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Snore Pillow Will Help Stop Snoring


Thanks to the recent advancements of better sleep technology, you no longer have to listen to your partner snoring logs anymore. Or, they no longer have to listen to you. With A Snore Pillow, the person who snores generally will either quit snoring all together, or experience a reduction in the intensity of their snoring. Enough to really help both partners to get a good nights sleep.

I am a snorer, in one relationship we actually had to sleep in seperate bedrooms because my snoring was so loud. Snore pillows are awesome and they really help. They may not completely get rid of the snore, but they can reduce snoring dramatically.Plus, you sleep better.

Most of the snore reduction pillow options are orthopedically designed specifically to reduce snoring, some also to help combat the effects of mild sleep apnea. Snore pillows are made of memory foam and are generally created with a neck roll and reinforced head to help to support the head and neck to open the airway passages. This is how they work to reduce snoring. Many models of the no snore pillow products also raise the body to further reduce snoring.

snore pillow

snore pillow

How Does A Snore Pill Work?

When using a traditional pillow, your chin tends to rest pushed down towards your chest. Pressure is put on your airways causing they to collapse or get pinched. For many people, this is the cause of snoring. Imagine holding an inflated balloon tightly at the bottom. When pinched, if you slowly let air out it sqeals or slowly lets out farting type noises. This is the same type of thing that is happening in your airways causing the snoring.

Snore reduction pillows use the popular memory foam technology to work to keep your chin away from your chest and promotes keeping your jaw forward and your airways open and your tongue is less likely to fall back to your throat.

A snoring pillow is not a miracle product, but it does work to reduce snoring, and for some people completely stop snoring when used. Unlike other no more snore products such as medications it doesn't take days or weeks to work, it starts working the first night.

Because of the position of the head and neck, your bodies alignment is also improved so not only are you sleeping better because you are snoring less, you are actually sleeping better because your body is learning to sleep in a better position that puts less stress on your spine. It doesn't matter if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. This really works.

Snore No More Stop Snoring Pillow

Snore No More Stop Snoring Pillow

Get A Peaceful Sleep

Sona Snore Pillow

Sona Snore Pillow

What Are The Best Snore Pillows

There is a variety of snore pillows available and each one is created a little different to get peaceful sleep. What works for you will be determined by how you like to sleep. Some snore pillows have a gap on the sides for sleepers who like to outstretch there arms, others are made for people who snore and like their head nuzzled in one place. Some of the pillows are even created to help reduce mild sleep apnea in people who aren't quite ready for a sleep apnea machine, but still need a little help to stop waking in the middle of the night.

Quality brands to look for are Snore-No-More by Hudson Industries and the Sona Pillow by Brookstone.

Snore pillows are made out of memory foam, but they are not your average memory foam pillow. Most snore reduction pillows are designed by doctors and physicians. Look for a snore pillow that is completely hypoallergenic.

The memory foam snore pillows are made to be hand wash only and air dry. Not only is this the best care for your pillow, but it retains it fire-retardancy.


cfleming1 from USA on July 13, 2010:

Thanks for the Hub sunstreeks

These pillows are great. The memory foam is actually comfortably warm in the Winter and remarkably cool in the Summer. I love mine and even take it along on vacations

itcoll on January 07, 2010:

this sounds interesting.my dad is the only one who snores in our house.I will buy one of these for him someday.

Ellen on October 28, 2009:

good info, do you know which one has been known to work the best?

sudamaprasad on September 20, 2009:

Thnx for the nice advice, I would definately try to get the same pillow .

MightyGiant on June 28, 2009:

Thanks for taking the time to write a great hub about the snoring pillow I am very interesed in trying one now. Thanks

wordscribe41 on June 15, 2009:

Interesting information. I really might have to get one for my husband (okay for me). We've definitely tried quite a few things, but not a snore pillow next. Thanks for the information.

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