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Progesterone and Miscarriage

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My name is Kay. I've been managing The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage for more than a decade and have learned quite a bit about progesterone.

Blossom III

Blossom III

Why is Progesterone so Important during Pregnancy?

As a result of talking to many women going through miscarriage scares. I have learned a bit about the importance of progesterone and how this hormone affects pregnancies. As a result, I believe that a number of doctors downplay the significance of supplements during the first trimester and, for some pregnancies, progesterone supplements may be needed to save that pregnancy.

I am hoping the information on this page will educate women on the importance of progesterone, whether it might be an issue in their own pregnancy and whether they should discuss this issue with their physicians.

Progesterone, Why is it so Important?

the keep-it-simple version

After reading the stories at Saving Babies Online (an older site and no longer maintained), I found myself really interested in the role progesterone plays in miscarriage. I would just like to pass on a bit of what I've learned in hopes it may help somebody else.

The Importance of Progesterone:

Progesterone is important not only to keeping a pregnancy but also may determine whether or not you conceive. During your cycle, the uterine lining grows thicker in anticiption of a fertilized egg and progesterone helps ensure the endometrium (lining) is ready. Progesterone is responsible for preparing the uterus for implantation. If you have low progesterone, chances are the baby will not be able to implant which may result in a chemical pregnancy. And, low progesterone may keep you from ovulating. Keep in mind that once both estrogen and progesterone levels drop, your body prepares to break down the lining and thus your period begins. If your progesterone is dropping during pregnancy, you are in danger of losing the baby.

Some symptoms of low progesterone:

If you have any of these symptoms of low progesterone, your doctor should check your progesterone:

  1. Short cycles (25 days or under)
  2. In your 30s or older. By age 35, I have read that up to 50% of women have low progesterone
  3. Severe PMS and weight gain
  4. Stress, which stimulates cortisol production, will also decrease progesterone production making conception more difficult and could jeopardize a pregnancy. Progesterone actually produces a more calming effect than cortisol which increases stress

Natural or Synthetic (man-made) Progesterone:

Although I'm reading a lot on the benefits of both synthetic and natural progesterone in maintaining a pregnancy, there does seem to be some consensus that synthetic progesterone may cause some birth defects. I haven't really seen that those studies are reproducible and am unsure how valid they are, but the risk of birth defects should be taken into consideration. Natural progesterone, however, looks to be much safer with no side effects as long as you don't overload yourself with it. Also topical progesterone and injected progesterone seems to be more effective than progesterone taken orally. This is definitely a topic of discussion for you and your physician.

What it boils down to is this:

If you have short cycles, have suffered from infertility or are a bit older than the average mother, you may want to have your progesterone checked. The best time to get checked is around the time of ovulation so you can begin taking supplements if needed. Natural progesterone seems to be a safer than synthetic progesterone and can aid in both achieving and maintaining a pregnancy. Take what you've learned about progesterone to your doctor. If you have a doctor who is not open to testing for progesterone, it may be time to find a new doctor.

Hope this helps.

What are Typical Progesterone Levels?

(taken from 's website)

Mid-Luteal Phase

5+ ng/ml -- A level of 5 indicates some kind of ovulatory activity, though most doctors want to see a level over 10 on unmedicated cycles, and over 15 with medications. There is no mid-luteal level that predicts pregnancy.

First Trimester

10-90 ng/ml -- Average is about 20 at 4 weeks LMP, and 40 at 14 weeks LMP. It is important to note that while a higher progesterone level corresponds with higher pregnancy success rates, one cannot fully predict outcome based on progesterone levels.

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Second Trimester

25-90 ng/ml Average is 40 at beginning, 90 at end.

Third Trimester 49-423 ng/ml Usually peaks at about 175.

One note, FertilityPlus has some wonderful information, however, they do take the stance that beginning progesterone supplements after a positive test is unlikely to do much. I've been able to find studies online to contradict that opinion. I'll be sharing some of those studies on this page as well.

Progesterone Testing Poll

Important New Guidelines for Diagnosing a Miscarriage

The UK is the first to acknowledge that misdiagnosed miscarriages are indeed a problem. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has revised its guidelines. If your gestational sac is more than 25mm and/or the CRL is 7mm or more, you should wait a week to verify (if there are no complications). If the measurements are less, you are too early to diagnose. For more information (and something to take to your doctor), please, see my new page:

New Blighted Ovum Guidelines! You ARE Being Diagnosed Too Soon!

Need to contact the author? You may e-mail Cari_Kay at

Studies involving Progesterone

why progesterone may be more important than you or your doctor realize

Some studies I have stumbled across in my quest for more information on progesterone in pregnancy. I'll post the conclusions of the studies. Feel free to take a look at the links and then take this information and discuss it with your healthcare provider.

more to follow...

The effect of luteal phase progesterone supplementation on natural frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles.

This study shows that luteal progesterone supplementation during the luteal phase decreased miscarriage rate and improved the live birth rate. While most women are not going through this procedure, it once again points to the importance of progesterone.

A combination treatment of prednisone, aspirin, folate, and progesterone in women with idiopathic recurrent miscarriage: a matched-pair study.

In a nutshell, this study found that taking this combination resulted in a much higher rate of live births (77% vs. 35% in the group who were not treated) in women who have had recurrent miscarriages.

Use of synthetic progestogen in the treatment of threatened habitual miscarriage

Synthetic progestogen was begun no earlier than 7 weeks in women who were 7 to 16 weeks pregnant and experiencing a threatened miscarriage. Of those studied, approximately 8% miscarried, 9% experienced preterm birth and 82% gave birth 'normally'.

Effects of vaginal progesterone on pain and uterine contractility in patients with threatened abortion before twelve weeks of pregnancy.

This study found that the use of vaginal progesterone diminished pain and contractions in women with threatened abortion. They also found that the placebo group had twice the miscarriage rate of the supplemented group.


I am not a medical professional. The information I share is meant to supplement the information given you by your doctor. If you feel your doctor is not doing enough for you or not willing to listen to your concerns, I strongly encourage you to take what you've learned here and get a second opinion.

Thoughts? Comments? - I'd love to hear from you

yurisz on October 17, 2013:

Really excellent info thank you. If you are concerned you can get your levels tested without the expense of first seeing a doctor. Hereâs one place to do it There are other services as well

anonymous on June 11, 2013:

I am a firm believer in progesterone supplements. I experienced 1 miscarriage and then my fertility Doctor put me on 200mg of Prometrium twice a day. I now have a 17 month old baby Girl. It works...Unfortunately most Ob Gyn's won't consider it until your 3rd miscarriage. :) God blessed me and did what only he could do with medicine. And gave me my Beautiful Kaleigh Joy........

WriterJanis2 on March 27, 2013:

You have shared some very valuable information about this. I had no clue.

LouisaDembul on February 17, 2013:

I got progesterone when I had some bleeding early on in my third pregnancy. Don't know if that was the reason, but it led to my having my first surviving child.

