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The Ultimate Guide to Slimmer Thighs


Is there really any secret to getting slimmer thighs? I don't believe there is however some people believe that there is some magic formula lying around somewhere. You will never get the desired legs simply by using the typical gym machines and the daily cardio work.

Most people you see going to the gym and doing the typical exercises never actually reach their goal.

There are three main way to getting you thighs slimmer as listed below:

1. Correct Nutrition

2. Muscle and Strength training

3. Cardiovascular work (but not the typical cardio which most people do)

Correct Nutrition

You will never get slimmer things with an incorrect and poor diet. It doesn't matter how much you train and workout, eating the wrong food combinations will simply store fat in the undesired areas such as your stomach, arms and legs.

Any fat on your body will cover up any underlying muscle making it difficult to actually see any definition. If you want to attain slimmer thighs then your diet must contain more of the fat burning foods. This will help you legs stay lean and sexy looking.

A good diet plain is to eat more than three meals a day in order to keep the metabolism going fast, however not all the meals are complete meals. Some are simply snacks. E.g. Eating five times a day would be Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack and then Dinner.

Frequent eating is what actually boosts your metabolism and speeds up the fat burning rate. You will definitely achieve your goal of slimmer thighs quicker by increasing the number of times you eat in a day.

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Strength Training

Many women will dismiss strength training thinking that it's the worst thing to do to ones legs for slimming. Most women will probably say "The last thing I need is massive, bulky, muscly legs". This is such a myth that needs clarification.

It is extremely difficult for a women to build up mass like a body builder from simple weights in the local gym. To build up bulky muscles you will need a special workout which is what only body builders do.

Women have less testosterone in their bodies then men, so it is harder for women to build up muscle that way any way.

It is the shape of the muscle that gives the nice sexy curvy appearance so you need some form of muscle training anyway. Therefore, even if you burn a lot of fat around your legs, they will never look sexy unless you have a decent amount of muscle underneath to maintain the shape.

This type of lean muscle will come from intense leg training and not the typical light reps that most people do in the gym on the machines. doing light reps and sets will take far to long to get your legs into shape. You need to do heavier weights with less reps to get the toned shape you are after.

Good strength exercises for slimming thighs are as follows:


Lunge walks (also with weight e.g. barbell)

Box steps (use a barbell for extra resistance)

Cardio Training

This is slightly different from your normal cardio routine. This method will allow your body to burn more fat and of course calories while at the same time toning up your thighs to put on some sexy lean muscle tone. Obtaining slim thighs basically means and good amount of muscle with a low percentage of fat. Most people's muscles are hidden underneath a layer of fat so unless you burn the fat, you won't see the muscle.

The more fat you have in general means that you fat cells are bigger, the size of the fat cells will be similar in all parts of you body. So burning one area should result in also burning the desired areas.

The idea is to raise your heart rate to the maximum and ease down the pace again to a minimal rate. You can use any piece of equipment and the trick is to gradually warm up to a high heart rate and then immediately drop the pace back to more of a relaxing heart rate. By doing this repeatedly your body will burn fat for long time even after finishing the work out.

Good Luck!

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