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Motivational Self Confidence Quotes with Images


Quotes About Self Confidence

These motivational quotes will boost up your self-confidence level and you can face the world with a real courage. Someone once said that the battles we fight are not the ones for the gold medal, but that they're the invisible and inevitable battles we fight within us. I totally concur with him because this truth applies to each and every one of us. These battles come in various forms and degrees. Some people use various terms like shortcomings, weaknesses, lack of confidence, or even demons to describe them. No matter what we call them, they still remain those invisible battles we fight on our inside.

Frankly speaking, these battles may include dispositions like fear, inferiority complex, arrogance, pride, envy, jealousy, anger, bitterness, greed, lust, backbiting, addictions, selfishness, laziness, dishonesty, impatience, recklessness, plus any kind of negativity you can imagine. When we fail to fight, control or at best totally overcome these negative dispositions, we seem to lose the battle against them, as they will definitely control us and our entire lives. Thus, the only way to win the battles we face in the outside world is to first of all win the ones we fight on our inside. And that's what defines a true champion.

Thoughts are things. You don't get what you want, you get what you picture. What are you thinking about? What’s on your mind? What are you picturing in the head? Is what you are telling yourself propelling you forward or keeping you down? This is a new year! Let the past be the past and dream as you never have before. The only one stopping you is YOU. Change your thoughts and you change your life!


