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Survival Rates for Stage 4 Cancer


Survival Rate Stage 4 Cancer Pictures

higher survival rates for stage 4 cancer require concerted efforts from various stakeholders

higher survival rates for stage 4 cancer require concerted efforts from various stakeholders

Survival rates for stage 4 cancer will vary from one type of cancer to the other and from one type of patient to the other.

Survival Rates for Stage 4 Cancer

Survival rate Stage 4 cancer is much lower across all types of cancers than an earlier diagnosis. At this stage the cancer is so progressed that it has overcome the immune system of the body making it susceptible to attack from other infections. In this stage the cancer will have metastasized to other tissues in the body other than the originally affected organ. When diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, survival rates are very minimal. The very early stages of cancer are the most important as a diagnosis at this time will lead to high chances of survival because of the medical technologies available. Stage 4 is the final stage of all the cancers and is a terminal stage. Getting a diagnosis for stage 4 cancer is very horrifying and can lead to depression and self-denial. This however should not last long because in the case of terminal illnesses the chances of survival greatly depend on the attitude and determination of the patient. Drugs play a minor role. If the mind is set out that you are about to die then for sure you will, sooner than you could have possibly lived. This calls for a strong determination, very positive attitude that you will live and lastly making peace with your God whoever you perceive him to be. This is especially for stage 4 cancer patients to increase their survival rate.

For doctors to know about the stage 4 cancer survival rates, they use a system referred to as staging and grading. This system helps determine the exact number of the cancerous tumors. Their sizes are also determined. This will in turn help in coming up with treatment regimens. This will help the patient. After treatment the doctors check the stage and grade of the cancer. This is where they get to know on the stage 4 cancer survival rates. Cancer cells are very aggressive in this stage and will multiply at a high rate. At this stage the affected organ cannot be removed thus making the cancer almost untreatable. Management of the disease is the only option left but with advancements in technology we never know, medicines and technologies might be invented that will increase stage 4 cancer survival rates.

Stage 4 Cancer Prognosis

For medical experts to give a stage 4 cancer prognosis they look at several issues. One is the size of the tumor and whether it has attacked other nearby organs. They also check whether it has attacked other organs not nearby. The lymph glands are also checked to determine whether they have been affected. Stage 4 cancer survival rate becomes low because the cancer by now will have spread to other organs not nearby the affected organ. The lymph nodes are also affected with the cancerous cells. The organs might stop functioning well leading to multiple health issues. In all the cancers the stage 4 survival rate is minimal and most patients will die within a year. Few will hold on for a bit longer.

Stage 4 cancer survival rate all depends on the patient. People should never lose hope and for families of those affected they should continue to encourage the patient and show love to boost the chance of stage 4 cancer survival rate.

Stage 4 Cancer Patients who have defied the survival rates associated with this stage.

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