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Spiritual and Healing Properties of Moldavite, the Otherworldly Stone

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A beautifully cut moldavite specimen.

A beautifully cut moldavite specimen.

The Origin of Moldavite

Moldavite is a star-child of the heavens. It's beloved by crystal enthusiasts and healers worldwide.

This green beauty is a tektite which is a glass rock. It is speculated to have been formed when a meteorite hit the earth approximately 15 million years ago. This meteorite hit in what was formerly Czechoslovakia but what is present day Nördlinger Ries. Pieces of it melted and were thrown over an area of about 250 miles in Moldavia near the river Moldau which is where moldavite gets its name.

The manner of dispersal that the meteorite spread out is called a strewnfield. These are elliptical-shaped areas that contain the debris of two or more meteorites of the same type and can be as large as several miles.

Moldavite is known for it's gorgeous translucent forest green color but can also appear lighter. There have also been yellow and brown specimens found. It's sold in rough and gem-cut form but it's becoming more scarce and therefore more pricey. Because of its reported celestial origins, spiritual seekers have this stone high on their list of crystals to add to their collection.

Nordlinger Ries and Steinheim Crater

In this picture taken by NASA, the two marked areas are the Nördlinger Ries crater (small dot in lower left corner of larger circle) and the Steinheim crater (lower left). Scientists believe it's possible the two meteors hit at the same time.

In this picture taken by NASA, the two marked areas are the Nördlinger Ries crater (small dot in lower left corner of larger circle) and the Steinheim crater (lower left). Scientists believe it's possible the two meteors hit at the same time.

A Combination ET and Mother Earth Stone

Moldavite is a popular meditation tool for those seeking to communicate with life on other planets. The term Starseed is used to describe someone whose soul did not originally incarnate on earth but originated from another planet or plane. While it may sound cliché, people who believe themselves to be Starseeds may find moldavite the stone to call home with and find out who they really are.

But moldavite isn't just for Starseeds since the meteorite combined with the earth to create moldavite. Therefore, it represents a blending of earth and celestial material. It doesn't matter where you believe you're from, this is still an excellent stone for otherworldly communication and getting in contact with earth divas, faeries, and other earth spirits. It's a good meditation tool for those who feel all alone in the universe.

It has the reputation of accelerating situations in your life that need to be brought to the forefront. It raises vibratory rates on a personal and global level. It helps us expand our awareness of the reality we're experiencing but also to understand different realities and dimensions.

More Info on Starseeds

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Use With the Chakras

This crystal activates the third-eye, throat and crown chakras. These all govern the head and throat areas and any physical and emotional ailments associated with them which include communication and throat problems and all aspects of psychism.

Healing Attributes of Moldavite and Tektites

Moldavite brings inter-dimensional awareness and compassion for others. It helps one feel less apprehensive about the future and money matters by understanding the larger picture. You may also gain insight into why you're experiencing problems in your life.

Being a tektite, it shares those metaphysical attributes. Tektites bring balance to a person's energy field. They help us let go of bad experiences that still affect us emotionally. They also help open your eyes to what the truth is in situations you're going through and whether it's in your best interest to continue on the path you're on or not.

Tips for Meditating with Moldavite

While grounding and centering is good to do with any crystal meditation, it's especially important when meditating with moldavite. If you aren't used to grounding and centering, try to practice a technique you prefer for several days before you add moldavite to the meditation. This will help to ensure you don't feel too ungrounded with this powerful crystal.

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Because the third eye chakra is known as the psychic chakra, many people like to meditate with moldavite placed on their forehead in the area of their third eye. But this may very intense for some people to begin with. If so, then holding the crystal in your hand or laying it on the heart chakra can be just as effective.

You may also want to keep a crystal journal and record any impressions you receive. This is a good idea with any stone but especially important when you're trying to make otherworldly contact. You may receive insights that don't seem to make much sense but will begin to over the course of several meditation sessions with moldavite.

One of the many beautiful formations possible with moldavite.

One of the many beautiful formations possible with moldavite.

Moldavite Sellers

Here are a few sources I've found online that sell moldavite. Please note I've only had personal experience with one of them. I'm presenting the info for you to do the research yourself as to the best source for you. Many of these sellers also have informational articles on moldavite on their sites.

  • Heaven and Earth Jewelry
    The authors of Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Consciousness have been selling moldavite stones and jewelry for nearly 30 years. We Offer the Worlds Largest Assortment of Metaphysical Stones & Jewelry
  • InnerVision Crystals - Direct from the Source - US Wholesale Source & Single crystals, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds, Phenakite, Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Search for moldavite | Arkadian Collection
    Jewelry artisans based in Europe who specialize in moldavite.
  • Erich and Sylvia's Meteorites and Moldavites for Sale
    View a list of meteorite & moldavite special offers ( Martian meteorite , lunar meteorite, Carbonaceous Chondrites , rare Achondrite ) all sizes & shapes in top quality at best prices-space guarantee!
  • Moldavites - Moldavite Tektites For Sale
    Moldavite tektites are found in an area called the Central European strewnfield. Europe is home to what may be the most beautiful of all tektite glass. Moldavite tektites are green over most of the dispersed strewnfield though rare brown types are fo
  • Erich's Cosmic Highway
    big variety of qualities of the translucent green gem, that fell to earth in Bohemia
  • Products Archive - Moldavite For Me
    We sell genuine, quality Moldavite crystals, including the Besednice 'hedgehog' from the Czech Republic to healers, and collectors.

Moldavite and Starseed Videos

Spotting a Fake

There are so many fakes out there and some of them so cleverly done that it can be hard to tell what is real moldavite. Two experienced moldavite collectors gives advice on how to spot a fake. If you're going to shop at Amazon via links in this article, please refer to the seller's information to discern whether the pieces listed are real.

Do you love moldavite?

The Holy Grail Connection

There are many theories about alternatives of the Holy Grail of Christ being something other than a cup. One legend tells of it being a gemstone that fell from the sky. The links below expand on this fascinating theory.

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