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Ten Reasons to Cut the Sugar out of Life

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What is sugar?

People used to treat the sugar as super delicious and ate it literally once a year. Nowadays every food has the sugar and in enormous number. Although it is very tasty and improve your mood, however not without purpose there is the rate of sugar consumption. So, the sugar is unnecessary for the human's organism because it is a chemical element that does not consist of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat, and any of others health products that is needed for our organism.

The rate of sugar consumption

  • Men - 37 gram. (1.305137 ounces)
  • Women - 25 gram. (0.881849 ounces)
  • Children under 3 - 12.5 gram. (0.440925 ounces)
  • Girls under 13 - 20 gram. (0.705479 ounces)
  • Boys under 13 - 22.5 gram. (0.793664 ounces)
  • Teens about 25 grams. (0.881849 ounces)

So, now you know how much sugar you are allowed to eat and the abuse of the sugar is very harmful for the organism, so you can increase your number of saccharin if your lifestyle is very active.


Some while of the sugar consumption guide you to the problems with metabolism, overweight, and unpleasant consequences such as obesity, diabetes, the heart and vessels diseases. Besides this there are some others things that are killed by the assumption of the sugar:

1. BONES. The sugar in any numbers washes out calcium that plays a main role in bone's strength. In that way, sugar and calcium are not that friendly to each other, but the sugar is what a rascal, and it is making friends with you then washing out its enemy, calcium.

2. ADDICTION. The sugar is a real drug. Today you ate one candy, tomorrow you are about to eat three and next week you are eating already one sack of it, and you do not even notice it. You enjoy your candy until your brain forget the taste, and then it sends to you signal to get high.


3.TASTE. I tell you the truth. If you got used to adding the sugar in a couple of tea or coffee and eat muffins and many products that includes sugar you do not know the taste of any products. So 2-3 weeks without sugar at all, and you will remember my words. The sugar shoot down your traditionally sense of taste. It is like choosing the girl that has tons of make-up on her face but once you saw her without cosmetic, and you do not like her any more, but when she is under wake-up it is OK.

4. LAZINESS. You have all day scheduled and then boom! And you do nothing, but laying and scrolling social networks all day long. Why is that so? The answer will be that unhealthy and sweet food make you feel a satisfaction and because of that you feel yourself relaxed and satisfied. It is proved that satisfaction always let people down.

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5. AGGRESSION. Don't you notice that sweetens are toxic and their behaviour leave wish better. It happens because of junk food and mainly because of the sugar. Many scientists researching prove that the sugar unwholesomely influences on human brain as follows on the part that is responded to control people aggression.
6. DEPRESSION. People that are inclined to sweets more often suffer from depression. Firstly, they are as a rule becoming fatter, uglier, their skin conditions are getting worse, and worse and it can lead to the depression. Secondly, as I mentioned before they are addicted. So, they have to keep the dose under a hand, otherwise sweetens will be upset. Finally, what if someone who loves sweets reached that stage when drugs don't make him satisfied as before? He begins increase the amount of sugar, however it does not help and here is sadness and depression.


7. LIVER. If you are dreaming to die in agony from cirrhosis of the liver keep assuming the sugar. The problem is, as I mentioned before the sugar is a chemical product, and our liver barely can manage to metabolize it. In that way, we harm the liver by consuming the sugar.
8. CANCER. The sugar feed all organism cells and in that way the sugar is fuel for cancer cells and because of it they are splitting incredibly fast all over human organism.
9. GOUT. The sugar assuming causes the gout. It is a very painful in human condition when uric acid is accumulating in the blood, and it is a reason of the incredibly powerful pain in every joint as well as swellings and redness.
10. DEMENTIA and DIABETES. So, many scientist clime that third stage of diabetes easily cause dementia, and diabetes are caused by sugar. Everything is elementary!



Now, you are probably excited how much of sugar do you eat per day? I will show you products and amount of sugar that the are consisting.

So one cube of sugar is one gram.

  • Milk shake 22 cubes.
  • Apple pie 21 cubes.
  • Chocolate bar "Mars" 52 cubes.
  • Muesli ( one portion) 25 cubes.
  • Honey 82 cubes.


In that way, do not abuse the sugar assumption, one candy or two square of chocolate per day will be enough for your organism.

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