Kalafina on January 27, 2013:

My doctor prescribed me topical progesterone to help with my many health problems. I have not noticed any difference but I keep using it nightly. I believe pregnant women/women trying to become pregnant should get their hormone levels checked as they play a huge part in the body.

Melissa Miotke from Arizona on January 15, 2013:

I didn't know that progesterone decreases as we get older. I guess maybe that's why my cycles have been getting shorter.

KimGiancaterino on January 09, 2013:

Very helpful information, and nicely presented.

anonymous on January 02, 2013:

It so hard emotionally to have a miscarriage. It would be wonderful if doctors would check progesterone levels and everything else that might cause a miscarriage. Very sobering information, Cari, but excellently done. - Blessed! :)

anonymous on January 01, 2013:

I was on injected and later oral progesterone throughout my first trimester. I was diagnosed and treated for endometriosis after struggling to get pregnant. I now have a healthy 4 year old, but I learned a lot during the struggle. Thanks for sharing!

anonymous on December 24, 2012:

@anonymous: Thank you so much for this. We just found out today we are having out second miscarriage. First was healthy second and third pregnancy miscarriages. We talked briefly about progesterone while at the doctor and now I am going to request the same.

anonymous on October 17, 2012:

Very interesting information! It really explains what happened with my 5th (and only second successful pregnancy) 16 years ago. 3 years after the (uneventful( birth of my first son, we tried again. I went on to have 3 miscarriages, over three years. Specialist did not find anything "wrong" after many tests, procedures, etc. Told me to go ahead and try again, we'd "see what would happen." So I got pregnant again (which I always did easily). Sure enough, hcg levels were dropping, and I was told it didn't look good. But, thank goodness, the doctor decided to give me weekly progesterone shots, , even tho my progesterone blood count never looked abnormal. These shots continued until the placenta ? produced it's own progesterone (or something like that) At the appropriate time, we got a heartbeat!! Our second son was born healthy and wonderful.

wecomparebooks on September 02, 2012:

Very valuable info here, thank you!

gaser983 on July 30, 2012:

Nice lens, well done!

anonymous on July 21, 2012:

@anonymous: *i meant should have catch this informations about progesterone early

anonymous on July 21, 2012:

After reading this I felt that I shouldnt catch this early and get a second opinion. Im supposed to measure at 12weeks based on LMP but U/S verified a 6weeks embryo with no heart beat and because I had spotting light brown the day before but OB did an exam and I ws still crowning. But because my Hcg came back lower and because U/S did not show a viable fetus and heart heat I am to expect a miscarriage. Its been 5days and im still spotting but noticed it starting to have a little red and maybe dome tissue passing but im not bleeding heavily like I was told to expect. To go ER if it gets really bad. Not really sure if miscarriage is going slowly and end up badly. Im soo sad that my doctor did not push for progesterone or anything else that would help saved my baby :*( im suppose to go back to her for another exam and see how im progressing along with blood work for hcg monitoring. I feel like I should have fight harder but at the same time I never knew or had access to what pregesterone do. Im upset that Dr's have access to all this info and they done nothing to help you. I've waited 10 years to finally be pregnant again and then this miscarriage scare!

anonymous on July 14, 2012:

@anonymous: You are a b@&&)( ifnyou don't want any more kids then take the pill or use condoms. Otherwise get the heck off this page. Other women on here are having a hard time with actually giving birth to even eir first kid and it's not very nice to complain about having so many yourself.

anonymous on May 15, 2012:

@anonymous: why dont you wait till the baby is born and not feed it that way you know it will die, my point is that its the same thing as aborting when you are neglecting to provide for your about you quit sleeping around!

themeanviolets on April 23, 2012:

Very informative lens. I really need to come back and read this again when my eyes aren't so sleepy. My hormones are always out of balance due to having severely low thyroid disorder (myxedema) and it's caused discoloration on my face prematurely... pretty depressing. Changing my diet helped tremendously. Anyway thanks for sharing this lens!

anonymous on April 08, 2012:

My lmp was on the 4th of february,and my cycle is 32 days. I was supposed to be 9 weeks ,however the ultrascan still only show 5w6d,my progesterone was 47 on my. 4th week and now its decreasing to 21. My estrogen is very high. My beta hcg is slowrising.and my estrogen is very high. I have an 8cm ovarioan cyst.ive been bleeding for the past 2 days.the doctor told me to come back next week to see how it goes and gave me some progesterone tablet.has anyone ever experienced this ang got through with it? Im really worried

anonymous on March 28, 2012:

@anonymous: Have u asked your doctor to put you on progestrone supplement. I am just like you. Hcg rising slowly but too low for the weeks. My progestrone is 3.9. I bleed for 8 days . So I stopped using my natural progestrone supplement because the doctor told me I had miscarried. I went for routine blood test to check if the pregnancy hormone has left. I got a call from the nurse informing that my hcg has gone up but my progestrone is low. I have decided to go back to my progestrone. I am praying that God will see me through."

anonymous on March 28, 2012:

@anonymous: thank yu... yes im waiting for the specialist to write me bck too... i sent a priivate message hoping for a quicker response... i have a question tho if i dont get the progestrone and my levels are continuing to drop what do you think my outcome will be miscarriage???? because all the post i have read says that without the progestrone that it will end in mis

anonymous on March 28, 2012:

@anonymous: I don't know yet. But the nurse said there is a possibility which I pray against. I will keep you posted. The specialist consultant is yet to advise me on what to do next.

anonymous on March 28, 2012:

@anonymous: im sorry if that sound harsh but im an honest person and i dont want more babies

anonymous on March 28, 2012:

@anonymous: i dont want progestrone... i want to miscarry i dont believe in abortion

so did you have a miscarriage

anonymous on March 28, 2012:

@anonymous: Have u asked your doctor to put you on progestrone supplement. I am just like you. Hcg rising slowly but too low for the weeks. My progestrone is 3.9. I bleed for 8 days . So I stopped using my natural progestrone supplement because the doctor told me I had miscarried. I went for routine blood test to check if the pregnancy hormone has left. I got a call from the nurse informing that my hcg has gone up but my progestrone is low. I have decided to go back to my progestrone. I am praying that God will see me through.

anonymous on March 28, 2012:

I am 6 wks 6 days prego with my 5th child... my first and only baby girl is going to be 6 months tommorrow i really to be honest dont want anymore kids and i know this may sound harsh but if i am miscarrying i will be relieved im so sorry if i am being to harsh but i already have my hands full im 24 married with a 7 year old son 4 year old son 2 going on three year old son and a 6m old my hands are full and im all over the place and my hormomnes right now are outrageous... i have been bleeding for about two almost three ranging from light to heavy some clots its really weird.. i have had blood test done 4 times and my progestrone levels are super low a 3 and my hcg is high but not high enough for the amount of weeks that i am... i also got an ultrasound that showed a heartbeat but the doctor is concerned about the low progestrone and bleeding... im just very confused and need some input... if i am miscarrying could it really take this long until my body finally breaks the baby down???? please give me some feedback