Quotes on Self Confidence and Self Esteem

  1. If you always focus on your challenges, you will be challenge bound; if you manage them and move on, you open the door of opportunity.
  2. The moment you think about what you don't have or what you can't do to make your dreams possible, that is the moment you invite doubt into your life and tell self-confidence to exit.
  3. Be impacted by something great and powerful so that in turn your impact in others will be great and powerful.
  4. Your strength is only a sign of weakness to those who have no intention of respecting it. This goes for your entire life, not just relationships.
  5. Some people are attracted to the idea of you but could never handle or appreciate the reality of you.
  6. Putting others first never requires you to be last. It requires you to be present. You can't be present if you haven't taken care of you. Loving others requires loving yourself.
  7. Some individuals are insecure, lack confidence and have a low self of esteem, but it doesn't mean you have to bring everyone else down with you. Your insecurity shouldn't dictate the way you treat people neither should you immaturity increase as you age.
  8. Some people stop at being told about how much they are cared for. Don't stop there. Go where the action is.
  9. Take today by the horns and make it what you want. You are not bound by limitations unless you say you are. All things are possible. Just add confidence, belief, a plan of action, and work, and you have the beginning recipe for success. You can do it; all that you need is what lies within you.
  10. Work smart. Show up. Add value. Believe in yourself and others. The belief that you were made for where you're going.
  11. Put a stop to people coming and dumping all of their thoughts on you. Therapists, life coaches, and psychologists get paid to listen to people. If they are in a perpetual hell, then they want to be there. So go back there.
  12. Until you cut ties with the old you, you'll continue to attract new situations that lock into your old ways.
  13. The gifts that God gives you are not for everyone to open. Some will not even like how it's wrapped. Learn who your gifts are meant for and put your energy there.
  14. We are our biggest critic. Our own thoughts and words when directed at ourselves will aide in either self-sabotage or self-empowerment. If you are tired of yourself sabotaging then make a definite conscious decision to change. It'll be hard at first because it’s easy to speak about death, negativity and criticism than life, positivity and confidence. But know that if you are absolute about a change then things and people will begin to come into your life to assist you in yourself transformation from being your biggest critic to your biggest supporter and encourager.
  15. If your habits are keeping you broke then its time to change your habits. Nothing can change and get better until you decide to change first and begin to create better habits.
  16. Failing forward isn't so bad when the end result is constantly focused on and goals are reset. Just look at the proven results.
  17. Sometimes taking a step is figuring it out. You don't need to be perfect to pursue your purpose.
  18. People who don't value themselves will not value you. You are responsible for your own happiness. Stop leaving it in the hands of those who haven't even defined what it means to them.
  19. Possible mates will always be attracted to the idea of you until they experience the real you. The challenge comes when they have to decide whether they want to deal with the real you.
  20. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that this person is you. Other people are very often the symptoms and effects of what you've allowed. Your time is life. When you guard your time, you guard your life. Let's have an incredible and productive day. And remember, words were spoken by you and others only have power if you give it power. Only give power to that which empowers you.
  21. People don't care about what you say; they care about what you do. What are we doing to make a positive impact in the life of people we come into contact with? When someone leaves your presence they should leave feeling better and fuller.
  22. Don’t listen to critics, people criticize what they don't know, want to know, pure laziness, or just don't understand. So don't allow others to deter you away from your dream, or what you believe, because those, are the one's that’s in a dead end job, losers, they lack self-esteem, and confidence, they have no motivation, or the will to listen to or learn different avenues.
  23. Some things and people will seek to dominate your time for the sole purpose of misusing it. Define who and what matters and be okay to reject what doesn't.
  24. Sometimes the main reason behind gossiping is jealousy. When someone feels jealous of someone else he might gossip about her in order to let people hate her. Sadly jealousy stems from the lack of self-confidence and gossiping about someone because you are jealous of her only means that you have low self-esteem.
  25. Sometimes you look in the rear view mirror, not to go back, but to see what you're now in front of to understand that you have control over what controlled you. It is empowering to smile and be confident that your view is a good view. Change your perspective. Looking back doesn't require you to go back.
  26. It’s an absolute must to start off the day with giving thanks and having gratitude in one's heart. These good feelings will lead to positive confidence that will keep you on the right frequency to receive all good things.
  27. You are more than what people think they know or heard about and see in you.
  28. Do not allow the slogan perfectly imperfect to keep you from improving yourself. Sometimes we need inner work. That bad attitude and negative self-talk are not perfectly imperfect. It's unhealthy. Commit to doing the self-work.
  29. Some people, as well as myself, would benefit from this today. Go on just do it once and feel the difference. No one is watching.
  30. No matter what you're experiencing or not experiencing, things will change when you change them.
  31. You'll never know how great you really are until you put the action in to get the things you desire.
  32. Sometimes the 'them' is YOU. There are times when our own voice makes the loudest noise on our journey. That voice is often on repeat and it's saying, quit, it costs too much, you're not on that level, you started too late, you'll never make it, just stop now, people have already done this, you need more money or you're crazy. Prove 'YOU' wrong and get it done.
  33. Allow your singleness to empower you, not devour you. Use this time to become the best you can be.
  34. Self-love is the best love. You're not ready to be in a relationship if it's only an opportunity to escape from yourself.
  35. To every problem, there is a solution but if we focus on the problem then we will miss the solution that is right in front of our face and sometimes the solution comes in the form of an opportunity.
  36. Self-confidence makes you rely on yourself, on your abilities and really it comes back short because we are lacking. God-confidence is where we should live. He will supply us with His goodness, and then we are confidently and effectively able to share His love and joy. Better than self-confidence and self-esteem.
  37. No one owes you what you refuse to give yourself. Being loved is your responsibility first.
  38. The root gives off the fruit the fruit is the gift. Everyone wants the gift without the root which is the grounding. If you're not grounded your gift will take you places where your character can't keep you. Lets ground us so deep that the root turns into a huge tree, the bigger the tree, the greater the character; the greater the character the bigger the expansion that the gift creates.
  39. People who are influenced will do anything for the one who influenced them. Right or wrong they're loyalty is unquestionable. That is why it is as important as leaders that our influence is based upon truth.
  40. Stop asking people how they feel about you and just observe. Their actions tell you everything you need to know.
  41. People who aren't in the trenches with you will never understand why you do what you do. As long as what you know you're doing is your assignment and for truth, their opinion should have no effect on you.
  42. Don't allow the fear that other people have of success take root in you and grow. This will only hinder and hurt your present and future. To be successful you must hang around people who already have the same success you desire.

Why you?

