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Nutrition for Old Age People

I am Anzeela Arjumand. I am studying in the Punjab university Lahore in the field of biochemistry.

Nutrition for Old Age People

Nutrition is the most important process for the maintenance of the health of the older people who are deprived of nutrients with the passage of the time. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and cereals are the most valuable sources of the nutrients for the older persons.

Antoine Lavoisier was the first scientist who gave the concept of nutrition and he wrote the book on nutrition which is known as Father of Nutrition and Chemistry. In this book, he describes that vitamins and minerals are the most important nutrients for the survival of the body.


Proteins, carbohydrates, electrolytes and fats are the essential nutrients which helps the body to work in its best condition. Balanced amount of nutrients are very useful for leading a healthy life which is the need of present era.

Older people are susceptible to number of diseases because their basal body mass and lean body mass decline with the passage of age. And their energy requirements are also reduced so they feel weakness of joints and other diseases.

The immune system of older people is also affected and they get number of diseases like cardiovascular risk and other diseases. The food rich in fats is very dangerous for the older people because their physical activity is limited and the calories which they intake in diet causes lot of problems for them.

With the passage of age, requirement of some nutrients is increases and other is decreases and this is very necessary to know that how much amount of nutrients should intake with respect to the physical activity of the older people.


In older people, over weight problems and irregulation in the bowl movements is very common, so fibers intake is very beneficial for them. Men should intake 30 grams and female should intake 21 grams of fiber daily. Otherwise they suffer from different problems.

Proteins are essential for the body organs to restore and recover and also facilitate the recovery in the cases of fracture. Protein requirement is decreases with the passage of age because older people have less muscular movements.

Vitamins intake is also very useful because they keep our bones healthy and the problem of joints and bones are due to the deficiency of vitamins. Adults should consume about 20 micrograms of vitamin D daily for the bone health.

Minerals also play very important role in the physiological processes and keep our immune system, bones and heart healthy. These nutrition and diet tips can help feeding your body and minds as you are growing older.



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