Kay (author) on March 23, 2012:

@anonymous: I am so very sorry. You should go back for another blood test. You'll be able to see if your levels did indeed drop. Once your hCG is below 5, you are no longer considered pregnant. (((hugs)))

anonymous on March 21, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi,I am trying Clomid again Cycle 3-7,after two years of gap last (2010) .I was on Clomid for 4 cycle and was pregnant with the third cycle but then i M/C.. So,i took break from the treatment.Now ,i am back on it and i started last Feb 27th, Day 3-7..My Ob/Gyn told me to do the blood test for Progesterone/Hemoglobin on the Day cycle 21 which i did on the Mar 16th .I got my result yesterday by mail and it says my Progesterone level was 19.5 /Hemo on 12.2 value. So,what does it means? Is it normal ?I have no idea and my Ob and her Nurse didnt call me about the result yet. I am so confused and worried..please can anyone has any ideas at all? I left them a message to call me but i dont know if they will,plis help!!!

anonymous on March 20, 2012:


anonymous on March 16, 2012:

@anonymous: I don't know a lot about the progesterone levels, but I have heard often that morning sickness is a good sign of a strong pregnancy. And I know when I was pregnant with my daughter it was about 6 weeks when I got these same symptoms like nausea and breast tenderness, and I had a good healthy pregnancy. So it seems like you are on the right track. I think if you just relax and listen to your body it will happen when it is meant to happen. I also have a friend that is now 8 months pregnant but almost lost her baby when she was about 6 weeks due to low progesterone levels. They gave her shots in the butt and then pills and it saved her baby. She now has a strong pregnancy, so I think it will work out for you too. I have a good feeling about you! Good luck!

anonymous on March 16, 2012:

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant with my 1st child. I am thirty and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months when it finally happened. Because I was so early in my pregnancy my Dr ordered 3 sets of Blood work, in 6 days. I just received a phone call that my HCG is great 24,000+ but my progesterone has dropped. They did not tell me to what but on the last count it was 21. I am now on Hormone's but am so scared. My Dr is outta town and I won't see him for another week, I'm trying really hard not to stress. But could everything be ok or is there a big possibility for me to miscarriage? Im trying really hard to take it easy but my job doesn't really allow for that.

anonymous on March 15, 2012:

@anonymous: how are they giving you progesterone? My RE preferrs the refridgerated vaginal suppositories...

anonymous on March 15, 2012:

@anonymous: Have realized I never gave an update. at 6 weeks saw HB and started to relax. At 9 wks , no HB. Baby stopped growing at 7 weeks, 4 days. Had a D&C in Sept (sorry it was not better news from me, but is what happened in my case. I have seen many other cases with better outcomes. I am 40 now, and genetics are an issue. Apparently I have only a small chance of getting pregnant and only a small chance that it will not end in miscarriage. I have been on Femara (5 mg) day 5-9 for the last 3 months with no success. will do an HSG this month because it can apparently "clear out" the tubes and make way for getting pregnant. Dr says if I do get PG will put me on the refrigerated progesterone suppositories again. GL everyone.

anonymous on March 13, 2012:

@anonymous: I have had 3 misscarriages back to back for low progestrine. After using the suposstories I had a succesful pregnacy and then had another healthy pregnancy with no problem right behind it just have faith

anonymous on March 13, 2012:

I am currently 6 weeks and have ahd 2 miscarriages in the past year. This is my third pregnancy. My progesterone levels are extrememly low and i am scared of miscarrying. My doctor has me on 4mL progesterone IM biweekly. My HCG on March 5 was 513. I just had my third round of progesterone and am starting to feel morning sickness and breast tenderness. My Dr still says its touch and go but i want to know about success rates and if anyone else has been successful in a similar situation. Just badly needing reassurance!

anonymous on March 07, 2012:

At 6 weeks pregnant, hcg is 116 and progestrone 35 is that still hope

anonymous on March 07, 2012:

@anonymous: Pls what pill did your doctor give u

anonymous on December 10, 2011:

I'm currently on my fourth pregnancy, and only one live birth. I was on progesterone suppositories thru my 2nd which ended in loss @16 wks. My last pregnancy I was not in it but on a combo of lovenox and supplements. So this time he put me on the progesterone but will be starting lovenox next week. Dr said my progesterone # was low but beta# was typical so anyway I have had a bad experience w/ progesterone but trying to trust in my Dr.

Hrsshoe on November 28, 2011:

Good lens good information

anonymous on October 11, 2011:

@anonymous: Susanna after 3 miscarriages I had to tae the the progestrine inserts worked just fine no side effects and he came on my due date just perfect relax

anonymous on August 29, 2011:

@anonymous: Susannah i had 8 miscarriages... I went threw many doc none seem to know what was going on..Also my PG were un detectable until 2month ... later I my self administer progesterone (natural)... from the start of ovulation and when got a positive ask my doctor to give me pills... I have a 36 month boy...

anonymous on August 14, 2011:

@anonymous: Progesterone levels change throughout the day so doctors don't rely on that as much to determine if your pregnancy is healthy or not. They just want to see that it's above a certain level, which you are. It's encouraging to see that your HCG level is increasing at the expected rate. I know how hard it is to play the waiting game. I just tested HPT + yesterday and am worried that I will go through the same routine as my previous 6 pregnancies...not making it past 7 weeks. I am currently 4.5 weeks from LMP. We had wanted to try using fertility drugs this time to see if it would make any difference but ended up conceiving prior to starting the drugs. I will ask to be on progesterone supplements this time despite the doctors belief that my progesterone is not a problem. Good luck to you and cross your fingers for me as well :) Keep us updated on your progress.

anonymous on August 13, 2011:

@anonymous: for draws a week apart, your hcg is going up very well. yes low progesterone can be a problem but it doesn't mean there will be a problem. I was on refrigerated progesterone vaginal suppositories when pg with my daughter who is now a couple months from 4 years old. I had miscarried 4 times before getting her. miscarried again about 8 months ago, and then got pg again in the beginning of July. I am now almost 9 weeks and been using Crinone 8% 90mg progesterone once a day at my dr's order. I had blood drawn a few times, each at least 2 days apart (cuz it's all supposed to double every 48 hours) and my hcg went up each time, just as it should. but my progesterone only so slightly went up, and the last draw it had gone down just a bit. but the u/s's were showing progress. my u/s at 5w6d showed the sac, and then at 7w6d we saw the heartbeat. I will admit, I'm still not relaxed because when I miscarried this past January we had seen the heartbeat at 8 weeks and then when I went for my 10 week u/s there was no heartbeat and it was only measuring at 9 weeks.

back to the progesterone, when I was pg with my daughter, my dr checked the progesterone ONCE, gave me the Rx and that was it. all I went back for was exams and u/s's, and all went great. this time it's more nerve racking because of all the blood draws and numbers in my head now. and one thing to remember....vaginal progesterone MAY NOT show up properly in blood work because it is delivered directly to the uterus and is more detectable in tissue than serum. and that very well may be the case with the progesterone I am on and it says so on the brands website.

