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Pilonidal Cyst Home Treatment Remedies

Pilonidal cyst home treatment is easy and can save you time and pain

Pilonidal cyst home treatment is easy and can save you time and pain

I’ll cut straight to the chase, because I know you’re looking for pilonidal cyst home treatments, and information about the cause and so on is already available elsewhere. Let me tell you how I got rid of mine without surgery.

Having suffered with a pilonidal cyst for weeks (but what seemed like years), it finally got so painful that I went to the doctors. At the time I hadn’t a clue what it was – a small incredibly painful boil on my backside was what it was to me. After giving me some printouts and antibiotics, the admittedly sympathetic doctor told me to take the antibiotics and come back in a week or so. He also advised that hot baths would help ease the pain.

Well, after dutifully taking the medications (along with some painkillers), nothing happened. It stayed as painful as ever. I was eventually told that surgery would be the only option.

Although I always want to avoid surgery, at the time I was in such agony that anything would have helped. If you have (or have experienced) a pilonidal cyst, you will know the pain I’m talking about. I couldn’t walk, sit down, or even lie down – it was horrific.

So off to the hospital I went, and on the surgery bed I lay – until I was told that surgery would be another 24 hours.

Now, here’s the disclaimer. This is in no way better than a doctor’s advice, because they know more than I do. But what I did next got rid of it.

I upped and walked out of the hospital. I decided to grin and bear it, as it couldn’t last forever.

I went straight home and had a hot bath, when to my surprise, the cyst popped and the fluid came out.

The relief was incredible!

That’s my story of pilonidal cyst home treatment.

Before you go, please read the summary and my notes, because this could be very dangerous according to healthcare professionals.

What I did:

1. Went to the doctors and took some strong antibiotics regularly. The earlier you go, the more chance you have that the medication will work completely.

2. I minimised my movement. Being idle all day wasn’t great, but it certainly helped.

3. I took frequent warm/hot baths. This almost certainly helped soften the cyst, and in the end got rid of it.

Warning notes:

A popped pilonidal cyst can be incredibly dangerous! If the pus inside gets into your bloodstream, it could be fatal. You absolutely must see a doctor.

Lastly, pilonidal cysts used to be lanced. Known as ‘jeep-seat’, doctors would lance the cyst in a sterile environment. This is no longer the preferred treatment, and surgery to remove the whole cyst is what is commonly done. Indeed, the surgery does have its drawbacks – I was told that there would be a huge gaping wound and that a nurse would have to come in to apply gauze every week. Although it sounds worrying, medical science does understand it, so if you need the surgery be sure to go for it.

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Always remember that however it’s treated – surgery or home treatment - that it could come back again in the future!

Good luck!


Vienna on December 25, 2018:

Today, i lay down helpless and ready for the surgery tomorrow. I just read this and now understand that all along, ive been suffering from pyronidal Cyst.

4 years ago, i had it on this same top anal arwa close to my waist line, last year , this same time, i jad thesame thjng ive thought all along that its an avscess, and right now, I'm going through thesame thing only to understand that, its bma cyst. Your post has heloed me immensely to understand what is wrong with me and i hope and pray I'll soon enjoy the comfort of walking straight, sitting straight and enjoying a good nights sleep. Thank yoi.

Desi on July 28, 2018:

So I had one almost two years ago and when I was about to fall over from the pain, I went to the doctors but they just told me what it was and sent me home with a number of a doctor that could look at it. Instead of getting surgery, because I can’t afford it, I let it pop and cleaned and drained it on my own. Since then I haven’t had problems with it until today. I’m not sure but I think the scar opened up a bit because it has been leaking a bit. I wish I knew what to do as last time I had taken good care of it but now it’s back again. I just hope it won’t be here as long this time...

Mrs gore on July 16, 2016:

Hi, I'm experiencing a pilonidal cyst for the 13th time I had it (as the doctors) call it surgically removed twice and it still returns atleast twice to three times a year. I have tried the sitz baths castor oil and different types of sab...nothing seems to work ever and this time I have been waiting for it to drain on its own for about 5 days and it has not budged its just very swollen ad hard-like so its very difficult right now any ideas for relief please I would greatly appreciate it.

