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Reflexology - Thai Foot Massage


Thai Foot Massage (Foot reflex, Reflexology)

Thai massage is a real gift to your body and your soul. Thai massage is not the same as conventional body massage and it is often called "Thai Healing System".

Thai foot massage is a philosophy based on relationship between energy points on the feet and various internal organs and systems. Thai medicine considers feet to be a peculiar kind of root system of the body that needs correct caring.

Foot massage as well as Traditional Thai massage is intended to harmonize all human body processes through balancing 4 elements - earth, water, air, fire. An essential part of Thai foot massage philosophy is releasing blockages of the body.

What is Reflexology and how it`s work?

The essence of the reflexology is that massage of certain parts of feet and palms that are called reflex zones, causes a reaction in the related organs and systems, and it leads to recovery and relief of pain.

Nervous reflexes are supposed as the influencing on the body basis of the massage made with palms and feet. Pressing on the reflex zones, we affect the touch receptors, pain receptors, capillaries, lymph flow and deep muscle layers. At some point, when the pressure reaches a certain threshold, the receptors are beginning to send pulses to the central nervous system. Reinforcing each other, these signals are formed into a single powerful impulse.

The nervous system processes it and «sends» signals to the viscera that are projected in these zones. So the process of adjusting the functions of these organs begins.

Signals are also transmitted to the nerve fibers that manage the musculoskeletal system, so it gives the muscles a chance to relax. The flow of information that is transmitted at this moment to the central nervous system is so great that it interrupts all other signals, and the transmission of abnormal, painful nerve impulses stops.

Finally they are replaced with healthy ones.

Feelings thai foot massage

The foot massage is a sparing technique. In any case avoid pain feelings!

Did you feel pain?

Reduce the efforts while pressing! And if you're made the massage by someone else, make sure you’ve told him about it. Many people believe that the more pressure, the faster the healing process. This is a misleading.

Just the opposite! Pain creates stress, doesn’t let relax. But relaxation exactly is the aim of the massage made by feet.

So during the session, you have to stay in the zone of the comfortable feelings. Pain is a norm, but your massage therapist should be for sure informed about it in order to regulate the pressure.

Causes of the pain can be different. Often the pain is felt in the areas of projections of unhealthy organs. But it is not the rule. Our feet "record" information about everything that happens in our body over the life as well as recorder in the aircraft records the history of flight. These are the work progress of the on-board systems, instrumental readings, conversations and actions of the crew.

Thai massage video:

Thai foot massage - Foot reflex

rexlexology chart

rexlexology chart

According to theories which Thai foot massage is based on, various emotional pains, stresses, fears, negative thoughts, grievances and other destroying emotions can accumulate in the foot making up blockages. These blockages will not let internal energy flow in correct order and will interfere in Earth energy flowing through the foot.

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In Traditional Thai medicine massage of biologically active points is believed to stimulate the work of the body. Working out these points helps to create deeper stimulation of internal organs.

Thai Foot Massage (Foot reflex) not only stimulates biologically active points but it also helps to improve circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the lower body which affects favorably the whole body. Massage grants complete relaxation, removes swelling and chronic fatigue of the legs, and it regulates the functions of all internals. Each point corresponds to a certain internal organ. If any internal organ is bothering you and you are willing to speed up your recovery make a present of Thai Foot Massage to your body in combination with conventional medical treatment if you do not have any contraindications.

Regular foot massage provides light emotional state, assists in dealing with some discomforts, strengthens the immune system, keeps in tone and power, and relieves emotional tiredness.

It would be a good idea to remember about Thai Foot Massage if you have insomnia or chronic fatigue. If you are fond of walking, if you wear high heels or inflexible shoes you must have Foot Massage. If you engage yourself in endurance sports or lead an active lifestyle, sign up to a massage therapist to relieve tension in the legs. If you have come back from a business trip or a walking holiday, call your Thai Foot Massage therapist on your way home. If you wish to relax after a busy working day or just indulge yourself in spa services, smile and visit your therapist to receive foot massage.