talk with your dr if you have questions about your course of treatment, but IMO, vaginal progesterone is preferred because it gets where it needs to be without having to go thru the bloodstream or be digested like shots or pills would be. good luck.

anonymous on August 13, 2011:

Draws were 1 week apart both at close to 11 am ... But 2 different labs. Am happy to be PG as RE told me my ovarian reserve was very low and had left me little hope... Got PG on a natural cycle before we were to start our fertility drugs. Just hoping all is ok.

anonymous on August 12, 2011:

@anonymous: Hi Susanna,

How many days apart were your levels drawn and were they all drawn at approximately the same time of day?

anonymous on August 11, 2011:

I am 5 weeks pregnant hgc went up from 268 to 3465 progesterone 9.1/22.83/19.2. They have put me on vaginal progesterone suppositories 100/2x per day. Have to admit I was feeling OK until I read these posts... now very worried- I was relaxing because the HGC was doing what it was supposed to... now worried that the lower progesterone may indicate a problem. Don't go for first u/s until a week from next Monday. Would this seem to be the recommended course, or should I be on injectables?

anonymous on August 03, 2011:

@anonymous: I just want to congratulate you!!! I've been trying for two years - you give me hope!

anonymous on August 01, 2011:

@anonymous: oh and your HCG seems great. has it been doubling on schedule?

anonymous on August 01, 2011:

@anonymous: if it helps at all, my dr says for 6 weeks a progesterone level of 15 is good, so you are well over that. has your dr told you that you have a progesterone problem? because by those numbers, you seems like you should be fine, progesterone wise at least. good luck

anonymous on August 01, 2011:

I have done IVF for about 5 years and just discovered i am pregnant. My progesterone levels have gone from 160 to 190 to 100. i am getting worried now am i over reacting i am 6 wks tomorrow QHGC is 27400

anonymous on July 29, 2011:

@anonymous: pretty interesting info I've found in the couple hours of internet searches after I posted seems that Crinone 8% (the progesterone I am using this time) does not register in the blood because it is focused in the uterus so that has to be the reason it is not showing on my blood work. really wish my dr would have known this and told me about it though, if this is in fact the case.

anonymous on July 29, 2011:

@anonymous: Hang in there... your HCG looks great and your progesterone still looks ok, it could be a different lab, more hydration, different time of the day... etc.

Relax, send love and light to your wee one and let us know what your next ultrasound looks like.

anonymous on July 29, 2011:

I'm having progesterone issues as well. I m/c'd a few times before getting pg with my daughter in 2007. Had low progesterone and took vaginal suppositories for the 1st tri and they helped. Got pg in Nov 2010 and again had low progesterone, took vaginal suppositories again, saw a heartbeat at 8 weeks and then the heartbeat was gone when I went in for what should have been my 10 week check and baby was only measuring 9 weeks. now I'm pg again, 6w3d, low progesterone, taking a vaginal gel and saw a sac in a u/s on the 25th and then some bloodflow within the sac at the u/s yesterday (July 28th) but now my progesterone is falling. but all the while my HCG is rising almost perfectly. here are the dates and levels of my bloodwork.

07/12/11 HCG = 58 PROGESTERONE = 4

07/14/11 HCG=170 PROGESTERONE = 5

07/18/11 HCG = 914 PROGESTERONE = 8.5

07/25/11 HCG = 9628 PROGESTERONE = 8.6

07/28/11 HCG 17793 PROGESTERONE = 7.2

if anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

I'm on light rest until my next u/s on Aug 8th so am just relaxing and praying.

anonymous on July 22, 2011:

If this is how important progesterone is during pregnancy, I wonder why some doctors, in your words, downplay its significance. Having a miscarriage could take its toll physically, mentally and emotionally on women, so I cannot imagine the sufferings of those women who have had more than one MC.I hope more studies will be conducted on this topic especially that synthetic progesterone is said to cause some birth defects. I believe synthetic progesterone is significant to women who embarked on their career first and decided to have a family in their later years. I noticed that the Food and Drug Administration only takes "notice" after several studies have already been conducted which is the case with the Topamax side effects.

anonymous on July 19, 2011:

Informative! G

anonymous on July 01, 2011:

Thanks for sharing the nice lens Kay. You shared the important and useful information about the miscarriage. early miscarriage signs

anonymous on June 22, 2011:

@anonymous: Hi Tina Marie,

Thanks for the encouragement. Going through mc's certainly does tire you out in all aspects. Some days, I still cry and others I just don't have any energy to cry. I attribute it the hormones that are dropping that I'm feeling blue so I try to stay positive and tell myself that it is only temporary. Was your friend on progesterone only during her last pregnancy or also during the 2 mc's? Thx

anonymous on June 22, 2011:

A friend of mine went through two miscarriages and it was taking its toll on her physically, emotionally and mentally. She got depressed and we all were worried about her. She was taking supplementary progesterone as well. Btw, she just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Just goes to show there is still hope if you only try a little harder.

Topamax birth defect lawyer

anonymous on June 21, 2011:

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for your informative explanation. Just wanted to add an update that I did end up miscarrying in my 8th week. The embryo was only measuring 6.5 weeks with no HB. I was a mess as I so much wanted my miscarriage to be one of those misdiagnosed miscarriages but I am healing everyday.

I've been to several doctors in the best reproductive centers in NY, even being followed by a multiple miscarriage specialist. I keep suggesting to the doctors to prescribe progesterone to me but they insist that's not the problem because my progesterone levels during early pregnancy were always in the normal range. They tell me the embryo is not failing because of low progesterone but rather the embryo is failing AND the progesterone will start to lower. Additionally, I've read that a person with luteal phase deficiency would most definitely have short cycles, less than 28 days. Mine are 30-32 day cycles. To rule out genetic malformations, they've also had genetic testing done on the embryonic tissue from D&C's and they all tested normal. My husband and I both had genetic testing performed as well and everything came back normal. I've even tried TCM for 2 of the pregnancies hoping that it would help since Western medicine was not offering any ideas/solutions to my multiple mc's. I'm not ready to believe that luteal phase deficiency is not the cause of my miscarriages so I'm glad you suggested this too. I am currently awaiting an appointment with a different fertility center to pursue the odds of this being the cause and whatever else this doctor can suggest. The current specialist has suggested IVF even though we've had no problems conceiving and no genetic problems but I do read that women undergo IVF for multiple miscarriages. We're thinking this may be the way to go now because we have to do something different to hopefully make a difference. Can you please tell me where you quoted the progesterone theory from Dr. John Lee? I'd really appreciate this as I want to be as prepared as I can with information when I see the new doctor. Thanks again.

anonymous on June 21, 2011:

If a woman has had four or five miscarriages in the first six or eight weeks of a pregnancy, this is always due to luteal phase failure, says Dr. John Lee. Progesterone is needed to facilitate implantation and to prevent rejection of the developing embryo, but the follicle may not respond to the ovum with enough. Dr. Lee's recommendation: "Wait till you ovulate, and then four to six days after possible conception do a blood test ( for HCG) to see if you're pregnant. If you are, start the progesterone; that way you will increase you chance of having a healthy baby." Blood tests for pregnancy tend to be positive within seventy-two hours of conception, whereas he says urine pregnancy tests are not usually positive until two weeks after conception.

