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Sattvic Diet

Sattvic Diet

What is Sattvic Diet?

You can get rid of any chronic disease like diabetes,high blood pressure,PCOD,tyhroid,cancer from its roots without any medicine or treatment just by following simple diet plan.Yes just by following simple diet plan which is Sattvic diet plan.According to Ayurveda Sattvic diet contain the quality sattva which give purity,light of goodness and balance the mind and body.The food you consume affects your body as well as mind.Today with the busy life we are heading towards the instant lifestyle which contain preservative,spicy and long time cooked food which all are categorised as Tamasic food(food that decrease the energy of the are consider as Tamasic food).

The food you consume take 18 hours to digest properly so our digestive system needs free time to take all this process but if we eat repeatedly it stop the digestion of previous meal which converted into the waste material.

So you have to follow Intermittent Fasting,in this the day is divided into the eating and fasting time.The 24 hours is divided into 16-8 hours cycle the 16 hours you have to fast and next 8 hours you have to eat(breakfast,lunch,dinner).For instance if you had taken your dinner at 7 P.M., the next meal you will take at 11 A.M. next day.In this 16 hours cycle you can add any fresh vegetable juice but not any solid food.

4 Rules you have to follow during Sattvic Diet:

  • Eat Living Food:Eat only those food which have life for example fruits,vegetable,sprouts,coconut.No animal should be harmed,it is pure vegetarian diet.
  • Eat Wholesome Food:Consume those food which is not fragmented.The fragmentation process remove the nutrient which we require.For example consume brown rice at the place of white rice.
  • Plant based: Mother nature have made our body to consume only living food not the food which is dead.Preservative foods are dead food which don't add any value in our body.
  • Water Rich: Our body is madeup of 70% water and 30% solid, so it is necessary to consume that food which are water rich like fruits(watermelon,apple etc.)

Benefits of Sattvic Diet

  • Detox your body.
  • Helps you in weight loss.
  • Maintain a proper balance between mind and body.
  • Gives you acne free and clear skin.
  • Helps you to induce love and happiness in your selp.
  • Boost the stamina.
  • Reduce the gastric problem.

Sattvic Diet Chart

9 A.M.:Detox Juice

Start your day with any fresh vegetable juice (ash gourd,bottle gourd,spinach,beetroot).When you entered this fresh vegetable juice in your body it starts to such in all the toxins like magnet and detox your body.Try to avoid any fresh fruit juice.


11 A.M.: Fruits

After the 16 hours of gap the first solid food you can consume is fruits.Make a full plate of any 2-3 seasonal and regional fruits and add grated coconut into this.

vegetable juice

vegetable juice


2 P.M.:Sattvic Chappati,Sattvic Sabji,Salad,Curd

Sattvic Chappati:1 cup of wheat flour,1 cup of any grated vegetable like cucumber,spinach,beetroot etc.Now mix all this and make a dough.Then cook chappati.

Sattvic Sabji:Use a clay utensil.Pour half glass of water in any fresh vegetable and then cook for 10-15 minutes at low flame.Add grated coconut,it will fulfill the need of oil.

Mid Meal

4 P.M.: Mid Meal

A mid meal is important because it helps you in taking light dinner.In mid meal you can take nuts like almonds,cashew nuts, walnuts etc., any fruit juice,coconut water.Don't take in excessive quantity because nuts increases cholesterol.


7 P.M.: Bowl of Salad or Soup.

Your dinner should be light because it in night you don't do much tasks so it become difficult to digest easily.Add Salad and Soup, if your are still hungry you can take brown rice mixed with any pulse.

Things keep in your mind

  • Children below 15 years and athletes are not suggested this diet.
  • Don't leave any medicine or treatment,consult your doctor before this.
  • Don't drink extra water because you are hungry,it will create undue pressure on your kidney.


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