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6 Productive Notion Workout Templates

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.


Notion has afforded me the ability to sort out a whole range of different activities in my life from reading books, recipes, sorting out my finances, and much more. It's also a neat app to organize your workout life as well.

There are a whole bunch of great templates that you can tailor to your specific workout regimes. Whether you're strictly into cardio or weights, you can track, plan and journal your progress right from your phone and then analyze when you get back. You could even take it a step further and get Notion to use an API to get imported data from other smart devices you have.

Now let's get into some of the most popular templates.

We are going to cover the following specific Notion workout templates:

  1. Workouts
  2. Ultimate Workout System
  3. Daily Workout Planner
  4. Fitness Calendar Template
  5. Health and Fitness Tracker
  6. Easy Exercise Log

1. Workouts

The template "Workouts" you can find in the templates on Notion gives you a great and simplistic overview of all the different working out sessions that you're going to undertake and how long for as well as when to take a break and so on. It's pretty simple, it's designated mainly into a calendar format, so you can see the workouts ahead and when as well as tables to visualize what goes into each workout and training session.

It's designed so you can simply enter all the relevant information you need, from workout type, the overall duration, the time and you can add additional notes too, so you can look back and get a feel for the progression and areas and workouts that you might have been neglecting.

2. Ultimate Workout System

Now for those who are looking for something a bit more sophisticated on their Notion app to help them really dial in their workout then the "Ultimate Workout System" (a template that you can find on Gumroad by searching for "Ultimate Workout System) is a template that they are definitely going to want to take a look at.

The overall template is meant to display a dashboard-like look to track all the different variations of workouts and exercise sessions that you have. The panel gives a look to see the different sections such as Cardio and Weights with the use of the varying databases that are used to compile together. Then you always know what you need to do for that day with what you have to do Today and plan the dates ahead with a calendar.

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Plus, you will find a base knowledge set here that can give you advice on how to structure your workouts and nutrition. Very useful for those who are at more of a beginner type stage.

3. Daily Workout Planner

For those who are more visuall orientated than the "Daily Workout Planner" template (you can find this on Gumroad and searching for "Workout Compass" definitely going to be one, you take a close look at. You can split the workouts that target core muscle groups and then select the exercises and workouts along with time intervals as well as overall intensity levels.

Plus, the template showcases the progress you are making on the different targeted workouts. It offers 32 exercises and how to perform them as well as a workout tracker to monitor them and operates on a Red and Green traffic like the system to showcase how you are getting on.

4. Fitness Calendar Template

The "Fitness Calendar" is a template available directly from Notion and the name of it really details what it is all about. It's a calendar first and foremost that gives you a day view and weekly view as well as a monthly view to give you a clear indication of what you need to be doing.

It takes a little bit of getting used to. However, you can see it's built from four dedicated library databases and then from there you can propagate a new page and click the related properties and it will get automatically implemented into the calendar. A great way to showcase everything you need in one spot and for those who like to plan ahead of what they need to do and when.

5. Health & Fitness Tracker

For those who want a more visual aesthetic fitness tracker and workout planner to work from in the Notion template, then the "Health & Fitness " tracker is a great start. You can find the template on Ko-Fi and search for the "Health & Fitness Tracker".

The template basically set out a weekly template for you to include a range of different workout types as well as your meals. We have covered Notion recipe templates here as well if this is something you want to expand on. What's great about this template as mentioned, it is something that's quite visual, so it looks great and is something that you can easily build on and build out as a template if you are looking for a bit more sophisticated. All in all, a fantastic Notion workout template to check out.

6. Easy Exercise Log

This is a template that is perfect for those who are just wanting something that is nice and easy to follow and has a distinct description of the different exercises that you will be performing. There's a great article on Red Gregory titled An Easy Fitness Log that explains all the different aspects of the log database all the way from the overview section to the different exercise database properties as well as how to use it.

Be sure to find the template directly on Notion and search for "Easy Exercise Log" and then it is just a case of duplicating and saving it to your workspace and from there you can set up the calendar and tailor it to your specific needs.

Are there any fitness and workout Notion templates that you would recommend that aren't included in the list above? If so, we would definitely love to hear about them. You can get in touch with us in the comments section just below and we will be sure to check them out.

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