One of Dr. Lee's notable findings is that there is an immune-suppressing effect in the uterus from higher doses of progesterone. This is important, because when conception takes place, half of the baby's chromosomes are from the male and half of them from the female. That makes the baby's tissue DNA different from the mother's because of the contribution of the father. If there's not a good tissue match, the difference will create tissue rejection. If you try to do a skin graft or a kidney or heart transplant and the tissue isn't the same, the body will reject it. But this doesnât happen with pregnancy. Why? Because of the progesterone response in the uterus. It's a site-selective action that doesnât occur anywhere else in the body; therefore, the baby is not rejected. By giving more progesterone after conception, you thus increase the likelihood that the baby will survive.

Looking at the problem from another perspective, Dr. Lita Lee informs us that "after conception progesterone prevents miscarriages resulting from excess estrogen." It is interesting to note the consistency of the research, as in Dr. Peat's study, indication that "pregnancy toxemia and tendency to miscarry or deliver prematurely are often corrected by progesterone." Dr. Peat goes on to say, "My dissertation research, which established that an estrogen excess kills the embryo by suffocation, and that progesterone protects the embryo by promoting the delivery of both oxygen and glucose, didn't strike a responsive chord in the journals which are heavily influenced by funds from the drug industry."

It is a fact that if a pregnant woman produces too much estrogen, her embryo can be suffocated (hypoxia). Dr. Lita Lee cautions that during the ninth week of pregnancy, a woman can lose her baby if she is a "high estrogen producer and/or [is] consuming commercial meat, poultry and dairy products containing synthetic estrogen (DES)." However, she goes on to say that natural progesterone "has been known to protect against the toxic effects of excess estrogen, including abortion." Make certain, if hormones are prescribed during pregnancy, that they are not the synthetic progestins or estrogens but the natural micronized products. We now know that artificial hormones can be dangerous to the fetus during pregnancy.

35 weeks pregnant

anonymous on June 07, 2011:

My HCG levels are increasing but progesterone is decreasing. The doctors and nurses are not concerned about the decreasing progesterone levels but I read on several sites that it is supposed to increase drastically during early pregnancy. I am very worried especially because I had 5 previous consecutive mc's. the embryo only measured about 5 1/2- 6 weeks when I was 7 1/2 weeks. My progesterone numbers are as follows:

Wk 5 1/2 = 30.6

Wk 6 1/2= 24.9

Wk 7 1/2 = 18.9

Currently awaiting results for wk 8. Please help me understand what's going on.

Dessisea on May 16, 2011:

@anonymous: Dear Amanda!

i have read your post about your last pregnancy, and it reminds me exactly of my current situation!

Would you be so nice to tell me exactly what amount of Clomid and how often you took and also what kind of progesterone pill?

I have two children, trying for third with my new husband, I have had 5 miscarriages since March 2010, last one this April 2011...I have had millions of testings, blood, genetic, eggs reserve,HSG everything is NORMAL, but they found out elevated TSH levels with normal T4,T3 , no antibodies, I now take Synthroid .75mcg, but i have read that low progesterone also creates elevated TSH levels. I believe this is what is happening to me, but my fertility doctor doesn't believe in low progesterone being responsible for early mscarriages( all of mine were in 4.5-6 weeks). he thinks I should do an IVF, since he says my eggs are too old( they could be,I am 39 at this time), but I still want to at least try something else, before considering IV...I have so many friends that are my age and older and got pregnant and carried to term, that is hard for me to believe this is the reason for all my misfortunate pregnancies. We are currently not trying because, I get pregnant right away but it all ends up the same way, and I am getting emotionally drained and somehow know I need to change something to aid my body before I have another try.

Please respond if you think you can help me.

Thank you so much!


MarkBentley on May 15, 2011:

Thanks for getting people talking about this. One of the hardest things about miscarriage is just getting people to talk about it and discussing solutions.

anonymous on May 06, 2011:

@anonymous: Hi, You sound very up on progesterone. I need some advice. I live in a developing foreign country and that makes medical care a bit different at times. I have been dealing with a irritable uterus from the beginning. My doc. put me on progesterone. It worked well. Now I have entered the second trimester and my doc. wants me to continue taking it. However, the instructions in the box say not to take it in the second trimester due to possible liver damage to the mom. My uterus is still very crampy/ contraction but so far with no dilating or effacement. A U.S. doc. I was able to contact told me he has never seen progesterone used in the second trimester and there are not many good options for treating contractions in the second trimester except plenty of fluids and bedrest. DO you know if it is safe to take the progesterone in the second trimester? My doc. here where I live seems to think so. I have read about the increased risk of blood clots and breast cancer which concerns me too because I am 42 and already at increased risk just because of my age, though, I have not blood clot history or trouble. Any advice would be appreciated.

anonymous on January 21, 2011:

I suffered 4 pregnancy losses in a row following the births of my 2 oldest children. The 1st, 3rd and 4th losses were during the 1st trimester, the 2nd loss was at 20 weeks (fetal demise). I wanted to try ONE more time. I was young (early 20's) and my husband and I were really hoping to add to our family.

When I went in for a pre-pregnancy consultation with my OB/GYN I demanded help. They only started doing progesterone testing for what became my 3rd and 4th loss, and each time the levels were very low and a few days later I would lose the babies. So, I literally demanded a prescription for progesterone. I was a Certified Pharmacy Technician and had access to a lot of information that wasn't generally available to just anyone. I found out that the amount of progesterone that is actually absorbed was quite small when used orally, subcutaneous (skin) or vaginally...compared to sub-lingually (meaning: under the tongue...yuck! I would suck on a candy or lollipop until it was fully dissolved FYI). By allowing it to dissolve under my tongue, it allowed for a near complete absorption compared with 10-20%! So, I toughed it out and kept a supply of suckers near my bottle of progesterone capsules. I also asked for a prescription for Clomid, which caused the doctor to look at me like I had grown another head on my shoulders! The reason for the Clomid (for ME) was that it provides a more mature corpus luteum cyst (which is where our own progesterone during early pregnancy comes from before the placenta takes over). She and I had to talk about that demand! She said "Clearly you are not having a problem getting pregnant so why should I prescribe a fertility medication?". I showed her my sources (a binder full of research, studies, and information directly from the manufacturer) and in the end, she was willing to give me one try. Just one prescription. No do overs.

