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Home Sauna Tips and Advice


Why a Home Sauna?

One reason: the sauna experience is awesome. Saunas are small rooms with a moist heat unit that creates an intensely warm, humid atmosphere. Sitting calmly in a the environment of a sauna draw beads of sweat out on your skin and puts you in an entirely different place, both mentally and physically. A session in a sauna has been a solution for stress and strain for hundreds of years -- the Finns, for ecample, have made sauna an essential part of their culture.

The cool thing is you can have this hot experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. There are affordable saunas that offer you the intense pleasures of a real sauna with all the benefits of being in your own space. Your sauna experience is even more relaxing when you can walk out of your sauna and right into your own bedroom.


The Home Sauna Experience

I work out religiously, and afer every workout I head for aout 15 minutes in the gym's sauna. I'm also no spring chicken, as they say, and it takes me a little longer than the youngsters to come back from a strenuous workout. The sauna gives me an intensely warm and humid atmosphere to rejuvenate my system. It amkes a big difference to my aged bones!


Home Sauna Benefits: Saunas help you look younger

The sauna experience is like an intensive care session for your skin. The heat opens your pores, and the high humidity increases sweating. The combination gives you a fresh and renewed feeling that goes with you throughout the rest of your day. Your skin gets a major dose of moisturizers and blood flow to the surface capillaries, which brings nutrients and growth to the epithelial layer. Your glow is real, and it lasts for hours after a session in your sauna.


A Sauna After Your Workout

Those of us who head for sauna after a workout know that the experience makes a differnce for the muscles we just pushed to the limit. I have had a bad knee for many years, and after a workout the sauna makes it feel better. If you work out or exercise in your own home, then you can now simply turn to your new home sauna and get all the benefits of the heat and humidity. Your muscles love the increased blood flow as it brings healing proteins and fueling carbohydrates right to where they're needed.

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Saunas and Your Hair

I myself don't have to worry about this anymore, but those of you with hair will immediately notice the difference in your hair after a few minutes in a hot sauna. The sebaceous glands in your scalp, the ones that secrete healthy oils that make your mane look amazing, are stimulated by the warm heat in the sauna. You can feel it almost the moment you sit down, as the tingling tells you something good is going on in your scalp.

Increase Your Heat Tolerance and Increase Your Sports Performance

Since the sauna can push you to tolerate a serious does of heat and humidity, you may find that your daily tolerance and stamina in heat situations increases. What this means for you is that no matter what your sport, the sauna experience can mean you're tougher and more resilient. So just sitting in the sauna environment toughens you up.

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A Home Sauna May Strengthen Your Immune System

This is debatable, but it may be that the increased production of white blood cells from regular use of your home sauna may make your immune system more powerful. The benefits for you from this is obvious: fewer colds and fevers, and a general boost to your resistance to infections of all kinds. Regular sauna users swear by this benefit of saunas, and studies show that h=these individuals do have higher white cell counts in their bloodstream.

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The Sauna Experience, Past and Present

The history of the traditional Finnish sauna is charted by saunas.org. It's actually an ancient form of bathing, as well as a social ritual that was part of the festivities before feasts, childbirth, and virtually any other big events. The full relaxation of mind and body are sought by people around the world to this day, but Finland is still the center of sauna culture. A home sauna is a moment of solitude that is hard to find in any other environment -- the intense heat and humidity put you in a different place, a benefit that the Finns and many other cultures throughout northern Europe have enjoyed for centuries.

How Hot Is a Sauna?

The short answer -- it's hot. The proper temperature for a sauna is between 140 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well above the hottest temperature earth ever recorded. You don't want to stay in there for too long! But a few minutes is fine, and you'll emerged feeling like a new person.
The humidity is produced by fresh water flowing over the hot rocks of the heating element, a phenomenon called the "löyly" in Finnish. A sauna is not a steam bath, even though it can be a steamy experience. The occupant not only sweats but also breathes in moist air. The sauna feeling is both internal and external.


Home Sauna Safety

There are a few things you should know about the use of your sauna to stay safe. For one thing, you should avoid excessive alcohol before entering your sauna. Alcohol can depress your metabolism and nervous system, which can combine with the heat and humidity of the sauna to creat a dangerous situation. you may be taking before you decide to spend any amount of time in a sauna. There are also some chronic diseases that can put you a risk in the sauna, so check with your doctor before you proceed. You should also take care to stay hydrated and limit your time in the sauna.


Get in Your Sauna and Lose a Few Pounds

The sauna leads you to sweat a bit, which loses some water weight. You may find that after getting in a sauna routine your weight does go down, which is likely partly a result of losing the bloat that so many of us just take for granted. A quality home sauna increases your metabolic rate. That means you burn more calories just by going through your day. And that means that over time those calories can add up and make you leaner and slimmer.

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