age of the man. The indicator from 350 to 1000 units is considered the norm.



The testosterone itself is not that biologically active. However, having the high level of the testosterone a man facing the many advantages, and I am about to describe them all.


The higher your level of the testosterone the quicker metabolic rate. What does it mean? It means that a man who has increased testosterone as a rule do not gain excess, weight even though he will be eating very much food. The testosterone increases the consumption of glucose, helps lower level of sugar in blood as well as lower number of fat tissues. It is literally make the organism working out and sort out unnecessary stuff and health products.


Remember the guy who always in the mood? This one has the top level of the testosterone. According to many science researching the testosterone very beneficial influences on the mood, self-assessment, and makes people more motivated. In another words, one with high level of that hormone never knows what the depression is.


Everything is simple: the higher testosterone level the easier organism and the man himself react to the external stresses. The high level of the testosterone keeps head in cool, so a man will consider the stress situation with a sober look not based on emotions as well as he will be able to rid of that stress.


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The men's hormone increases the enzyme nitric oxide, which expand and relax blood vessels and arteries. In that way, the blood circulation goes quick and perfect. Also, the nitric oxide helps to endure trainings much easier and recover between them faster and more qualified.


The testosterone responsible for maintenance of bone tissue. So, because of lack of testosterone the calcium are washing out of bones. As a result of that, bones are getting weak and are included to break. In this way, it would be the big randomness if one with the high level of the testosterone break the bone.


The testosterone is responsible to the protein synthesis in muscles and, of course, to the muscles gain. The size of muscles and their strength depend on the hormone. That way, the more testosterone level the more muscles and less fat has a man.


As a rule, the one with good level of the testosterone the way cleverer than one with low. It is not 100% accurate. Actually, the testosterone level does not make difference in intelligence, but it makes difference how one expresses his intelligence, use it and what strengths apply to develop it.


The men's hormone can easily "break in" the brain, developing characteristics of the human central nervous system(CNS). The testosterone, penetrating in CNS, relieve adjust connection with organs and muscles and let them work at the limit of possibilities. Thanks to hormone, muscles works to the end, and it brings to increasing the strength and the endurance.

How to Increase the Testosterone???

Now you are surely lighting up with desire to increase the level of testosterone. There are many advises how to do it on the internet. However, they all are pretty the same and that is why I am giving you SOME UNUSUAL AND NOT OBVIOUS TIPS TO BOOST YOUR TESTOSTERONE.

  1. SHOUT! Why do I make you shout? I will tell you what, remember profession sportsmen for instance football players. They all make screams all the time. You will assume that they are expressing emotions. In one way yes but the another way is scientifically proved. So, the scream stimulate a sharp spike in testosterone in the body. In that way sometimes the scream can be so useful.
  2. DO SUNBATHING! The sun increase vitamin D that is extremely connected with men's hormone and make it upper. So, spend more time under the sun if it is possible for you.
  3. DEFEAT! When did you feel the taste of the win last time? Now stand up and do it. Why? Everything could not be simpler. Just do something that make you a leader, the winner and no matter what you do to feel yourself as a winner just do it. The feeling of the defeat increases your testosterone.
  4. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS IN COOL! By friends, of course, I mean your two little balls that are going along with your whole life. So look after them, and they will look after your level of testosterone. The amount number of warmth in your balls make the level of the hormone become lower.
  5. GIVE UP SMOKING AND DRINKING BEER! Nicotine and all its kind literally kill your testosterone. At the same time the beer or rather its women hormones destroy the men's hormone.
  6. DRINK ALCOHOL! The strong alcohol in small dozes, that is for sure will increase and courage and level of the testosterone. The researching shows that strong qualified alcohol make your body work on you. So a glass of rum or wine will be good for your conditions. However, if it is already an 8th glass or second bottle of beer say goodbye to high testosterone.
  7. DO NOT OVEREAT. Always keep on the mind once you ate so much food whole progress that you made over level of the hormone would waste. So it is very important to eat much, but split your food intake on 5-6 times.
  8. KEEP THE SPINE STRAIGHT. That is crystal clear: the more you are hunching, the less your self-assessment and the less your self-assessment, the less your testosterone.
  9. FORGET ABOUT SUGAR. The sugar is the first enemy of testosterone. So if you are about to increase hormone then change all sweets on fruits.

In the conclusion, I hope this article was useful as well as enjoyable for you. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!


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