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My Journey from being a anxious person to a free minded person !!

Anxiety is part of our evolution, and plays a crucial role in the "fight and flight"
response, but it can impede our day-to-day activities when this response stays "ON" all the time. The feeling in our head of bearing a burden, overthinking, fear can also be daunting and may take joy from one's existence.

This pandemic of COVID-19 really took a toll on us, particularly for me...... In the middle of the pandemic, I had a big costocondritis, and it made my already nervous mind more like a time bomb that made my heart pound over 135 bpm... which would have been fatal if my mind was not handled well in time. After a psychiatric consultancy is taken and my 6 month course is covered. I am now here to share my journey of how to get out of this constant cycle of anxiety and depression.


There might be a constant cycle of taking anxiety, hardwired in your mind. Acknowledging the pattern of your anxiety is the first step to freedom from anxiety episodes on what basis. Write them on a journal or diary.

Morning Mediations with prayers is a best combination to practice. Meditation makes your mind clear and prayer increases your faith in god, which takes out burden from your shoulder. Having faith is more powerful than having hope.


The best way to get to know yourself is by spending time with yourself. Have a clarity about who you are, e.g. Am I a person who is constantly upset over small things??? Am I a person in a social group who doesn't want to talk? If you are not sure where to start from ask your close ones to describe your picture they have in their mind. Getting a good idea of yourself will really boast about your trust and you will get closer to your own self.

(Extra note :- If you have problem thinking about your own character, take a piece of paper and divide the page into green and red column. Write traits which you are proud of in the green column whereas write the traits you are not proud of in the red column.)


Knowing who your real friends are and how they act in your presence are the most important criteria. Some may make your heart and pocket a hole, while others make your life a lot better. Better understand how your friendship/relationship works.Are you the only one investing all of your energy??? Do you feel that you're the only one left out?? Feeling left out is perfectly fine. The only focus we should keep is to keep close to those who really care about us (Mom, Dad, Best friends etc.)


For me, the main reason for anxiety and depression was the lack of liberty I got from my family and myself. A balance between your inner and outer freedom should be in place. Spend time, such as traveling, writing, reading, playing video games, etc. Do not restrict your own sky by thinking about why the sky is so small. Fight for your liberty and you'll conquer your mind one day!! Try the things you've always wanted to do


Major of the depression is the money problem. Will i able to pay my college fees?? Will i able to afford a get-to-together meal?? These questions often pop in our head. Some are able to get better at and some might not. Try to learn concepts of savings and investing from early age of time.

  1. If you are a college student and want to be more independent in terms of money, try part-time jobs such as being a tutor for any skill that you are good in or try running errands for your family/friends.
  2. Reduce unneccessary expenses. Use of logic of value i.e ask yourself the question whether you are going to use the purchased item in it's fullest or not?? If not. DON'T BUY IT (exception in case of essentials)
  3. Learn investing using online resources such as google, YouTube etc

Being financially independent really helps you build your own self-esteem and helps you guide your path of freedom

More will be continued on our blog.............

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