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Safety Precautions in the Workshop

Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike holds first degree in Metallurgical and Materials engineering. He has proper practical experience in this area.

Workshops Safety

Safety precautions in a workshop, safety, precautions. The illustration is on the prevention of oil spillage.

Safety precautions in a workshop, safety, precautions. The illustration is on the prevention of oil spillage.

What are the safety precautions in workshops?


Students should know that workshop is not a place to go and play. It is wrong for any student to go into a workshop for practical and start playing around with other students. It is called a workshop. It is a place for "real business".

What are the safety precautions in workshops which are to be observed? It is very good to be careful in workshops-safety. Safety is now offered as separate course by few institutions.It is sad to hear that many who went into industrial manufacturing ended up losing parts of their bodies, like fingers and toes. Why did such happened? Safety Precautions can be defined as measures taken in the workshop to avoid accident or harm which one may encounter in the workshop. Many are blaming themselves today because of the problems they had due to their carelessness in workshops. Safety is freedom from accident which may occur in the workshop (place of work). These safety precautions are taken to avoid the person working in the workshop from being harmed and from harming others working in the workshop. A workshop in this context is a building where production or repair of machines is carried out.

Some Safety Precautions in the workshop

There are many measures which anyone working in workshop(s) needs to take into consideration before and during his work. Some of these measures are discussed below and should not be treated with kid gloves.

  • Oil Spillage: Oil should not be allowed to pour in the workshop as this can cause accident. When oil spills in the workshop may be by mistake it should be cleaned immediately. The spill of oil on the floor can cause workshop attendant to lose any part of his body; his hand can get in contact with sharp rotating machine. This machine can easily cut his hand when being slipped by oil. It is true that oil is used in machines to keep them functioning, but at the same time, oil is a dangerous liquid. If it is not properly used in the workshop by the students as well as by the workshop coordinator, it takes the symbol of dangerous liquid. If you work in oil section of any company, you must make sure that the oil being used does not spill. This is one of the reasons when coordinators of many companies teach on being careful in work places sometimes once in every six months.
Workshop Safety Signs. The signs show how to work safe in workshops.

Workshop Safety Signs. The signs show how to work safe in workshops.

  • Check Machine Parts: A machine is any device that enables work to be done more easily and effectively. The bad side of machine is that it can harm the operator if care is not taken. If a workshop operator uses any machine carelessly, the machine in turn may handle him carelessly. Machine parts should be properly checked before use in workshops. They should be properly checked to ensure that there is no lose parts in the machine. Lose parts of machines can operate in abnormal ways and cause accidents in workshops. In the world of transportation for instance, we hear of vehicle accidents everyday. It is not as if the vehicles like to have accidents on their own but because the users of the vehicles do not check the parts frequently. A car that fails break on the highway killing lot of people is because the car user does not check the break part to make sure that things are in order before driving out with the car. Carelessness is the major reason for such ugly incidence.

  • Avoid Playing: Workshops are places for serious “business”, so students should not enter there and start playing with the devices found in it. Students that come to workshop for their practical classes need to be careful as playing in the workshop can result to one accident or the other. Playing in workshops can make workshop teacher to get annoyed and hit the student with any available device thereby resulting to injury. Workshop is not a zone for premature activities. Even if you are underage, act maturely once you find yourself in a workshop.

  • Clear gangway: Gangways of every workshop should be kept free from obstacles. Gangway is the path through which workshop attendants pass through. This is to be kept free from obstacles for easy and free movement in the workshop. Untidy gangways can also result to “rough” output in the workshop as things are not put in their right places.

  • Wear overalls: This is the first thing to be considered before working in any workshop and any worker without this not allowed into workshop not to talk more of working in it. Any sensible worker does not joke with wearing overalls before working in workshops. Ignoring wearing overalls in the workshop is like saying to the workshop “I want you to harm me because my life is nothing to me”. Examples of overalls are workshop coats, safety boots and hand gloves.

  • Mindful of electricity: Electricity should be handled with care in the workshop as this can suck the whole water and blood in human body within a second. Maximum attention should be paid to electricity when dealing with its devices in workshops. Nobody should go near electric current when the body is wet or soaked with water. Water is a good conductor of electricity and should be in contact with the body of any working in workshop. I was a victim of electric shock in a workshop before and that is why a want to warn and write more on this heading. Ensure that all electrical connections are switched off before closing any workshop as sparks may occur in the odd hours and results to fire outbreak in workshops.

  • When you dealing with molten metal, do not look directly into it when melting through heating process. It is advisable for any who melt in furnaces or crucibles to wear eye shield before looking into them. When you look into molten metal without covering your eyes with shield, there is every possibility that your eyes will get harmed. In totality, ensure your wear eye shield before looking into hot molten metal in the workshop. If the casting process is by sand casting process or investment casting, make sure you are careful during pouring.
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  • Avoid excessive noise in workshops as this can result to fatigue. When weakness is encountered in workshops, it results to accidents. The person working in the workshop can feel tired and be less mindful of the work he is doing there. Out of mistakes he may put one of his fingers in a cutting machine or its likes and his finger becomes chopped off.

  • It is not advisable to look into molten metal when working in a foundry workshop or any that invoices molten metal. When one looks into molten metal in furnace or crucible without eye shield, the eyes can be affected. Also, the skin may be burnt by the heat coming out from the furnace. This can also result to killing the cells in the part of the worker’s face.

  • It is wrong to look down when climbing far distance in the workshop. Any who climbs height of about twenty to thirty metres should not look down. Looking down when climbing such height can result to fear and makes him fall from the height. Another negative effect of looking downwards while to such height is that it makes his eyes to appear as if it is turning around whenever he looks down. It is better to climb straight to the height one wants to reach without looking down to avoid “had I know” as this can make the person in question to fall from distant height.


Safety precautions as the act of being careful and observing the rules that guide any particular workshop environment have been written on. The truth of the matter is that these safety precautions should not be treated with kids glove because in is very important and helpful in totality. These safety precautions are to be applied in all workshops for the lives of the workers and those who are working with him in the workshop. Safety precautions are for the students, instructors and teachers in the workshop. Safety precautions are not only for students as some instructors overlook this. In a nutshell, every person working in workshops are called to be careful as any injury encountered can negatively affect the family, relations and even friends.


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ORIOLA KHADIJAT on September 08, 2020:

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Trudy Cooper from Hampshire, UK on January 22, 2015:

Very interesting hub, if your interested in Health and Safety you may wish to look at the ones that I have written. Well written.

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