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5 Goal-Crushing Notion Habit Tracker Templates

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Whether you are trying to break habits or create new ones, likely a bit of both, then Notion is a great tool to use to keep your habit-building in check. You can analyze and visibly see the progress being made through a wide range of habit tracking templates and this can keep you focused and mind targeted on the goal.

Here we are going to run through a series of five of our favorite Habit Tracker templates we have come across on Notion and hopefully, you can gain some inspiration from them as well. Whether you want to download the templates yourself or want to rebuild them and put your twist on them. If you have used Notion for a while you will know that your template tends to evolve over time and also the way you use Notion as well.

Let's get into the five here:

1. Habit Tracker

2. Minimalist Habit Tracker

3. Notion Tracker Suite

4. Professional Habit Tracker in Notion

5. Tracking Habits in Notion

1. Habit Tracker

This is perfect for those who are after a super simple set up and it is a bit on the more minimalist side of things. The "Habit Tracker" template you can actually find directly on Notion itself and search under templates for Habit Tracker and you will be able to find it to be duplicated and implemented into your work area for free.

It essentially breaks up the habits so that can be viewed on a weekly basis with a dedicated date set as well as day and what the habit is that you're trying to implement as well as note-taking area.

Then below this, you can see a list of months for which the habit relates so. Essentially, if you have managed to accomplish the habit, you can tick the to do list box as completed. Then this creates a psychological aspect of where you need to keep the ticks going.

2. Minimalist Habit Tracker

This is a tracker that has been built by Thomas Frank and is designed to be simple, minimalistic and straight to the point. It's inspired by the Analog Systems style way of tracking and you can find the template by simply heading over to Thomas J Frank's website and looking for "Habit Tracker".

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Essentially, you can get to work by tracking your habits on a week to week basis, where the activities are on the left with a scrolling check mark on each day that you manage to accomplish a habit. Then you can simply create a fresh sheet for each week by duplicate the template you have been working from and gets added to a summary option that you can locate. Plus, you can simply search for each respective week of habits via the log system that gets creates as well.

In all, a tracking template that is definitely worth checking out and is going to be great for some, but others might want a different visual when it comes to seeing the progress made with their habits.

3. Notion Tracker Suite

A blog post written by Zoe Chew on has a great article where she explains through her blog title listed as "I Built a Habit Tracker Tool in Notion. Here's My Template". Then you can find the actual template as part of Notion Suite.

However, what the main aspect to pay attention to is the additional information that is provided in the template to get a sense of 'tracking' that most Notion tracking templates miss out on. Specifically, the "1" vs "0" aspect.

Why this is important is that you can then start to tally different habits that you have done and not done. Then start to graph it and plot it against charts to see where you have progressed and not progressed. This is an aspect that I think it is definitely worth considering adding to your own Notion Habit tracking template.

4. Professional Habit Tracker in Notion

Now if you are really looking to take your habit tracking seriously in Notion then this is the template that you're going to at least want to check out. You can find it by heading over to Notion and searching for "Professional Habit Tracker Notion" and you will see a very sophisticated set of templates carried out to make you accountable for every habit that you have set up.

It looks pretty simple on the surface but it is actually pretty sophisticated and hence it is definitely worth paying attention to the onboarding process so you know exactly how to use the template, otherwise it can get pretty intimidating. To get more of an idea about the template, I fully recommend checking out the template that Daniel Canosa has built above.

5. Tracking Habits in Notion

You can actually see this template "Tracking Habits in Notion' in the video above, and it is well worth watching for those who are still developing their skills on Notion and are looking to get the most out of it. To find this tempalte you can head over to Gumroad and search for "Tracking Habits in Notion".

What makes this template particularly unique is that it builds upon the first template but allows for more optionality with regards to when you actually need to do the templates on certain days. For instance, you might not want to work out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this template will be able to help filter for this. A habit tracker template for those want to do something a little more sophisticated.

Of course, be sure to let us know if you know of any other Notion habit tracker templates that we might have missed and should be included in the list above. The top five were selected based on experience, but there are of course new templates being developed all the time, so we'd love to hear about your own or another one you have come across as well.

Plus, be sure to let us know about your own experience with Noition as well for when it comes to keeping, developing, and breaking bad habits. Is it something you have had much success with? Let us know down in the comments section that you can find just below.

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