Unfortunately, not always we have enough time to visit a massage therapist. In this case Thai Foot Massager is there for you. Massager helps to enrich your muscles with oxygen and supply them with nutrients. Foot Massager steadies your nerves and assists in recovering balance.

forget about chronic fatigue and depression

forget about chronic fatigue and depression

Forget about fatigue and depression

A procedure of Thai Massage enables you to put aside all passing problems and day to day fuss. Due to deep relaxation your mind will be fresh, only pleasant emotions will come to replace the stress, you will forget about chronic fatigue and depression.

improve blood circulation in capillaries

improve blood circulation in capillaries

Improve blood circulation

This kind of massage will help you to normalize your metabolism, improve blood circulation in capillaries, strengthen immune system. Thai massage is highly recommended to those who live in big cities as it somehow tunes the body to protection and wellness.

sexual energy

sexual energy

Sexual energy ( male&female )

Certainly, one of the most important advantages of the massage is awakening sexual energy, increasing libido. It is recommended for both men and women.

Skin turn over

Skin turn over

Skin turn over ( Skin repair&Revitalizing )

Correct massage performing causes the pronounced effect on the skin, subcutaneous layer and muscles. First of all dead skin cells are exfoliated and as a result, contamination, micro particles of dust and microorganisms are removed. The work of glands of skin is activated, blood circulation in legs is improved, and concurrently, lymph drainage from tissues is improved too, thus making it possible to eliminate metabolic products more actively.

skin appearance

skin appearance

It makes you feel comfortable

Thai Foot Massage results in better skin appearance, higher elasticity of muscles and less visible fat depot because of its shrinking. After the massage your legs relax, tension and pain wear off and it makes you feel comfortable.

Pain in the back

Pain in the back

Pain in the back

The massage of arch of foot has beneficial influence on the spine and can lessen pain in the back. The massage of toes can improve the state of eyes and ears, the function of nasal cavity.

treatment of varicosity

treatment of varicosity

Preventive treatment of varicosity and flat feet

Foot massage has good effect on the state of support-motor apparatus. The massage helps to reduce leg swelling, to relax tight muscles. Foot massage is applied as preventive treatment of varicosity and flat feet.

restrained physical activity

restrained physical activity

Relax after physical activity

Thai massage will do a lot of good both to those who are on the move all day long and those who have restrained physical activity during the day. As it is well-known, low mobility causes blood stagnation in vessels and this results in discomfort.

foot disease treatment

foot disease treatment

Foot disease treatment

Foot massage improves circulation of blood and lymph, prevents the occurrence of varicose veins and reduces puffiness. Also foot massage takes off a continuous feeling of weight and cramps in the legs, eliminates muscle fatigue after physical efforts. Foot massage is the vital component of regular foot care. It can help in some foot disease treatment.

harmonic state of the body

harmonic state of the body

Provides energy, vitality and harmonic state of the body

Thai Foot Massage provides energy, vitality and harmonic state of the body. In Thai Foot massage they work on energy lines and acupuncture points and that means working with internal organs and different body systems. Foot massage includes pressing on reflex zones and points, along meridians, various soft and gentle stretching of muscles, joints and tendons of the foot.

We can certainly state that eastern foot massage practice effects are extraordinary lightness in motion, high spirits, promotion of health and well-being. This result is based on improving blood circulation in the legs, stimulating lymphatic system thus removing toxins out of the body. This increases oxygen delivery to the legs, reduces flabbiness, improves flexibility of joints, relieves nervous tension.

Give a present to your family on Amazon! - * Foot Massager can be applied both at home and at work or on a trip.

Give a present to your family and yourself! It may seem unusual but as soon as you feel such a pleasure and relax, you will never regret.

And in fact it is just impossible to refuse a delight in receiving the foot massage. Besides you can use special oils, creams and body milk during the massage.

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Thai foot massage

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