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7 ways to Get Rid Of Pain in the Muscles of Your Back


Most people these days complain of back pain. No matter which age group you belong to, back pain is common to all. You wake up in the morning, adjust your eyes to the morning light, shift on the bed a bit, and just when you are about to get out of your bed, a splitting pain arises in your back.

Numb with the magnitude of the pain, you crumple back to your bed, broken and distraught. Back pain not only causes irritation to one, but it also affects the efficiency level of a person. Imagine you are trying to make your breakfast as fast as you can. You have a 9 o’clock meeting in the office, and you must hurry. But you cannot. You have been moving at a snail’s pace since morning and there is nothing you can do about it. You end up getting late for your office. Now you have both an excruciating backache and a severe headache arising from the bashing you have got from your boss.

Back pain is the most common health issues that the Americans face in the current times. Though there are multiple reasons for backaches, Statistica made some very interesting discovery. According to a study conducted by in 2017, 29 percent of the adults in the USA believed that their backache generated from stress. However, 26 percent of others blamed their weak muscles and the dearth of exercise. The final 26 percent blamed their physical work.

Since 1996 to 2016, the percentage of people complaining about back pain have remained relatively the same. In 2016, these statistics stood at 28.4 percent. The issue of back pain is relatively popular among elderly women. As per a survey conducted by Statistica, the most popular techniques of curing back pain include painkillers, resting, and some specific exercises targeting the back. In 2017 alone a quarter of adults suffering from back pain confessed that they take opioids to ease out the pain.

Though many people opt for it, resting at home does not cure back pain at all. To that end, 58% of people reported taking some sort of medical treatment to ease out their back pain.

In the light of all this mess, it is important to fix back pains. But before we get into the fixing part, it's important to why backache occurs.

Reasons For Back Ache

There are tons of possibilities and combinations which cause back pain. Few of them can be:

  • Injury to the muscles caused due to sudden sprain arising out of a jolt, car accident, hard-hitting, heavy lifting and such. Almost anything, like, throwing, twisting, turning, falling, can hurt your muscles, ligaments, and discs leading to back pain.
  • Posture plays a crucial role when it comes to back pains. Slumping, slouching, awkward sitting or standing can also lead to back pain.
  • If you are suffering from a herniated disc, then back pain can arise due to pressure on the spinal nerves.
  • Obviously, a fracture of vertebrae can also cause back pain.
  • Chronicle issues such as Osteoarthritis which causes the breakdown of the protective cartilage between the bones and can also lead to backache.

In addition to these issues, there can be multiple others for which you might be suffering from severe backaches.

No matter what the reason is since it is a problem being faced by many around the globe some strong cures are required. Something that can help you to jump up on your feet right in the morning without any back issues.

Exercise and Stretches

In modern time, to deal with the daily stress, stretching and exercising are very important. Stretching helps one to deal with the problems of back pains and inflexibility. Additionally, it helps with the management of future injuries.

Upper back pain is very much related to large muscles. To that end, it is important to exercise and stretch these muscles to ensure flexibility. Since these muscles support the spine, providing flexibility and strength to these muscle groups helps one with back pain.

Such exercises include swimming, cycling and walking are highly recommended. Strong muscles can help in building better body posture, ensure better balance to your body, and of course, reduce the general chances of injury.

In addition to that, exercise such as yoga and Pilates can also be tried. Since these exercises are specific to upper body muscles, they help in reducing pain.

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Natural Creams and Ointments

Sometimes, backaches become excruciating. It becomes difficult to tolerate such pain, and a person might often end up in bed. In such times, exercising becomes absolutely impossible. One might even find it hard to step out of the bed. Some people would turn to painkillers. However, these can be addictive so it’s recommended to try some natural remedies first.

Topical pain relief creams and ointments can be found these days over the counter, a new company called CBDMEDIC offer a new line of natural organic remedies for joints, muscles and back pain. Their products are FDA - registered that contain Menthol, Camphor and CBD hemp extract along with other natural ingredients. Such remedies can reduce the need to take painkillers which frequent intake of those can cause injurious to one's health.

Heat and Chill

If one has experienced a cramp or sudden sprain in the back then applying a certain amount of heat or cold to the affected area can be of benefit.

Heat or ice can help reduce stiffness, swelling, and also reduce pain to some extent if one has got hurt due to sudden jolts.

However, heat is most effective when the pain is caused due to stiffness while ice can be used when the pain originates from swelling.

Manual or Physical Therapy:

Many a time, massaging or slight application of pressure can help reduce back pain to some extent. Spinal manipulation too can be of benefit since it increases the blood flow to the spine and helps in dealing with stiffness.

In addition to that, your physiotherapist may ask you to perform a certain type of exercises to reduce the pain. Of course, you cannot do away with your exercise routine altogether. If you experience back pains on a regular basis, you have to continue exercising regularly to reduce aches and pains.

Practice Having a Good Posture

Do you sit like a sloth? Do you slump and slug most of the times? Well, that may be the reason behind your chronic backache. Our modern work involves the heavy use of commuters and laptops.

Many people do not follow the proper guidelines to use these appliances properly. Additionally, working on the gadgets day in and day out has its own set of cons.

In that light, you might want to fix your posture as soon as possible. Try sitting and standing tall. Keep your back as straight as possible and try to balance your weight on both feet.

Avoid slumping your shoulders. Roll your shoulders back when sitting, and try to stay in that same position while driving or sitting to work on a computer.


Get The Right Mattress To Relieve Back Pain

Your mattress also determines the health of your upper body muscles. If your mattress is too old and fails to support your upper body weight, chances are you will feel stiff and experience pain in your back.

Regular shifting of the mattress and purchase of the right kind of mattress is thus required.

In addition to that choose a comfortable sleeping position which allows you to maintain your pillow properly while sleeping. If one sleeps in a twisted angle, chances of cramping the upper body muscles heightens. In that light, attention must be given to the sleeping posture.

Manage Your Stress

Stress is one of the prime reasons for backache. Thus it is important you learn how to manage it. Whenever you get stressed out, learn how to do breathing exercises to reduce your pain and stiffness.

Your health is your greatest wealth. Treasure it. The rest will fall in place.


Kavita Paliwal on February 20, 2019:

Excellent read! I have been facing back pain issue for quite some time now. Will definitely follow these tips.

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