Kerianne on May 30, 2016:

I can totally relate and I'm experiencing one as we speak. It's been years and I like you have had horrible and painful experiences at the hospital. I've done a lot of research into homeopathic remedies for this pilonidal cyst. Nobody can understand the pain that we all suffer every time one of these happens. For me the things that work the best are listed below. Follow this and I promise you you will feel better. To start off we need to eat healthy during this time. Every single morning you should start your day with warm water and fresh lemon juice. Crush and chop a few cloves of garlic and swallow a spoonful whole obviously washing down with water or your drink of choice. Now I know you're thinking this lady is crazy and it sounds disgusting but it works. But the lemon juice and garlic will help to clear your system of any toxins. The garlic will act as an anabiotic and clean your bloodstream. You won't notice and immediate difference but try this multiple times a day until the system is gone. Also topically you need to go get some gauze from the pharmacy. Stock up on Castor oil, Teatree oil, apple cider vinegar, Bactine, and pure aloe. Each one of these ingredients is important for their own reasons so make sure to get everything. I Will cut a piece of gauze to cover the infected area. Cover the gauze in the Castor oil a tiny bit of Teatree oil, bactine, aloe, and even the Apple cider vinegar. You can do you separately or all at once it doesn't matter and they won't change the effectiveness... Cover the infected as well as painful area with this ans soak for a couple hours or until gauze is dried out. You can use the heating pad but be careful of the temperature using Castor oil you can heat up and burn your skin really easily..(speaking from experience lol) make sure to clean the infected area with a eucalyptus or Teatree oil soap nothing too harsh at least twice a day. Making sure to clean the area and let it dry before you put any gauze or topicals on it. Repeat the soaks with the gauze and ingredients that you purchased earlier. Sometimes I just do the castor oil and aloe if I need a pain relief. Make sure to do these throughout the entire day and don't forget your lemon juice and garlic. I promise this will help and you will notice a massive difference.

One more thing I forgot to include earlier. Something that can make a massive difference is purchasing some Tumeric. Make sure you get the good quality from whole foods or natural grocers you don't want any added ingredients or chemicals when you're trying to heal this infection. This spice has been used for years to treat infections both as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. You can cook with this especially during the time of infection and pain. I make soups and it's really yummy. You can also apply this to your gauze in this spice has been used for years to treat infections both as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. You can cook with this especially during the time of infection and pain. I make soups and it's really yummy. You can also apply this to your gauze. It does have a very distinct color it will stain anything it touches so make sure you stay covered or on your stomach during this time. The Tumeric will not only help with the infection but can help with the pain as well.

Last but not least drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water. Good luck and best wishes

Jennysue8 on January 26, 2016:

I think I have my first cyst. It is just below my tailbone and to the left. It is so painful. It hurts to move. My mom looked at it and said it was like one my sister had a long time ago. She said it will probably go away on it's own, but when it pops it smells horrible.

Gulab singh ahirwar (technolosist pathology depart) on January 28, 2015:

This is a very good technique

for treatments & surjury

then problem solve with doctor

mark on November 13, 2014:

I have had this problem for a little over a year the first time i figured it was nothing out of the norm and it got extremely swollen and painful ended up having to go to the doc and have them stab it.. gave antibiotics and it went away for some time. as long as you watch where you are sitting and laying it can be fairly easy to live with and when you start getting that funny feeling im sure you all know i have been doing the Castor oil wrap and sleeping with it on and after a few nights it goes away. about to try the tea tree oil next time.

To those whom they have their first one and it is really swollen you should go to the doctor to have them take care of it and give you antibiotics letting it go can be extremely painful and can be hazardous to your health if the cyst busts into your blood stream it could be deadly. after you get the doc to look at it the first time then try to take care of it with these home treatments

ness on October 16, 2014:

Hi im 26

I have had this cyst for 3 weeks now. First time ever.

Its so painful. I can hardly walk, i can't sit down or lay down. Its right on my coccyx.

It started of about the size of a 5p, its now bigger then a £2 coin. Its purple on the surface and in the middle it has a little yellow head which is flat to my skin.

I went to the doctors today and he said its not ready to be is that so? I can't take any more. And sent me off with antibiotics.

I've been putting warm compressions on it constently as it helps ease the pain.

Also hot baths do too. I never want to get out.

I wonder if its pushing on a nerve as the nerves in my right leg keep going.

Anyway just went to put my rice sock on it and felt that the yellow head that was flat to my skin is now sticking out.

I eonder what this mrans?

cystnazi on October 01, 2014:

I am 33 years old my first surgery was in 1999 ( age 18.) My tail what I like to call it or cystnazi had come back at least once a year. It was my senior year of high school and I was out for 3 months, he explained he opened me like a basketball and scrapped my spine and tailbone. In 2007 age 26.) He came back again I had such a high fever I wasn't allowed to leave work, finally after I fainted my wonderful boss let me leave. I went to the ER, the surgeon did surgery 2 hours later. The surgeon found suchers in me, so I had stitches in my back for 8 years. My insurance was not established for another 7 days. So my $10,000 bill was a little upsetting, and 2 months bed rest. I'm supposed to have another surgery but can't afford the time off because I have a 5 year old I support. Even after the second surgery it still comes back once a year. As I write this now he is currently protruding, I have a fever, nausea, dizzy, tired, and the pain is worst than labor and or shark week (monthly cycle. ) I have come to terms that I will have another surgery but it won't be until my son is older. I'm a server so I'm around hundreds of people a week I've had to go to work and experience it bursting while I'm busy, and for all of you who've had it cut open the smell is atroshiust . Good luck to all and best wishes. I feel for you all.

