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Start Your Weight Loss Journey Slowly but Surely

Losing weight is hard! But the hardest part is starting this journey with a proper plan. Staying focused and consistent is another challange


"Weight loss!"

Probably the hotter than hottest topic of this era!

I am also a sufferer of this web. I've never been too heavy or too skinny, always been kinda perfect weighted girl. But my life has changed in so many ways, including the enormous weight gain due to carelessness, after I gave birth to my lovely girls. My weight graph has been going up and it's been so stubborn to come down for the last five years.

I'm above 80 kgs (176 pounds) with a height of 5 foot 3 inches (1.6 meters). So, it is high time for me to get in shape, or else, my weight can literally kill me!

I've been following a low carb diet according to my Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is quite a simple diet plan, nothing fancy. Beside the diet plan I've been working out five to six days a week including walking inside my house. It's been working out for me effectively.

After years of research (haha!) on the Internet, reading articles after articles, failing to various weird weight loss methods and diets, one thing I've learned that everything doesn't work for everyone and anything can work for you if you stick to it. I know it sounds confusing, but this is what it is!

The thing is, there are so many ways to lose weight, this is the main confusing part. We should not follow whatever we find on Internet, because it would make you more frustrated later. One diet or workout regime will never work the same way for everyone.

So, first think of yourself, find out what's best for you, take professional help if you can because that's the best way to start a plan.

Now, whatever you are starting with, you can remember these simple yet effective tips to begin:

1. Start Today

2. Start Slow

3. Consistency

4. Be Realistic

5. Diet is the key component

6. Water intake

7. Keep Track

8. Stick with one Idea

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9. Goal

10. You are Wonderful!

Now, let's talk about these tips -

1. Start Today :

The biggest mistake that I made was, I've been postponing my journey from a long time! As a result, I've broken my own weight gain record of all time and my body's been begging me to do something to save it!

There is no better days or better time to start. Literally there isn't! The only option you have is Today! If you postpone your today, you're postponing your tomorrow!

2. Start Slow:

See, you can't change your bad diet habit in a day, it takes practice and patience. The same way, You can't workout like a bodybuilder and do 100 squats in one day. Even if you do make these things happen for a day, you'll surly skip the next day because of your sore muscles and unhealthy cravings. Controlling diet doesn't mean that you have to starve, it simply means making healthy choices of eating. Exercise doesn't mean you have to do 100 squats in the starting day, it means keeping your body active and increasing the activity level day by day.

3. Consistency:

I'm finding it hard to stay consistent with my routine. Which is a big problem of course, I bet everyone goes through it. But consistency is a must. No matter what, you have to stick to it!

4. Be Realistic:

There are many tips and tricks on the Internet telling people to lose 10 kgs in a week or 10 days, 20 kgs in one month etc. What you have to understand is that you didn't gain 10 kgs of weight in a week or 20 kgs in a month. Then how can you naturally reduce that amount of weight in such rush?

5. Diet is the key component:

No matter how hard you are exercising, if you have a bad diet habit, you'll never reach your destination. Experts say, the 80% of the losing weight mission depends on what you are putting in your mouth. That's how important role diet plays in this journey.

6. Water intake :

After all, Water is Life, right?

If you are doing diet and exercise right but not consuming enough water, then it will give you a bad result. Your weight loss process will slow down or might get stuck at some point.

Health authorities recommend to drink at least two liters of water a day, which is 8 ounce or half a gallon. According to doctors, 3 liters of water will keep any kind of diseases away from you. Water keeps your internal body parts such as liver, kidney healthy and improves your skin health too.

7. Keep Track:

Keep track of your daily achievements, such as, day 1- workout, diet and water intake -done. Or, how more or less did you achieve in these three sectors, how will you improve the lacking. Measure weight and body parts in every fifteen days. Trust me, when you see even a slight progress, it gives you a great boost!

8. Stick with one idea:

No matter how many diet or workout plans are out there, you have to stick with one first! You see, everything takes its own time to adjust with your body. If you start a diet or workout routine this morning, it won't show you any results the next day! Give yourself time, be patient, your body will show you result.

9. Goal:

Set a healthy realistic goal. The mindset of "Losing weight only" can be frustrating for anyone. Make a goal of "becoming the fittest version" of yourself. A model like body may not be a healthy goal for everyone. A body which will make you more comfortable and happy, that should be the goal.

10. You are wonderful!

This is the most important parts of all. Love your inner self and the beauty will show outside. We all have flaws and insecurities. What you need to know is, no one, I repeat, no one is flawless. And that's the beauty of being a human being!

Care to add some more tips? Let me know in the comments below.

Let "Fitness" be our goal and "Health" our main priority.

Thank you for reading.

© 2019 Jannat Hossain

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