I took the Clomid starting from the 3rd day of my period. I continued to chart my temps, and when I ovulated...well, my husband came home early and our children went to visit Grandma for an hour or two. ;) About 2 days before my next period was due, I took a pregnancy test (First Response Early Pregnancy Test) and tested positive. That was when I started the progesterone and made an appointment to see my OB so they could begin checking my progesterone levels. Well, they were normal!!! I continued on the progesterone for just over 2 months, but...I ended up having some other issues. I started having contractions at 17 weeks and the hospital was unwilling to do anything. I had to hold out hope that I could make it beyond 20 weeks...and I did. That is when I ended up having to take Terbutiline to keep pre-term labor at bay. However, the baby was okay! His heartbeat was strong, and he was quite an active baby! So much so that 3 weeks before he was due, he went from head transverse over the course of a week! The doctor was amazed since they don't usually do such movements as they are large and it's harder for them to flip around like that when running out of space! I ended up having him via c-section 13 days early as I was mildly contracting and had dilated 3 cm...he was still transverse (sideways) and his cord was floating just above my cervix. They were concerned about my water breaking and us having a cord prolapse...after all the work we had done to bring him into the world. It was a good thing too because as they hooked me up to the fetal monitor in the OR they found him to be entering distress and things moved a lot quicker than they had planned. Apparently when he was doing all of his flips, he managed to get a knot in his cord and have the cord wrapped all around him. One more flip and the knot would have been a 'true' or 'complete' knot and well...he would have passed. He was born 7lbs 7ozs with a great set of lungs! It was so scary for all of us to think of what could have happened if the delivery had been scheduled for the next day.

He is 8 years old today and our family is complete. Every night as I tuck him into bed, I kiss him and feel so happy to have him here with us! He was worth the fight! He was worth the nasty progesterone! He was worth the shots! He was worth it.

If you are entering the progesterone zone, all I can recommend is that you do a lot of homework. Not every pregnancy can be saved by progesterone and I would like to point out that over the course of my losses, both my husband and I went through genetic testing to rule out other causes for the repeated losses. I was actually diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, seemed to me that the losses were more to do with the progesterone. I had short cycles, had been 'temping' each morning and charting my cycles for more than 18 months. Because I had been doing all of my homework, my doctor was able to look over the information and felt that the course I was seeking could work. It's important that you do your own homework before making demands of your doctor since you could very well have a completely different issue than I did. Make sure that your doctor is willing to listen to you and that you are willing to listen to them. If you don't feel that your doctor is listening, try a different doctor. Again, this is why it is very important that you have done your homework! Make copies and keep the originals! Oh, and I really hope that my story can help you. If anything, maybe it will encourage you to keep on taking your temp each morning and filling in your charts!

anonymous on December 14, 2010:

@Cari Kay 11: Well... It's funny that I should get this reminder to check in today. Yesterday, I went for an ultrasound. I was supposed to be 8.1 weeks. We found a fetal pole, measuring 6.2 weeks, a gestational sac measuring 7 weeks and no heartbeat or blood flow at all in and around the pole, nor was there a yoke sac anywhere to be seen. The sonographer also noted a uterine septum so I do not think that the loss is due to low progesterone levels but actually due to possibly implanting on the septum which is known to not have much of a blood supply. It looks like a missed abortion (miscarriage) and there is the possibility that the progesterone has been continuing to convince my body that it is still pregnant. I think however, that this next week would have brought spotting as it was clear in the ultrasound that the corpus luteum and the gestational sac have begun collapsing. I have now stopped taking the progesterone and am awaiting the miscarriage.

I hope to be back here again with better results next time but I should think that it may be a little while as we will need to investigate this new development. Thank you for your very informative site.

Kay (author) on December 14, 2010:

@anonymous: (((hugs))) Keep us updated!

anonymous on December 14, 2010:

@anonymous: I would love to know how both of you are doing since it has been some time. I am currently going through this myself. I see a new Dr tomorrow, hopefully he starts supplements.

anonymous on December 01, 2010:

@anonymous: I am now at 6 weeks and 3 days and still pregnant. I have been on the progesterone for a week now. No morning sickness or anything yet but have some pregnancy signs.

Have checked my levels twice since I began the progesterone and they have definitely gone up but are still fluctuating quite a bit.

anonymous on November 25, 2010:

@anonymous: Carla,

I am curious to find out how you are doing? I am in a similar situation and would love to hear from someone else who has been in my shoes as well.

Thank you,


anonymous on November 24, 2010:

Hello, I am in the middle of this crazy ride right now! My husband (39) and I (36) have been trying casually to get pregnant for the past 9 years but trying our damndest for the past 2 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS very early in those 9 yrs and made some huge changes to our lifestyle and while I haven't always been a saint in the past 9 yrs, I had been finally able to have some sort of regular period and proof that I was actually ovulating.

We were able to achieve a pregnancy in May '08 but it did not stick around for long, we miscarried before 6 weeks. I was optimistic that we would be pregnant again soon but it has taken 1 1/2 years since then.

This pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, I think that we have been going through the motions for so long that I was totally shocked when the stick actually said positive (can we say - denial). The next day I flew home to Canada (from the US) to visit for 2 weeks. I knew that I wanted to be monitoring my HCG and Prog levels so was able to find a midwife/friend who sent me off to the lab. At 18 dpo my levels were:

Beta HCG - 694 UI/ml

Prog - 70 nmol/L (22 ng/ml)

These are pretty good levels and I did not feel concerned until I got my next labs back 4 days later:

Beta HCG - 2940 UI/ml

Prog - 48.3 nmol/L (15.1 ng/ml)

That shows a 'more-than' 25% drop in progesterone in only 4 days. Of course I freaked out. I am away from my usual support system but I still feel as though I have mobilized a small army (as the very crazy newly pregnant woman). I went to check my levels again 22 hrs later to ensure that my progesterone levels were not crashing. They were:

Beta HCG - 3904 UI/ml

Prog - 54.6 nmol/L (17.1 ng/ml)

Not crashing, even rebounding a wee little bit. However, everyone that I have spoken to says that while my progesterone levels are still within 'normal' ranges, it is not cool that they dropped so far so fast. I tried to get in with a doctor who works with the midwives here but while she said that she would be willing to help, she was increasingly difficult to get a hold of. So last night found me in the waiting room of a late night drop in clinic. I explained the situation and the doctor was more than willing to assist... but he didn't know what was best and had recently read some studies on the effectiveness of the 8% gel (Crinone), or lack thereof, versus the vaginal suppository (of a specific name that I do not recall). We found a pharmacy that was open and they told us that no matter what there was no getting this stuff last night because it needed to be made up in a compounding pharmacy (of which there are thankfully 2 in this city). He sadly sent me home empty handed telling me that he would do more research in the morning and get back to me.

True to his word, he got back to me this morning. He had contacted a fertility specialist and together they devised the 'best way forward' and sent the prescription off to the compounding pharmacy. Whew!

They called me in the afternoon and let me know that I could pick it up and that he had given me a prescription to carry me through to 13 weeks (300mg q.hs).