Maria on September 02, 2014:

I am 30 years old and have had this cyst a couple times. The first time I had to have it packed with gauze and it was the worst and most painful experience I've ever been through, I was literally screaming in the clinic. So when I got it again, I was determined to try something else rather than go through that pain again. The last time I got it, my friend, a nutritionist, suggesting taking Oil of Oregano orally and tea tree oil topically. I put tea tree oil on it about 5 times a day and took oil of oregano twice a day in a glass of water and it went away on its own. If I ever start to feel pain in the area, I put tea tree oil on it right away and it goes away. Hope this helps for you.

tluanga on August 18, 2014:

I'm 34 yr old. I have got pilonidal sinus one year ago and got surgery six times within a year. However, the sinus is recurrent so many times until now. I hope the above instructions would help a lot.

jess on June 20, 2014:

I've had my cyst for 3 years and I've tried hot bath and it hasn't worked for me I went to the doctor and they told me surgery I don't have insurance my cyst has been branching off! Now I have wholes leaking all the way down to my anus its soooo gross idk what too do and extremely painful it bleeds my mom didn't take me now I'm on my own and I have to fix it myself what do I do!!

Jeff on May 23, 2014:

I'm 30 years old and I got a cyst or boil on my tailbone about 4 years ago. I took a couple warm baths and it went away. About 6 months ago it did the same thing. Well just a week ago it came back and it was painful. After taking a couple hit baths it didn't do anything. I went to the doc and he told me to do surgery. No thanks I said. I sit a lot in a office setting, so while in pain at work I decide d to take a walk outside. It felt so much better. I had golf league was that afternoon and while I was walking and carrying my clubs it burst. All the pressure and pain was gone. I came home to a bunch of nasty skin and pus. I see a little hole now and I keep gauze and clean it a few times a day. I believe the more you move the more likely it will burst and in a way it gets everything out. I hope it won't return as I got so much gunk out this time. So, my advice is to walk or jog to speed up the process. Good luck!

sara on April 07, 2014:

no 1 can explain the pain xcpt the xperince:-(

im 35yrz old nd 4rm last 4 months im sufrng 4rm dt unbelivble pain

i went to d doc, take medcn, bed sore strips to help the cyst filld soon nd pus cums out and me get rid d horrible pain..

in 4 months nw im xperinceng the 6th cyst

dnt knw wht to do

if ny 1 cn help in d treatment plz help..

sara on April 07, 2014:

no 1 can explain the pain xcpt the xperince:-(

im 35yrz old nd 4rm last 4 months im sufrng 4rm dt unbelivble pain

i went to d doc, take medcn, bed sore strips to help the cyst filld soon nd pus cums out and me get rid d horrible pain..

in 4 months nw im xperinceng the 6th cyst

dnt knw wht to do

if ny 1 cn help in d treatment plz help..

Ahmad on March 15, 2014:

I went to the doctor and he said it was part of the cyst and it will be removed from the surgery. But I want to know that, the doctor said that i need to fill the cyst hole for about 6 months for it to heal. Does it hurt to get the filling in the hole

JMiller8893 on March 09, 2014:

Ahmad that sounds possibly serious, you need to show your parents and go to a doctor. If that is not possible a strong natural antibiotic like colloidal silver would probably help if used topically and taken orally maybe... Also you can make a homemade drawing salve out of zinc oxide and Epson salts mixed together. I'm not sure if that would work to draw the pus up to the top to be able to get out or not, I'm not a doctor either.

Ahmad on February 25, 2014:

Im 15 years old. I have ahad a cyst for a year i think. Yeah, that's a log time. but now there is a second bump above the original cyst and its like 5 times as big. It bleeds but the actual cyst doesn't. I can live with the cyst but this bump is scaring me. I dont know if this is another cyst or a long lasting affect. HELP!

Moore on February 03, 2014:

Hi, I want to share my story about this cysts.I have had this cysts for two years and tried everything except surgery, but I decide to lose weight and tend to eat more vegetable, after a few mounts my cysts start to be smaller and smaller now it is very small without pain like i don't have it ... it worth to try I think

tmp1356 on April 19, 2013:

I had cysts (multiple) surgically removed at age 16 and they have reoccured 2 - 3 times, I am now 47. I am currently in the beginning stages of another cyst. Having had the surgery, I would not wish this on anyone. I am looking for ways to treat without surgery. The agony of having the dry gauze scrape and pack daily is nothing short of torture. I will be soaking and soaking and seeing if I can take care of this one on my own.

Rn93emt on April 03, 2013:

I use to suffer from reoccurring cysts. I would get one every three years like clock work. It was so painful and embarrassing. The smell of the pus is horrible. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Anyway, I used tea tree oil on the last one 15 years ago. Yes, 15 yrs. ago! I have never had it reoccur since.

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