At some point, you believed in yourself and your dreams and were prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve them. But then people came into your life, changed you, diverted you, used you, dumped you, left you heartbroken, unfulfilled, incomplete, wondering, with low self-esteem, lack of confidence in yourself. What happened to you? Where are you? Why did you let those people walk away with a precious part of you? Can you at least try and bring yourself back? We miss you, what happened to that "you" you were before? Can't that "you" heal and forgive and let go and start afresh and pursue those dreams?

Somebody told somebody that consistently clicking pictures of yourself at any given occasion and uploading these on Facebook and Instagram is a sign of lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Then the second somebody asked me if it was true? Well, to a certain extent it is a constant craving for attention which makes people do it repeatedly and it also entails narcissism particularly when apps make one look younger and the face and neck unlined when in reality the case is different. Like many people tell me that how come many celebs and socialites don't look so flawless personally as they do in their pictures? One can say that this addiction for posting pictures is more a combo of attention seeking, fishing for compliments, making oneself feel important and a dash of vanity.


Emotional Intelligence and confidence!

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand that someone who deliberately act with the intentions of destroying your inner person is doing so because she lacks enough self-confidence and self-esteem in herself in such a way that she desperately need to see you losing a portion of yours and using it to build her own. The emotional intelligence will require you to propose an initiative that is to be used to build up your friend's self-esteem and self-confidence so she/he can recognize the importance of living life joyously and happily without trying to steal one another s happiness The intelligence requires you to take charge and full control of your emotions and manage others emotions as well.

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How to overcome inferiority complex and bring a confidence?

Inferiority complex is a feeling where one feels lower than the other although another party doesn’t bother with the difference. It’s like when you don’t have money, and you saw rich people driving a nice car. When he don’t smile at you doesn’t mean he is arrogant. He maybe has something else in mind causing them to forget to smile. But do they need to smile to everybody? If the rich guy did that, smile to everyone he met, people will say he try to show off. Nothing can satisfy haters. So to overcome this so-called inferiority complex just think that everyone, everyone has their own problem, their own more and less in everything. Even your wealth, knowledge, level of education, a number of children, happiness and confidence of each individual, is different. So, stop comparing, teach yourself to understand, that, if people around you has something you don’t have, find one thing that you have that none of them equipped with. Let say you know how to cook, she also know the same dish you are cooking, bear in mind that maybe your final product will be more delicious, or your dish is the best for your family. Life is hard and harsh. But, God has promised that every difficulty and hardness will be replaced with something beneficial. And He will not test with something that you can’t bear. Stop the mocking, the unity of nothing when everything happens because of your lacking. Be nice. And people will be nicer. And don’t complain too much about your life when you always forget the one who created you.

On the course of life, we find ourselves having traveled many roads. Some say it's necessary to discover purpose while others firmly insist it is a waste of time. Your journey is for you. Perhaps you have been on different paths. Perhaps you've taken numerous directions. You may have even gotten off at the wrong stop. There is still good in all of it. Do not discount your steps. Though many or few, though one straight line or a sprawled out highway, the beauty is that you have discovered the entire forest. Change your thinking and your life will follow.

Your life is a masterpiece, full of excitement, intrigue, joy, heartbreak, wrong turns and redemption. The amount of love or the lack thereof will determine your successes, failures, self-confidence, self-esteem, and at some level, every decision and outcome are directly related to the level of love in your life. People desire the love, praise, and acceptance of others, however, many times in the truly hard moments of life we must have a strong undying self-love if we wish to be successful in getting through the most difficult periods in life. Learn to appreciate yourself, marvel at your intellect and abilities, stop and see how good you look! The same thousand small things you do for others, you also must do for yourself. Through self-appreciation and self-love, you’ll develop a well of happiness, peace and joy that will get you through anything.

I stopped being a convinced, people who are for you and who desire to be in your life do not have to be convinced or coerced to stay. I used to convince people to stay who were never committed to staying. Who never intended to stay? Some people are like seasons. When the season is over, you change your garments. You want to go, leave. Let me get the door for you. Have the gift of good-bye. Take care.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Quotes Lover (author) on July 07, 2016:

Yup 36 is also my favorite

Janellegems on July 06, 2016:

These are an excellent list of quotes on self-confidence. I especially like number 36, but they are all great and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing this.

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