And so, I am here with fingers crossed, progesterone in place and, at this point, absolutely no signs of miscarriage.

I feel very taken care of through all of this, even though I _did_ actually go a wee bit crazy yesterday while trying to line everything up. My sweet midwife/friend must have absolutely cringed when I sent her a text message. ;-)

I am 5 weeks and 3 days today. I am getting close to the same time that I miscarried last time but everything seems a bit different this time, so I am still very hopeful.

I will be retesting my levels every 3 days while I am still here and will be continuing when I get home. I will let you know of the outcome. I know that I have been frantically trying to find information about this online and there seems to be a distinct lack. I am truly hoping to be able to share a successful outcome with you.

anonymous on October 19, 2010:

@anonymous: Please let me know how you are doing. I am 6 weeks and bleeding and have low progesterone. My doctor started me on supplements today.

anonymous on July 21, 2010:

I lost my last baby at almost 12 weeks. My progesterone levels were low, but they did not know if this was because of the mc or if that is what caused the mc (they had never taken blood for a baseline.) I am five weeks with this baby, and my progesterone went from 17 to 11 in six days. I am beginning treatment today. This page has been so encouraging and informative; thank you!

anonymous on February 22, 2010:

@anonymous: Hi - Sorry for your losses. The progesterone dropping can be due to the mc itself. Some cases are due to a deficiency in the mother but in a mc the progesterone drops too - this allows the womb lining to shed. You should speak to your dr to get referred to a specialist who can investigate your case more thoroughly - check out the miscarriage association recurrent miscarriage leaflet for different types of testing - there can be lots of different reasons for a late loss.

anonymous on December 24, 2009:

@anonymous: I lost twins last year at about 12 or 13 weeks, my progesterone levels dropped significantly within days. Earlier this month I lost my baby girl at 23 weeks, my waters broke. I was put on vaginal progesterone at the very beginning of this pregnancy and still lost her. I don't know what if I did something to cause this miscarriage. Is there something wrong with my uterus??? I don't what steps to take next.

anonymous on December 24, 2009:

I first became pregnant at the age of 19 in 1973 after several miscarriages, with one being at 5 months gestation and this baby was sent to Toronto Children's hospital for chromosone study and found him perfect; almost 10 years later I was prescribed progesterone suppositories and had a healthy baby girl in 1983, and again with progesterone had a healthy baby boy in 1987...At this time I was diagnosed with a very inactive Thyroid condition Hypothyroid...I had very bad acne as a teen...could I have had Thyroid Disease long before it was diagnosed? Therefore contributing to low progesterone levels?..My children are now 26 and 23 and beautiful. Glad I persisted through 10 years of miscarriages.....Thanks for reading me!

anonymous on November 12, 2009:

I had two miscarriages in a row and became convinced it was a progesterone issue although my doctor dismissed this and said there were "mixed opinions" if progesterone supplements had any affect at all. I found a new doctor after calling around and asking about their use of progesterone. My current doctor uses it frequently with his patients. I became pregnant my first cycle after my second miscarriage. My progesterone was 11 and falling fast, even on progesterone suppositories. They quickly switched me to injectable progesterone and my levels jumped up to 20+ within a day or two. I now have a three week old daughter. It is a simple test to determine your progesterone levels and the supplements are easily accessible and affordable...make sure your doctor listens to your concerns or find another physician. We almost lost this pregnancy as well and I attribute our healthy, beautiful girl to progesterone.

anonymous on October 17, 2009:

Excellent insight. Very good lens.


anonymous on August 19, 2009:

My husband and I have many fertility issues. I have PCOS, and do not have period or ovulate on my own. My husband has a low sperm count. After 14 days of progesterone to induce a period and 50 mg of clomid we finally became pregnant! Then at 11 weeks I miscarried, I knew something was wrong, I was bleeding heavily and my doctor would not listen to me, he said it was normal. He never opened the blood work he ordered to check my progesterone. I am not pregnant with my second child and a different ( and better ) doctor has already started me on a daily progesterone supplament, she believes my miscarriage was caused my lack of progesterone causing me to shed my lining. Please trust your gut, this is important! If something doesn't seem right, and you feel like you are being ignored seek a second of thrid opinion. You can never get back that baby you lost, or get rid of those feelings.

bturner751 on August 18, 2009:

Thanks for sharing this progesterone information. I have had 3 miscarriages all at 6 weeks along. They occurred all within one year. I finally got on progesterone right away when I was pregnant the 4th time and I had a healthy baby boy on November 14, 2008.

I hope more women follow their "gut" feeling and tell the doctor what you would like tested and press for it. I did that after being shot down from my first doctor about progesterone. The second doctor said that progesterone could definitely be a factor.

Check out my story here:

anonymous on July 17, 2009:

Am 29 Years Old And I Have Know Childern But I Found Out That Am 11 Weeks But I've Been Bleeding And The Doctors Say That I May Have A Miscarrige Am Lost The Baby In The Ultra Sound Look Great He Or She Has Hands Legs Everything But I Keep Having Pelvic Pain And Bleeding. Than I Was Told That I Have Low Levels And That The Cant Do Anything else For Me What Do I Do??????????????????

anonymous on February 09, 2009:

[in reply to Jeannette] "After a miscarriage it is strongly recommended to wait at least 6 months to a year before trying again. The chances of you have a healthy pregnancy would greatly improve the longer you let your body heal." That's not true at all. Who said that? Please don't discourage people to conceive early after a miscarriage if they want to. I miscarried and got pregnant 3 weeks later with no problem.

anonymous on February 09, 2009:

[in reply to Jeannette] "After a miscarriage it is strongly recommended to wait at least 6 months to a year before trying again. The chances of you have a healthy pregnancy would greatly improve the longer you let your body heal." That's not true at all. Who said that? Please don't discourage people to conceive early after a miscarriage if they want to. I miscarried and got pregnant 3 weeks later with no problem.

anonymous on January 25, 2009:

[in reply to Isabella] - I also have the same problem as you. I am heterozygous FVL and I continuously have low progesterone. I have had 3 miscarriages and so far no successful ones. I am pregnant now (7 weeks), but I fear I am already miscarrying and loosing this early I've learned it means my progesterone levels are too low. I've learned that the vaginal progesterone does work better. After our 1st miscarriage we decided to adopt and we have an amazing daughter who will be 2 in February. I'm not quitting on trying to have our own child, but I'm not concentrating on it as much. If this pregnancy continues, I will continue the progesterone and take daily Lovinox shots (blood thiner) for my FVL. I'm told the Lovinox has fewer side affects. On my last pregnancy I used progesterone pills and a baby aspirin and blood clots continue to form in my uterus and caused other problems. I wish you luck.

anonymous on November 29, 2008:

[in reply to Katherine] Your story gives me hope. I had 3 miscarriges in one year (first trimester). My dr has discovered that I have a couple of things against me but neither is positively the cause. I have the blood clotting disorder Factor V Leiden and apparently my progesterone is low when tested on day 21 of my cycle (Not preg at that time). So my plan is as follows... I have started taking baby aspirin, increased my folic acid, and when I get preg again I will take fragmin and start progesterone. My hope is that all of this or any of this will get me the result I long for. My question is, did you take your progesterone in a pill or vag suppository? I have read that suppository is more effective but my dr has ordered the pill for me.

anonymous on November 27, 2008:


i have been reading a lot about early preg and signs. we were planning a family. my last periods started on the 20th of oct. i did a HPT on the 21st of nov and got a positive. everything was going fine, when i started spotting on the 24th, then on the 25th it continued and later in the eve i started getting slight abdominal pain (not unberable, but slight discomfort).got worried and called up the obgyn, she asked me to take a blood test. my results showed 380 hcg. I am suppose to go for another blood test tom (to see if it doubles).last night i passed a few small tissues and the bleeding has increased.i am still bleeding.I have actually given up all hopes of being preg, i think these are early signs of a miscarriage. but has anyone goe through something like this. a little reassurance and help would be great.

anonymous on October 26, 2008:

[in reply to Marci] If you haven't miscarried by now, you will need to have to have a D & C done. I was 8 weeks with my first child and never had any signs of a miscarriage. I eventually had to have them remove the tissue as my body never rejected and "thought" I was still prego! Good luck. After a misscarriage it is strongly recommended to wait at least 6 months to a year before trying again. The chances of you have a healthy pregnacy would greatly improve the longer you let your body heal.

anonymous on August 22, 2008:

I am 7 wks today, and have struggled the entire way. 14 days post IUI, hcg was 116; they were concerned because levels didn't double like they should (332, then 556, then 911, then finally 1935 at 5 wk 6 days). At 6wk, 2days they say its a blighted ovum and to wait to miscarry, because there's no growth in the sac and because my levels dropped from 1935 to 1440 at 6 wk 4days. How long until this is over? They won't let me try again until my hcg is back at 0. How long will this take? I want this to be over, because I want to start again. I'm 38-1/2 years old and we want to start a family. I keep waiting for the bleeding to start, and my nerves are about shot. Thanks for any help and advice anyone can offer!

anonymous on August 03, 2008:

I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 2 years that both ended very early on (about 4-5 weeks). Last week I started taking 50 mg of Clomid and then 5 days ago I had the Ovidrel shot to induce ovulation. Tomorrow I am taking a blood test to test my progesterone level and then exactly a week later taking an Hcg blood test to see if I am pregnant. This sequence sounds backwards. Should I have already started taking the progesterone? Since it has been almost a week since ovulation occured and hopefully the fertilization of the egg, could I already been at risk for miscarrying since the progesterone was not started right at ovulation time?

Thank you

anonymous on July 30, 2008:

Hello there, can anyone tell me what kind of progesterone you had? Is that tablet or injection?

healthadvisor1 on July 29, 2008:

Very informative.

Great lens. Rated it 5 stars.

Feel free to visit Pregnancy Ultrasound | Baby Scans | 4D Baby Scans

because a healthy body is an investment.

anonymous on July 11, 2008:

i have had a blood test come up that shows my progesterone level is too low by a small amount. i have been told to just take baby aspirin should i be concerned?

anonymous on June 06, 2008:

I had a negative urine test at the doctor this morning. I had 4 positive pregnancy tests at home just 2 days earlier. The took a blood test to see if I was indeed pregnant. I am, but the doctor was very concerned. My hcg level is 38 and my progesterone level was 1.7!!! I was told to start the oral progesterone supplement this afternoon to help my levels rise. I just had a miscarriage and a D&C done 7 weeks ago. I was so upset my the loss. Can the stress and depression from my loss be related to my low progesterone this pregnancy? Please help with any advice...I can't stand it if I lose another baby so soon afterwards. Thanks so much for listening.

anonymous on May 07, 2008:

Hi! I had 3 recurrent miscarriages at 6, 6 and 9 weeks. Presently I am 16 weeks pregnant and am on Folic acid, Baby aspirin and progesterone as well. This is the furthest I have ever been on a pregnancy and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will go full term. I think that the progesterone and aspirin are helpful.

anonymous on May 03, 2008:

April: I ready your post and hurt for you. It's awful to have a doctor who is not being supportive. I have a 2 year old and have had four miscarriages in the last year and a half or so. I just found out I'm pregnant for the sixth time. After my second miscarriage I asked my doctor if we could start making moves. She had me do a series of blood tests, meet with a hemotologist and with each pregnancy did regular checks of my blood for progesterone counts, etc. With this pregnancy she has me on increased folic acid, baby aspirin and progerstone. There's no evidence that any of this will help, but it probably won't hurt. Unfortunately it seems you can't switch doctors now, but interview well when you move for a good doctor. One who listens and takes your thoughts into account.

anonymous on April 16, 2008:

i got pregnant with repronex and iui. I had an u/s done yesterday at what is suppose to be 7wks 5days and was told that there was nothing in the sac and could not measure the sac because it was to small. I was ask to get more bw done and my hcg level were 2395. I was asked to go back and repeat the test on thursday depending on the results i will be getting ultrasound next week. i was also told that i might have a miscarriage within the next 2 weeks because according to my hcg level it might not be a good pregnancy. any advice. is it possible for the sac to be small at 7weeks 5 days? any advice please e-mail me at

anonymous on April 08, 2008:

I am 23 years old and my husband is 24. We have 1 beautiful daugter who will be 2 in June. I have had 3 miscarriages within the past year. My doctor said my progesterone could be low but he won't check it. My husband and I want to continue to try but I can't get my doctor to help me here. I was wondering about buying over the counter progesterone cream and just using that but was not sure if I should or not. We are moving in 1.5 months to another state and can't really switch doctors right now. This is very stressful to lose 3 babies before 8weeks. HELP

anonymous on March 28, 2008:

Saw my dr 4xs first week hcg 2786,sac, 1 week later hcg 5216,sac larger, 4 days later hcg 7898,fetus noticed in sac, no hcg this week, but told fetus is same size as last week and not viable,I have been diagnosed as a missed ab. I am scheduled for D c on Sunday March 30 at 8:30am. Not bleeding, no cramps, HELP!!!!!

Kay (author) on March 27, 2008:

Holly, very early in pregnancy, I have had women tell me their hCG numbers dropped and then started rising again. I think monitoring your levels right now is the best way to tell what is happening.

anonymous on March 26, 2008:

I had a positive pregnancy test on March 4th and started bleeding on the 7th. I went to the doctor and they confirmed pregnancy with urine test but they wanted to check my levels. I had blood drawn twice and, once on the 7th and again on the 10th. I found out on the 11th that I was no longer pregnant. My HCG level was 0 and progesterone was 1.5. Has anyone experienced your levels dropping that quick? Does this sound strange? Before the bleeding I had pregnancy symptoms and then like lighting I had no more symptoms.

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